Chapter 45

1501 Words

The action shocked Ricci he reacted reflexively, raising his own fist until his eyes refocused on his wife. His fist went down but he grabbed her neck. "Do you have any idea what you just did?" He asked her angrily."Do you know I can have you punished for this? If any of my men tried to punch me in the face I would have had them shot in the knee caps. How dare you?" "Well I am not one of your men, am I?" Siena said back. "And I told you I did not want to be submerged and you went ahead and did it. Do you know I could have drowned?" "Isn't that the basic idea for this exercise?"Ricci asked her."So that you do not drown later in other circumstances? And did you really think I would let you drown, Siena? Really?" He said this last sentence softly, the anger tempered by the drop in the ton

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