Chapter 33

1089 Words

"What are you doing?" Siena asked him."We have an agreement, remember?" Ricci's hand snaked under her neck in a light touch and angled her face closer to his; higher up to his. "I haven't touched you...yet," he said. Siena raised her right hand to roll a punch to his face, but his hand grabbed her wrist, quick as a flash. While Siena tried to wriggle her right wrist free, she brought up her left to punch Ricci again and he trapped her left wrist as well. Now, Ricci's hands held Siena's hands above her head plastered to the glass as Siena struggled against him. Ricci's hard body pinned her to the glass wall behind her, quelling her resistance. "Use your words," Ricci said, his voice a soft sigh as it blew hot breaths to Siena's neck. "Words equal permission, right? They should also

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