Chapter 32

1004 Words

"If you send men after me again, I will blow their kneecaps off," Siena said lazily, her alcohol-dulled senses apparent."And then I will come for yours. That is no way to treat your wife. That is no way I like to be treated." "Do you like the car?" "I love it," Siena replied."But it's the wrong way to my heart." "I wasn't aiming for your heart." It was around nine-thirty the next morning when loud knocks woke Siena from her hangover-induced sleep. She wanted to ignore the knocks and go back to sleep, but they came insistently. Siena slowly got up as she smoothened the hair from her face and cleaned her eyes. She still felt a slight headache. She pulled at the collar of her pyjama top as she looked around the room trying to reorient herself with her surroundings. Oh right, Siena thoug

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