Chapter 57

1066 Words

"What did you tell her?" Ricci asked. "I told her I would ask you," Siena said watching Ricci's fingers tap on the edge of the jacuzzi. She did not say anything for seconds as she watched him. "Will you go to DiAmbrossi mansion?" Siena said finally. This was not how she imagined she would ask him but while they were on the topic, she could as well ask him. "Strip for me," Ricci said then, his voice coming smoothly in the silence of the bathroom. Siena turned to him in surprise."What?" "Strip." There was something about the way he said it that affected her. Siena stared back at him, trying to look scandalized yet the heavy blush that had snuck into her cheeks passed a different message. "No," Siena said. "No." "No?" Ricci asked then, looking at her, his gaze intense on her seemin

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