Chapter 58

944 Words

She knocked at the door and Alice opened it, a wide grin on her face. Someone ran from behind Alice to hug Siena's knees. "Aunt 'Enna!"Caruso said, his eyes staring up at her. A childish smile hovered on his lips. Siena smiled and reached down to pick the boy up. Alice took the bags from Siena and so Siena was properly able to carry Caruso. Now she pecked his cheeks and ruffled his hair. "Hey," she said. "How are you doing?" The little boy grinned in response. "Now that I think of it," Siena said, turning to Alice. "It seems that Caruso has given me a new name. What he calls me sounds like 'Antenna,' doesn't it?" Alice laughed. She noticed the gift box in the shopping bag and nodded. "You brought Ricci's gift. I should go get mine up stairs. I'm very excited. Finally, Ricci would b

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