Chapter 49

1018 Words

It was about seven thirty pm when she stepped inside the dining room to see Ricci already seated at the head of the table. Siena walked towards the table, the long blue dress pooling at her feet. The dress was quite simple, despite being expensive. It had no sleeves and the back was bare, whatever material at the back starting from her lower back, closer to the waist. A small belt tightened a bow to the back of the dress. The same shade of royal blue lace lined her cleavage in front, down to her waist level. The blue satin that made up the entire outfit gleamed in the light. Siena did not bother unwinding her hair from the messy bun it had been in. Now tendrils of her hair that had loosened from the bun framed her face. She did not wear any make-up or serious jewellery but for her favouri

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