Chapter 48

1567 Words

Before Ricci sat down, his underboss pulled him to a corner and briefed him on what had happened. Ricci's eyes darkened as he slid a gaze to his wife. He excused his wife from the gathering and he pulled her inside the kitchen where his painful grip left marks on her arm as he gave her threats of his own. If she was going to be trading threats tonight, he could as well follow the trend. "What the hell was that nonsense all about?" He roared as soon as they entered the kitchen. "You have to make them fear you," Siena spat."Not spit money at them anytime they howl. It's not like they are the ones who make the money." Ricci was at his wits end. He pinched his nose as he tried to keep his voice level."Your money or my money?" He thundered still."There are different approaches to different

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