Chapter 41

1109 Words

"And you," he said facing her."Qual è il tuo problema?" What is wrong with you? Siena did not reply, she only watched him. "Why did you go into the river when you knew you could not swim?" Ricci asked her in anger."Was it necessary to drown yourself? You shouldn't have agreed to get in the river in the first place!" "So I can't swim," Siena shot back."Should I hide out under a bed or something? You are just blowing all of this way out of proportion. It was just a little accident." Siena was being unnecessarily defensive and Ricci could tell. She very well knew the implications of all he was saying but by her nature she did not want to admit or show any vulnerabilities. Else why did she decide to go into the river knowing she couldn't swim? Ricci reasoned. "Well I didn't expect you to

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