Chapter 38

1246 Words

"You're not wearing that to a club," Ricci said finally, a frustrated sigh escaping his lips. "Why not?"Siena asked. "I don't like it." "Is that why you want to take it off so badly?"Siena asked. Ricci could get the shades of meaning in that statement. He replied coolly."I want to take it off for more reasons than that. I don't know about you but I've f****d you three times in my head already." Without giving Siena time to reply, he pulled her up in one swift movement and soon she hugged against him, his hot breath on her face. He could see the rebellion in her dark eyes. It only took her a second when she pulled back from him. He pulled her back to himself. His hand gripped her neck and he nuzzled her soft flesh. He bit her neck slightly as she struggled to leave his grasp again.

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