Chapter 39

1031 Words

Ricci moved the hair of his lap dancer to expose her neck. He slid one long finger over it as the woman moved against him. His eyes found Siena and refused to leave her. He had a question in his eyes: Are you going to watch this? Siena's gaze burned into his, defiant. No response as of yet. Suit yourself . Ricci reached for the woman in front of him and his lips touched her neck in a kiss. He trailed kisses up her collarbone to her neck and the woman was responsive. She held on to him as she wriggled her body sensually to the slowing music, using her heels to balance on both her sides while her pelvis faced Ricci and her waist swung to the music. Ricci watched Siena. Turns out he was knowing her better as the days passed. He could see the annoyance on her face however subtle. His lip

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