Substitute Bride Of A CEO


When she accidentally encounters Mr. Zack Murphy, the CEO of Elite Tech Company, her life is turned upside down.

She in no way expected to be thrust into his world, but now she finds herself certain to him through a mysterious agreement.

Their relationship is anything however traditional, and she must navigate the complicated world of the powerful CEO at the same time as trying to keep her sense of self.

while she is asked to be the pretend female friend of Mr. Zack Murphy, she knows she have to abide through a strict set of rules.

one of the most critical is to never touch him or fall in love.

It need to be easy enough, she thinks. but the greater time she spends with him, the more she begins to question her capacity to maintain her heart out of it.

Is it possible to be close to a person so fascinating with out becoming connected? And what takes place when she reveals herself breaking the very policies she was presupposed to observe?

She had always been her father's favourite, and when he fell ill, she knew she had to do the whole thing in her strength to take care of him.

but while she tended to his wishes and worked tirelessly to earn money for his care, she determined herself sinking deeper into debt.

with out a different alternative , she prevalent a mysterious agreement that promised to resolve her economic troubles.

however she had no concept that the terms of the agreement would be so complex, and that she might be forced to stand her own inner most fears so as to fulfill her cease of the deal.

while she was offered a task at Ariel's Tech group, she Felt her existence changed into subsequently turning around.

but while she was asked to help secure a marriage for the CEO, Mr. Zack Murphy, she knew it was a risky proposition.

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Chapter 1 “Is there anyone here, who does not agree with these two getting married? Should you speak now or forever remain silent?” Jeffery the priest turned to the audience, waiting for anyone who would disapprove of the joining of Cassandra Lourtez and Zack Murphy. However, the crowd remained silent and calm. Then Jeffery smiled and now wanted to continue, “I would now pronounce them, husband and wi-“ “I disapprove!” The voice of the bride echoed inside the church and a murmur went into the air. “Mrs. Murphy…” Jeffery scoffed, unbelievably. How would the bride not want to get married to her groom, and yet she still agrees and cooperates up until this moment? “Cassandra, what are you saying?” Zack frowned, rudely. “If this is a joke, just stop and let’s get this over with.” Zack Murphy is the CEO of Elite Tech Group, a young multibillionaire. He and Cassandra Lourtez, daughter of the owner of Ariel Tech company, are supposed to get married. The purpose was to get the company together and grow big. However, days before now, Cassandra had gotten large intel from a spy in the Elite group and found out that Zack had a flaw and this flaw was going to bring the Elite group into the dust and, the other way, take the Ariel group up to the top! “Mr. Zack Murphy would die if a person touched him.” Cassandra Lourtez raised her voice at the crowd who were present. “He’s haphephobia! He has a disorder when being around people. How can I get married to a weak man? He’s not even fit to be the CEO of an elite group or be my husband.” An uproar went up amongst the crowd. The journalists present began to take pictures. Over a million participants sat on this occasion and Cassandra had thought this thought to be the perfect way to bring the Elite group to the dust. “Is this true?” A man looked at Mr.Murphy, Zack’s father, but he refused to reply and remained silent. “So it’s true?” An elderly man grunted. “Noway. He’s not fit to be a CEO!” Someone in the crowd shouted. “He’s very rude. He doesn’t greet his elders!” A lot of noise began to replace the air surrounding him and Zack was furious that he didn’t even know how to react. True, he had that disorder. However, he had thought he had kept that a secret. However, he didn’t know that the Ariel Group was still in on him, even after the marriage arrangement they had planned. The Ariel group didn’t want to back down but was still in on it at being the Elite group competitor. “What’s the meaning of this?” Zack approached Cassandra even more closely. “I thought we wanted to merge our groups?” “Yeah, I had a second thought, now you guys would be done for…” an evil grin appeared on Cassandra's lips, making Zack understand that he had been checkmated. When Zack found no way to get out of this, when his image would be tarnished and his whole company to the dust, his guardian angel suddenly spoke up. “Everything is a lie!” A twenty-five-year-old female said, standing up from where she had been seated. The lights that’s were in the room turned in her direction, as well as the crowd present. “Who’s that?” Someone asked, and the feminist looked at him. “I’m Roselyn Morgan, a twenty-five-year-old worker at Ariel Group, and everything said about Mr. Murphy is a lie.” “What is she saying?” Another voice scoffed. Roselyn walked further, approaching the alter, to which Cassandra and Zack. Zack was completely surprised, his eyes went wide and his mouth slightly agape. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and he struggled to process the words coming from Roselyn's mouth. Cassandra, on the other hand, was fuming with rage. Her cheeks colored red and her hands were formed into fists at her sides. She glared at Roselyn, her eyes burning with fury. Even at that, everyone had time became curious as to how she was going to prove that. Roselyn frivolously took a deep breath and walked towards Zack, her eyes in no way leaving his face. As she approached him, her coronary heart was pounding in her chest, and her hands were all sweaty. Her complete frame was feeling the tension within the room, and she was certain that everyone was looking at her each move. This step she had taken, proved that she was ready to let go of her work at the Ariel’s Group. Finally, she was standing in front of Zack, her toes planted firmly on the floor, and she looked him immediately in the eyes. Roselyn took another deep breath and, bracing herself for what she turned, was about to say. "I came here to accept the contract," she said, her voice ringing clean that only Zack ought to hear, "I am willing to marry you, and to be part of your life." As she spoke, she could see the shock on Zack's face, and before he could want to respond, she leaned ahead and kissed him. It turned into one formidable pass, and she felt her coronary heart racing as her lips met his. She held to the kiss for a moment, after which she pulled away, her cheeks burning in embarrassment. A surprised hush fell over the room, as everyone darted at Roselyn in disbelief. Some participants left their mouths hanging in the air, and others were whispering among themselves, their eyes wide with shock. A few people were even talking about how courageous Roselyn was, to have the guts and audacity to kiss the CEO of Elite Tech in front of everyone. Cassandra felt like she changed into something that was about to blow up, her face turning a deep shade of crimson. What had she done? nevertheless, Zack's thoughts became staggered, as he tried to understand what had just occurred. Why could he not move, or speak? Why did this woman's kiss feel so different? I thought he had a phobia of a person’s touch. As he stood there, frozen in place, he found himself drawn to this lady, and he didn’t know when his arms went wrapping around her, pulling her close. And sudde Only, he was kissing her back. The fear and doubt he was feeling at the moment melted away.

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