Chapter 1

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(Please read the first book before reading this one. The title is ‘The jerk next door’.) * ***Mia’s POV*** * I am sitting in the hammock in the garden and reading a book since the weather is nice and I am alone again so I have nothing better to do. Ryan is on soccer practice at the college and he didn’t want me to wait for him so he told me to come home with Kelly and Dyna and he will come home with the twins after their practice.     We started college two months ago and everything is going fine so far. My belly started to show since I am four months pregnant already. Ryan is really sweet and caring, he wants everything to be perfect for me and our baby. We don’t see each other as often as we want to though, since we don’t have any classes together sadly, but at least we are going to the same school so I can’t complain. Luckily I share a few classes with my sisters so that’s good, but the rest of my classes are boring as hell.      Sometimes guys come up to me and start flirting with me, saying they want to know me better but when they look at my growing belly, they run away as fast as they can. I don’t really mind because I have Ryan and this way I don’t need to brush them off, but their reactions actually hurting my self esteem a lot. I gained a lot of weight already and I am afraid that Ryan will leave me for someone who doesn’t look like a whale like I do or he is going to cheat on me because he can’t enjoy himself with me as much as he wants to, because he is afraid to hurt me or the baby in any way. We had a lot of wild s*x before and we really like those, but since I am pregnant, he treat me like a doll who is made of glass. Don´t get me wrong, I like the attention and the care what he is giving me, but I really miss our passionate, wild nights when I woke up with a sore body the next morning, especially when my hormones are screaming ´s*x, s*x, s*x´. “Mia?” I heard Ryan called out to me right after the front door closed so I get up to greet him happily. I hurry inside the house to greet him excitedly. “Finally you are home...” I said with a wide smile and wanted to throw myself at him when he stopped me with his hands raised in the air with an annoyed expression on his face.  “Don’t, I am sweaty... I will go to take a shower.” He said with a stern face and my smile faded right away. I stopped in my tracks, surprised on his tone and the fact that they always take a shower in the college after practice. With that thought I walk upstairs after him to ask him what happened. “Didn’t you take a shower in the college?” I asked him when I opened the bathroom door to see him already undressing. “Mia...what the hell... leave me some privacy please.” He said angrily when he turned to me, I startled him. Suddenly a sweet smell hit my nose before he closed the door on my face. ‘What’s wrong with him?’ He never acted like this before, he never talks like this to me. Maybe he realised that I am fat and ugly and he like those pretty college girls more than me in their sl**y clothes. I felt like he stabbed me with a knife through my heart, my tears were falling and I didn’t want to stay inside anymore, I felt suffocated. How can he talk to me like that, when he never did before...?     I walked back to the garden slowly, deep in thoughts and sat back into the hammock. I was crying silently because he hurt my feelings with the way he talked to me and what was that sweet smell, maybe an other girl’s parfum on his clothes? Is he cheating on me already? Our wedding was just 3 months ago and he is already cheating on me? I feel the jealousy raising inside of me and I hate it. There is one emotion what I hate the most and I can’t endure it or handle it and that’s jealousy. My sensitive emotions didn’t help my situation either. When I am sad, I could cry for days in misery even if it’s just about an inessential thing and this goes when I am happy as well, my tears wouldn’t stop for hours. I can understand that Ryan is annoyed by me already, because even I am annoyed by myself and my hormones. Let’s just hope that our relationship is enough strong to get over this period together.     After a while I heard the patio door open and his uncertain footsteps are getting closer to me. I didn´t turn around and his footsteps stopped only a few stepps away from me. “Angel? I am sorry that I talked like that to you, I just....” he said softly and let out a frustrated sigh. He came closer and pulled me tightly against his torso and I felt at ease right away. “I love you so much Angel.” He said and he cupped my face in his palms to look at me. “Did I make you cry?” He asked with a surprised expression when he saw my puffy eyes and pulled me closer again. “I am so sorry... I didn’t mean to. I am just a bit stressed about school and I am worried about you and the baby too.” He said and I smiled at him. “It’s okay, I am a bit too sensitive this days. I am feeling lonely when you aren’t here and I am gaining weight as well what is making me insecure.” I said to reassure him about us. “I love you too.” I continue and buried my face into his chest and he wrapped his arms around me.  “Oh... sweetie... I should drop out of the soccer team, we could spend more time with each other like that and I could take better care of both of you.” He said and I shook my head right away. “No Ryan, I don’t want you to. Don’t give up on something what you like and important for you just because I am whining here.” I said and wiped my tears away. I don’t want to trouble him more, he really seems stressed. He is worried about me and the baby and I know he is also worried about the fact that he will be a father and he doubting himself because he wants to be a good father for our baby. “This pregnancy really has a troll on me... maybe I should see a therapist or drink herbs. I will talk to the doctor maybe she has an solution what could help.” I said to him reassuringly and he finally smiled at me. “That’s a good idea and please take care of yourself and our baby. I don’t know what I would do without you two.” He said and kissed me passionately then kneeled in the front of me and kissed my baby bump as well. “Don’t cause too much trouble for mommy, okay? We love you.” He said sweetly and I smiled down at him. Here is my sweet husband who I fell in love with. “Come angel, let’s make some dinner together.” He said and took my hand to lead me into the the house. “I prepared dinner already, but we can maybe watch a movie.” I said and wriggled my elbows at him what caused him to burst out laughing. We are together already one and half year but we couldn’t watch a movie till the end yet, not even once. He knows that I refer to something else so he gives me a flirty smile and whispers into my ear. “With pleasure, angel.” He suddenly picked me up bridal style, carefully not to hurt my belly and carried me upstairs. “Hey... put me down... I am heavy, you will hurt yourself.” I said to him in panic with wide eyes. “Don’t be silly, you aren’t heavy at all. You are perfect, maybe you gained some weight but that’s normal, angel. To be honest I love your curves.” He said and kissed me once again when he placed me onto the bed gently. “At least I have something to hold onto.” He joked and I hit his chest playfully. “Hey...” he just smiled at me and started kissing my neck.  “What about the movie?” I breathed out. “We won’t watch it anyway..” he said and continue with his passionate kisses.  “Did you close the curtain?” I asked him breathlessly. Roni got his previous room when he moved here because as she said her old room is for little girls and she isn’t little anymore so now we need to make sure that she isn’t a witness of our night and day activities. “I did, now relax angel and let me feast on you.” He said seductively and placed kisses all over my body while he went lower and lower till he reached his target. He is always gentle with me since he knows about my pregnancy. He treats me like a fragile doll and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy every second of it, but I also miss our wild nights. I know I already mentioned this but, I am a horny b**ch since I am pregnant so sue me.     I can’t help but think back to earlier and feel helpless, because I don’t know what’s going on with him. He never talked like that to me, ever so that’s why is strange that he burst out on me like that and it is still hurts. Maybe he is really just stressed and did not want to bother me with it. “Relax angel, you are too tense.” He said after lifting his head up and I tried not to think about it and enjoy our time together. We made sweet love for the rest of the evening and I forgot about all of my doubts when I am in his arms, it feels like home. I hope this incident today and his bad mood was only a one time thing and nt going to happen again.
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