Chapter 2

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“Good morning angel.” Ryan said with a smile when we woke up to the alarm and I smiled back at him sleepily. “Good morning.” I said and kissed his soft lips. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly.  “I have practice today as well... I am sorry.” He said with a pained expression on his face and I nodded at him while I tried to hide my disappointment. “It’s okay, don’t worry, I will head over to the hospital after school to visit mom then.”I told him with a smile. “The twins will bring you home, right?” I asked him and he looked nervous all of a sudden. “Hmm... yeah, come on, let’s take a shower.” He said and got up from the bed. Why is he acting so strange? Maybe I’m just imagining things. “While I am there, I will go to the doctor as well. My emotions are making me crazy already.” I said with a sigh and got up from the bed to follow him to the bathroom. “All right.” He said with a distant look on his face.  “Ryan? Everything is okay, you look bothered?” I asked him and he looked at me, frowning. “Yes.. yes, of course angel, everything is good.” He said and kissed my temple. ''I love you.'' he added and I smiled at him, forgetting every doubt what I had just moments ago.     When we finished in the shower I walked into the walk in closet with a towel wrapped around me where not only mine but Ryan’s clothes were nicely folded as well. We bought and also got a few unisex baby clothes already but they are placed in mom’s old room what we are going to use as the baby’s room. I started to dress up when Ryan’s phone pinged on the nightstand , he got a message and he was already walking towards it when I looked out of the closet.      When I was dressed I left the closet and walked up to Ryan to hug him from behind, he was still busy on his phone just in a towel around his waist. It’s arousing to see his muscular back, he is really s**y. It’s difficult to hold myself back when he looks this good, the pregnancy hormones didn’t help it either, but he has no problem with it. He also wants me as much as I want him. He jumped suddenly when I wrapped my arms around him and he turned around. “Angel, you startled me.” He said with a nervous smile and pulled me into a tight hug.  “We are going to be late if you will just stand here in a towel.” I teased him playfully. “I will hurry up then.” He said with a smile and walked into the closet. We need to leave in half an hour if we don’t want to be late for the first class. I walked downstairs to prepare our breakfast and some extra food to take it to school. I was ready with everything in 20 minutes and Ryan is still upstairs. I run up the stairs to tell him again to hurry up, but when I reached the closet I was surprised to see him standing there still in a towel and still on his phone texting with someone.  “Seriously, Ryan? We have 10 minutes and you are still naked? With who are you texting that it can’t wait?” I asked him in disbelief and he jumped again because he didn’t see me standing here. “Oh... sh*t, sorry Angel. I will be downstairs in a minute and I will have my breakfast in the car.” He said and started to dress up finally. “Okay... then I will drive.” I said and went downstairs to pack our breakfast in as well. What got into him... we are going to be late, now I need to drive faster than the limit to reach the school in time. It’s one hour from here, but with the Camaro we can make it in 50 minutes if the traffic is not too busy.  “Who was that on the phone?” I asked him when we got into the car finally. “Hmm... just Tyler was asking about the practice.” He said. “He has time to talk about that in the school... why was it so urgent? I hope we won’t get a ticket for driving too fast.” I said to him. “I am sorry Angel.” He said and kissed my cheek while I was driving.  We reached the school just in time and we hurried inside. “See you angel after class.” He said and kissed my forehead and before I could reply he was gone already. I reached the classroom right before the teacher and I let out a sigh in relief. My first class is together with Kelly and I headed towards our seat, she was already waiting for me.  “Hey sis, finally you are here.” She said happily. “Hey, yeah, Ryan was texting with Tyler for half an our and we were almost late because of that. “With Tyler?” She asked with a surprised expression on her face. “Yes, at least that’s what he told me.” I said and looked at her suspiciously. “Why are you so surprised?” I asked her curiously. “It’s nothing..” she said and mentioned towards the teacher who started the class. I left it at that and tried to focus on the teacher.      After class we walked towards the lockers while Kelly was going on and on about how sweet Tyler is and he is the best husband in the world. They are texting each other the whole day when they are sitting in class and su**ing each other’s faces between classes. I remember we were the same with  Ryan before but he doesn’t even text me anymore when we have class. Maybe he is focusing on his studies and doesn’t want to distract me either, I don't know but sometimes I miss those days.    When we were near already, I saw Dom and Dyna hugging each other by the lockers and Tyler was leaning by the wall, waiting for Kelly, but I don’t see Ryan anywhere.  “Where is Ryan?” I asked the guys when we reached them while I look arond and Kelly jumped on Tyler right away.  “Hey Mia.” I didn’t see him today yet.” Dyna said while she looked around too. “Maybe he will come soon.” Dom said and messed up my hair playfully. “Hey...” I said and tried to fix my hair.  “Hi everyone.” Ryan said when he arrived to the lockers after 5 minutes. “What took you so long? The next class starts in 5.” I said while I was pouting. I know we live together and see each other every day, but I miss him when he isn’t around and we can’t spend that much time together like before. “Sorry, my classmate held me up.” He said and came to give me a kiss.  “It’s okay..” I said sadly and buried my face into his chest. I wish I could spend more time with him.  “Are you okay, angel?” He asked me when I just hugged him tightly without a word.  “Yes, I just missed you...” I said softly and he kissed my temple with a sigh. “I missed you too... but we will take a year off when the baby will born so I will be with you 24/7. You will need to send me away from home because I will be too much for you...” he said jokingly and caressed my hair lovingly. “That’s not gonna happen, I will never get bored of you.” I said and looked up at him with a smile. “I love you” I continued and stood on my tiptoes to kiss his lips. He always knows what to say to cheer me up.  “I love you too, angel. Come I will walk you to your next class.” He said with a smile and took my tiny hand into his huge one.  “See you later guys.” I said to everyone and we left them by the lockers. We are walking towards the classroom where my next class will take place quietly, hand in hand. “Mia...” he called my name nervously while he scratched the back of his neck and I know this gesture, he will saz something what I won't like and he is nervous about my answer or the fact that he is going to make me upset. “I need to stay a bit longer tomorrow as well because we need to do a project for biology what we need to do in pairs so I need to go to the library tomorrow after school to work on it with my project partner.” He said and waited for my reaction. I am not happy about it but I don't want to stress him more either with my whining. He is right, after the baby will born we will have a lot of time for each other and till then I will survive somehow. “Oh... okay.” I said with a disappointed look on my face, there is no point to hide it because he knows anyway how I feel most of the time just by looking at me. “How much longer?” I asked him. “Hmm... I think 2 hours will be enough, you can drive home with the guys and I will take the Camaro if that’s okay with you?” He asked me when we reached the classroom where my second class will take place. Now he was a bit calmer, we need to loosens on each other's 'leashes' if we want to make this work without arguments. “It’s okay. See you later?” I asked, he nodded his head with a smile and hugged me before he left for his class while he said ''I love you.'' I smiled at his retreating back and head into the classroom to attend my next boring class.
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