Part 2

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The four people are happy, surprised and Shocked to hear these words from Nandini..They immediately came inside her house.. Nandini opened her eyes and Shocked to see fab4 standing there..(yes the people who listened her is fab4 you guessed it right).. They came towards her while she looked down.. Cab:We listened your talks..So You Love Him.. Nan:More than my life.. They Smiled.. Muk:You know right Manik is married and he have two babies too.. Ali:And how can you love the person who already has babies with another woman.. Dhr: okay if we make you marry him..YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOVE THEM.. Nan:WHY.. Dhr: COME ON HOW CAN YOU LOVE THE BABIES YOU IS YOUR HUSBAND'S BABIES WITH ANOTHER WOMAN.. Nan:This is the reason why I will love them in future.. THEY ARE THE PART OF MY MANIK.. THEY ARE MY MANIK'S BLOOD.. THEY ARE MY MANIK'S BABIES..AND THIS IS THE REASON WHY I WILL LOVE THEM.. They are very much amazed with her love towards him..They have a broad Smile on their faces..Then Suddenly cabir said.. Cab:We will make you marry him..Navni looked at him shockingly.. Muk:Yes..We want to see Manik happy..As you said he is devastated, broken and shattered.. I don't know why everything happens with him only..why he only have to go through this pain.. Everyone have tears in their eyes.. Ali:And please you don't break our trust.. Please we don't want to see Manik in pain.. Dhr:We will bring you in his life only because We saw unconditional love and passion for him in your eyes.. Cab:And please Manik is richest..He has everything except peace..He only smiles genuinely whenever he is with his babies..And we want you to bring Smile and peace in his life.. Nan:I PROMISE I WILL DIE BUT I WILL NEVER BETRAY MANIK OR YOU GUYS.. I WILL ACCEPT EVERYTHING WHICH MANIK LIKES.. I PROMISE I WILL BRING PEACE IN HIS LIFE.. I PROMISE I WILL MAKE HIS LIFE BEAUTIFUL.. Muk:Nandini..Manik my not be able to accept you.. Because of his past and may not trust at once..But we want you to stay strong for him.. Nan: Anything for him.. They Smiled and promised her about the Marriage and left.. Night In Malhothra Mansion.. Manik is playing with his Babies..Neeyan is try to stand by holding his shoulders.. While Mia sat in his lap and playing with his fingers and chewing and Sucking thumb as her gums are iching.. Manik already changed their clothes..Neeyan is waiting blue colour sleeveless T-shirt..And Mia is wearing yellow colour sleeveless T-shirt..(Personally I found babies more cute in Sleeveless T-shirts).. Manik brought his naughty son forward and kissed his cheeks.. While his baby sucked Manik's cheek while spreading his saliva on Manik's cheek..Manik Smiled and rubbed his nose with his son.. Seeing this his daughter left his fingers and started calling him.. laughed at her language..And hugged her with his right hand..And with left hand he hugged his son..Mia tried kissing his cheek but she too sucked him while spreading her drool there..Manik Smiled and kissed her cheek hardly..And rubbed his nose with hers.. Then He lifted them both in his arms and went downstairs to kitchen..He started boiling milk for his babies..Neeyan saw banana and starting making sounds.. showed him the banana which is on dinning table.. Manik Smiled and started making him eat banana by pressing it a little so that his baby can eat it smoothly.. Then Manik checked milk to see if it is comfortable to drink and after making sure his Babies can drink it..He poured milk in their bottles and kept it's n****e in their mouth and made them drink.. It is 10 but still his babies are awake..Manik is trying to make them sleep pacing in his living room..When suddenly fab4 and Abhi entered..Manik is shocked to see them..Aliya and Mukti came forward and took Mia and Neeyan and started playing with them.. Man:Yaar I was making them sleep.. Muk&Ali:Shut Up..We are his aunties you can't stop us.. Manik made a very bad face as if he ate something bitter.. Cab:Stop making faces..You are looking like Bitter guard.. Dhr:No , he is looking like ware wolf.. Cab:Na He is looking like angry giraffe.. Dhr:No, he is looking like Anaconda..who want to swallow us.. Cab:No  he is looking like Lion who want to attack us.. Abhi:No  he is looking like ape..Look at his body and height ape will suit him.. Manik is looking at them like they are aliens..and is very irritated so he shouted angrily.. Man:Will you guys Shut up..Once more word and I will kill you.. They all made bad face.. Man: Now will you guys tell me what are you guys doing here at this hour..with this everyone became tensed.. Abhi came forward made him sit on sofa and all his friends kneeled Infront of him..Cabir took his hand in his.. Cab: Promise us manik you will not speak a word until we complete speaking..Manik nodded.. Muk:Manik we can't see you like this..It pains our heart to see you like this..For how long will you stay alone like this.. Ali:I know you have us and babies..But Manik life needs better half who will look after you.. love you.. take care of you.. Dhr: Manik from childhood we didn't saw you content with your life..We only saw you content three times..i.e;When we became a band..And second when you were with Priya..And third when your babies were born.. Abhi :Manik we want to see you happy and content with your life.. Cab: That's why we decided to get you married..She is simple,beautiful, innocent and mature.. Muk: Yes Manik She is bring peace in your life.. Ali :Manik she is very good at heart..She will take care of you and us.. They explained all this very softly and lovingly while tears are flowing from their eyes.. Man:Guys it is impossible.. I don't think I can ever be content or in peace..And  I feel peace with you guys and my babies.. I don't want anything more..What if she is not good for us.. For my babies.. I have no one to mine except them.. Cab:Manik we Promise you..She will be best for you.. Ali:And Manik babies always needs Mother.. Dhr:And Manik we checked her back ground..She is an Orphan like us..She is 22 years..A simple and innocent girl..She have no one except her best friend Navya..She was never in a relationship..She will respect you.. Man:No buddy.. I don't think someone will accept a married man with his babies without any intention.. Cab:Of course she too have an intention..And you will come to know her intention after you will marry her.. Man:I know that..May be my money.. They Smiled and said:You will come to know soon and you will be happy after that..So yes.. please for us for babies..After soo much of requests and arguments.. Man:Okay..Only for you guys.. I will give her a chance.. Man pov: Hope she will not do anything wrong.. I don't know why I felt like saying yes.. Because I know my friends will never be wrong when it comes to me..And I too want someone to support me and be with me in my miseries.. Hope She will love my babies.. Hope she will give them love of a mother.. Hope and looked at Priya's Picture..Priya hope she will be like you.. Hope she will make my Life Beautiful like you did.. Hope she will gain my trust like you did.. Hope She will trust and love me like you did.. Hope she will give me peace like you did..Hope She will respect me and gain my Respect.. I Love you Priya..Yes I love you but I was too late to confess and that still makes me feel guilty..You sacrificed your life for our babies only to see my smile..But Priya you took my Love.. Guys you must be thinking why fab5 didn't told him that Nandini loves him because they want her to confess her unconditional and pure love to him..And guys as I said Manik didn't loved Priya or may be that's what he thought.. Whatever it may be he respected her..She was the one who made his Life Beautiful..But When he realized his love she left this world..And Guys this is a lesson for him..So He will not make the same mistake again.. Love Priyashiv..
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