Character Sketch

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Manik Malhothra: A person with heart of gold..His attitude and looks make anyone fall for him..A richest businessman..A very lonely person..Have no one except his friends and his babies..Loves them..A very vulnerable..He never hurts anyone.. According to him words hurts more than anything..And we can't take our words back..So he never hurts anyone with his words..Monster for enemies.. Possessive and Dominating..You will his dominating side in future..He is also a singer..28 years old..Has a very beautiful smile which can melt anyone but never smiles..He respected his late wife..And depended on her but her sudden death left him shattered..An Orphan. Priya Kapoor: Manik's late wife..A woman with golden heart..She loved him from their college days..Fab4 are the one who forced him to marry her..She made his life a heaven..She supported him loved him.. Allowed him to make love to her even after knowing he didn't love her..But she know he respected and protected her..She gave birth to twins but died the next day because of complications..This shattered and broke manik..She was a beautiful and bubbly girl with innocence which can make anyone fall in their knees..She sacrificed her life for her children's life.. Mia Manik Malhothra: A ten months old daughter of Manik..A very cute bundle of joy..Whose smile brings Smile on Manik's face..Very naughty girl.. Neeyan Manik Malhothra: A ten old baby boy of Manik..Very stubborn and naughty boy..If he sees his sister crying he will start crying vice versa.. Fab5 is same like manik..They are Orphan too..They all met in Orphanage and became friends..But Manik is more vulnerable after her death.. And much more details.. Nandu saw manik in lecture before two years..Manik married after three months..Then after two months he came to know she is pregnant..They were happy..After nine months she gave birth to his babies and died the next day.. Now babies are ten months old..Any doubts.. Dhrulya are Married.. Cabir is Single.. Mukti and Abhimanyu are in Relationship.. Nandini Murthy: A 22 years old girl.. Hopelessly in love with Manik.. Innocent and Mature girl..Girl with golden heart..An Orphan..Want to make Manik's life Beautiful.. Navya Naveli: A very dramatic girl..A 23 years Old..Loves Cabir.. Nandini's Best Friend.. Love Priyashiv..
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