Part 1

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In a beautiful room a boy is sleeping bare chested on his stomach..His broad back has a tattoo making him look more hot..His messy hair making him look cute as well as hot..But his face is not showing any peace..He have frowns on his face even in his sleep.. There is a big cradle on left side of his king sized bed.. Suddenly the two cute babies in the cradle started crying..The guy immediately woke up hearing them..The boy is none other than Manik..And the two babies are his babies Neeyan and Mia..He took them in either of his hands.. He went downstairs..and went to kitchen to warm milk..He filled the milk in their bottle and kept the n****e of bottle in his babies mouth..They started drinking fastly..It is looking like they are very hungry..Tears started falling from his eyes.. seeing his babies like this.. seeing them having bottle milk.. seeing them deprived from mother's warmth,love and milk from Childhood..Manik didn't got love from anyone except his friends fab4 and his late wife..Even though he didn't loved his wife but he respected her.. Now his babies didn't got love from mother as she died the next day after their birth..Manik remembered his struggle and started crying..His babies saw him crying and they too started crying as if sharing his miseries,sadness and pain..As if saying we are here for laugh with cry with you..He stopped seeing his babies crying and took them to their room and started bathing them..Then he cleaned them..Made them ready..Mia red frock and red shoes..And applied oil to her hair and made a cute sa ponytail with red Barbie rubber band..Her ponytail is really very small..he just made that so that her hair didn't irritate her..Then kissed his Beautiful daughter all over her face..And Smiled whole heartedly looking at his cute daughter..Then he took his prince in his arms who showed his tongue to his sister as if teasing her..Manik Smiled and made him wear dark blue t shirt and shorts and matching shoes..Then he applied oil to his son's hairs too and combed them..His son is looking handsome..He is just like his father..Manik kissed his face madly..And made them sit on floor and kept toys on floor..And went to bath..He came out in ten minutes as he was scared for his babies as there is no one to look after them..He got ready..Took his babies and went to office..yes he takes them to office with him so that he can take care of them there too..As he have no one to say Mine in his life except them..One can easily see how lonely, broken and love deprived he was..One can easily see the pain in his Beautiful eyes and face..But no one is there to look after him..Actually no one want to see this..Everyone just  want a chance to throw themselves on him.. Everyone just want his money..So his friends didn't let anyone who gives negetive vibes to them come close to Manik.. Actually His friends protects,trusts,loves and supports  him..They are Friends after all.. None can see his true self except his friends..He thinks God don't want him to stay happy.. Yes God gave him two beautiful gifts..But he want someone who will love him who will look after him..who will understand his pain and share his miseries,pain and sadness..And you know what God already made someone for him who will understand him..Who will love him and most importantly make his Life a Beautiful Heaven..There is someone to make his life Beautiful..There is someone to make him realize that Life is Beautiful..God is ready to bring her in his life.. In a room a girl is sitting and totally engrossed in her thoughts..Her Beautiful black big eyes showing innocence as well as maturity..Her pulpy lips and chubby Cheeks showing her cuteness.. Suddenly a girl came and closed her eyes from behind..and said..Nandu tell me who am i?..She just Smiled at her stupid innocent friend Navya and said..Navya I know it's you.. Navya made pout and said.. Nav:You Everytime recognize the way you were in deep were looking soo sad.. Nan:I am thinking about him.. Nav:Him..Are you talking about him..Nandu stop being crazy for him..He is married he have two babies.. I still remember you cried for Soo many days thinking about him being married.. Nan:Yes.. I cried because I love him..And Don't forget his wife died..He is Soo lonely and sad.. Nav: You are crazy..He is Soo happy in his life.. Nan:No he is not..he is not happy..His Beautiful eyes shows how broken he is..His eyes clearly showed me his pain when I bumped into him yesterday in the mall.. Flashback.. Nandu is shopping with her friend Navya..She accidentally bumped into a person and fell over him and he is none other than Manik.. whom she loved like anything from two years..She fell in love with him at the first sight.. Actually she saw him once in her college when he came to give lecture to them..She instantly fall for him..Then she came to know about his Marriage and broken..Till today she didn't forget him.. Actually She followed him in every Social Networking Sites..Then She came to know about his Wife's death and his babies..And Yesterday when she bumped into him his eyes showed loneliness,sadness,Pain,Pain of not being Loved,His eyes showed how tired he is fighting alone..His eyes showed her his broken nature and how badly he needs someone to wait for him when he go back home..This thoughts only brought tears in her eyes.. Flashback ends.. Nav:Oh y please..You are behaving as if you know him from ages.. Nan:we don't need ages to know a person..And I love Manik..Yes I love him enough to see and share his pain and miseries.. I am here for him.. I will make his Life Beautiful.. I am there for him.. I Swear on Myself No no actually I Swear on My Manik.. I will Make His Life Beautiful.. I swear on Myself.. I will be there for him to take care of him.. I will be there for him to share his miseries.. I will be there for him to share his sadness,pain and love..Because I Love Him..I Love You Manik..I Love You Manik Malhothra..I Am Here For You to make your Life Beautiful..To make You Smile..And Smiled..She said all this with determination and infinity Love and Respect for him in her eyes.. This all was listened by four people who came there for shelter as their car punctured and it is raining harshly..They were Happy, Surprised and Shocked to see a random girl loving him this much..They saw the infinity love and respect for Manik in her eyes.. and Smiled.. Love Priyashiv..
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