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A mansion is decorated beautifully..It is looking like a Marriage happened.. In a room a girl is sitting on bed covering her face with Veil..At that time a guy came wearing a beautiful sherwani..He is looking like a Greek God in that attire.. He came towards her..lifted her viel..He is mesmerized by her beauty..Her face is showing her innocence..He made her stand on ground and said.. Man: I don't know why you married me when you know I have two kids.. I think you married for my money.. Listen I already have soo much to deal in my life..You live your life like the way you want.. I will never stop you..But please never increase my problems..If you have problem with babies na.. I myself deal with them but never hurt them.. I have no one to say mine except them..And about husband rights.. I will give every right to you..On my money..On me..But I can't give you my heart..And about to go but bride held his hand.. Girl: I didn't married you for money.. I married you to free you from your pain and loneliness Manik.. I Nandini Manik Malhothra Promise to make your Life Beautiful..Manik looked at her surprisingly..Nandu Smiled and said.. Don't be surprised manik.. I can see pain and loneliness in your eyes.. I too have no one in my life except you and our babies..And looked at the babies who is sleeping peacefully in their cradle..Manik is looking at her shockingly..Nandu hugged him..He is taken aback at her this gesture but he too responded her..Then Nandu again said.. Nan: I know manik you must be thinking that I married you for money.. I promise you manik I didn't married you for money.. I married you for me.. I day I saw you I felt connected to you.. Please Manik give me one chance.. I love them like my own children.. I love you like no one.. I make your lives Beautiful Manik.. I love you please give me one chance..will you..And looked at him with hopeful eyes.. Manik looked at her for some seconds in her eyes which showed only truth and nodded.. Love Priyashiv..
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