chapter two

380 Words
  My head hurts, everything hurts. What happened? I try to open my eyes it’s so dark in here…where am I? I close my eyes I try to remember what happened, I remember going to the store with cass and going to the car then that man showed up. Did cass get away? Is he okay? Oh God what if they got him? What if they know where I live? My kids, Steven I must get out of here. Theirs chains on my wrists an ankle, I pull at them and they retract its painful. I hear laughter, not just any laughter but laughter that sends chills up my spine. A man comes out of the shadows he looks at me, all I can see is his eyes. Who is he? What does he want? He smiles at me. “I was wondering when you were going to wake up, Celine it’s good to see you.” My skin freezes to ice, my heart slows down. Who is this man? He steps a little bit out of the shadows again. “I bet your wondering how I know you?” I nod my head slowly. He comes completely out of the shadows, the ice in my veins turn to lava. No God no how did he find me I haven’t seen him in years how did he find me? In front of me stands six-foot well-built blonde beast. The evilest man I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. “what do you want?”  he laughs, “isn’t it obvious?” I hear more laughter behind him, what are they going to do?” rick comes into my cell an smile...that sends shivers through my body I need to leave. He pulls this level to my right. I scream as it yanks my body to the wall. He takes his finger an slide his finger on my cheek. He whispers, “you’re going to wish you never left me”. He rips my clothes to shreds; I hear laughter an cat calling all around me. He starts unbuttoning his pants, oh no, please don’t. “I warned you to never leave me, now you’re going to be everyone play toy.” He sticks his p***s inside me, rapes me repeatedly. When his done he tells the men to have fun, I soon black out.                                                                           
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