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I see the morning sun coming into the window. I roll over see Steven still asleep I let him sleep for a while longer. I get up to cook breakfast, sausage casserole my kids love it. By the time I’m done cooking breakfast here comes the twins an my oldest cass. Steven comes in the kitchen gives me a kiss on the cheek he always smells like cinnamon to me. “Morning” I say he grunts I hear the baby cry before I can even ask him, he says “I will get him”. Makes me smile I didn’t even have to ask him I go to Steven. “Steven?” He looks up from dressing the baby “I need to go to the store can you handle them?” “of course, love go and do what you need to do.” He Leans down for a kiss before he can kiss me our baby sticks his head between us. I laugh “what do you think you’re doing sweet love?”  He just laughs that sweet baby laugh I love. “Mom?” Cass asks. “Can I come with you.” “Sure, hurry up and get ready so we can go.” He runs to his bedroom to get ready I laugh he loves riding to town with me or anywhere I go. He comes out wearing his blue jeans batman shoes and an avenger shirt. “Let’s go” Cass says. We go to the store get some milk and a couple shirts for him his brothers “mom can I get this watch?” “The adult one?” “Yes.” “But you’re still a kid.” “I’m 12 I’m hardly a kid now.” “I guess so you’re lucky I love you.” I look around I get the feeling were being watched I look around theirs nobody there. I guess I’m getting paranoid again. As were about to leave the store cass asks me to put his watch on I smile an put it on quick. We walk to the car we put the stuff in the car a well-built man approaches us I tell cass to get behind me. “Hey, there I was wondering if you could help me?” I look at him his giving me one of those creepy overly friendly smiles I don’t trust him for a second. “Could you help my mom get out of the car I can’t seem to convince her this place is safe.” I know that’s a lie something else is up I give him one of my friendly smiles “I’m sorry sir but were in a bit of a hurry I’m sure one of the security people could help you.” He looks shocked to say the least, I’m about to turn around an leave when I hear “stupid b***h guess we have to do this the hard way.” I turn around a see a black van pull in front of me I don’t think they noticed cass yet. “cass get out of here now!”  he looks at me I know he doesn’t want to I’m about to tell him to leave again when the creep man says, “don’t even think about running little boy your both coming with us.” he grabs me I scream “run cass! Run!” he finally runs they throw me in a van an speed off. The man is looking at me with such anger, I smile at least my son safe. The man looks at me an punch me repeatedly soon enough I black out.                                                                                    
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