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Ethereal Sect was so evil that the martial arts orthodox sect, "to root out evil for the people", destroyed the cult's hideout.

The cult leader Leslie fell into the hands of the “orthodox" Limitless Sect and was revealed that she was actually a woman, from which a series of painful experiences for Leslie leader kicked off .......

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001 Body Secrets
On a moonlit night, the hall of the Ethereal Sect was filled with a scorching sensation. It was called empty because the cultists were either dead or fled, leaving only the twelve empty chairs and the plaque above the hall, as well as the cult leader standing with arms crossed beneath it, towering and unmoved. It was called scorching because the raging fire in the backyard was about to engulf the hall! At this moment, a man who looked like a cultist rushed into the hall, fell to his knees and urgently reported, 'Reporting to the leader, Archibald has attacked the mountain with his men. Please leave as soon as possible!' The cult leader turned slightly and revealed a masked face as he asked in a deep voice, 'Where is Gaylen?' The man almost pounded the ground with his fists and said, 'My leader! I have already told you that Gaylen has defected, which led to the Limitless Sect taking the opportunity to attack our sect. Why are you still worried about him?' The leader's posture slightly shifted upon hearing this. He walked down the high stone steps with a graceful and composed demeanor. However, as soon as he descended, the plaque above his head crashed to the ground in several pieces three feet behind him. The man became anxious and full of sweat, 'Leader, please leave quickly!' At this moment, there was suddenly a burst of killing sound at the door. A group of Limitless Sect members rushed into the main hall with knives in hand. A tall, burly man with an imposing manner and wielding a pair of large hoop knives flew in and pointed his knife at the leader, Leslie, shouting sternly, "Leslie, your subordinates have all fled. Surrender now!" It turned out that the leader's name was Leslie. He raised his head and took another step forward, asking calmly, "Archibald, has Gaylen joined forces with you?" The man named Archibald replied with a question, "What does his defection, or lack thereof, have to do with the fact that you are about to be captured by me?" After a moment of silence, Leslie said, "I want to see him." "You won't see him," Archibald replied with a slight smile, then attacked Leslie with his knife. The two men fought in the blazing main hall. Although the people around them knew the fire was fierce, they did not retreat, but stood at the door to cheer on their own leader. The battle between Leslie and Archibald did not last long. After only twenty moves, Leslie suddenly stiffened and then feinted a move and jumped out of the circle. Archibald saw him clutching his chest and vomiting outside. There was blood flowing from under his mask. "You..." Archibald wanted to ask, but was scolded by Leslie pointing at his nose, "Shameless scum! You actually poisoned me!" At this point, a group of thin, old men jumped out of the crowd, laughing loudly, "To deal with scum like you, we must use some means. Don't blame our leader. It was all done by me alone!" Leslie staggered back a few steps, seeming to want to grab the old man, but he only took one step and fell to the ground, unconscious. Thus, Ethereal Sect, a notorious cult organization in the martial arts world, was completely destroyed tonight. The news spread throughout the martial arts world the next day, and everyone applauded and praised Archibald for removing a scourge from the martial arts world. Leslie was thrown into a cell with hardened criminals. When he regained consciousness from a burning sensation, the first thing he did was reach up to touch his face. The realization that his mask was gone made him even more angry. He struggled to turn over and lay face down in the straw on the ground. Suddenly, a person appeared in the shadows outside the cell door, sneering and unlocking the door with a key. "Leader, hehe, the taste of Snake Fire Poison isn't pleasant, is it?" The visitor was the old man who had admitted to poisoning Leslie in the main hall. Leslie glared at the man with a fierce look from within the straw and uttered a few words through his gritted teeth: "Old thief!" The old man knew that Leslie was now heavily poisoned and probably only had his sharp tongue left. He fearlessly and arrogantly approached Leslie, grabbing his chin with one hand and lifting him up. Leslie struggled weakly and angrily muttered: "Old thief! You son of a b****! Give me back my mask!" The old man saw Leslie's beautiful face and said, "Tsk tsk, what a pretty little face. It's such a shame to hide it behind a mask all the time. I've been wanting to see Master's beauty for a long time, and today it's finally revealed to be as magnificent as rumored." Leslie's face was indeed beautiful, with eyes like autumn water, vermilion lips reflecting the sun, and a pair of arched eyebrows of great delicacy. His handsome appearance was flawless, like carved jade. But now, because of anger and frustration, a slight coquettishness appeared on his face, making the old man's heart flutter. He couldn't help but reach out with his other hand to touch Leslie's face. Leslie felt dizzy and almost vomited from the old man's actions. He gathered his strength and spat at him. The old man was caught off guard and quickly let go of Leslie's chin to rub his eyes. He angrily said, "Leslie, no matter how powerful you are, now that you're in my hands, you'll suffer!" He pushed Leslie to the ground and grabbed his collar with both hands. With a tearing sound mixed with Leslie's screams, the old man ripped a large hole in Leslie's upper clothes, revealing his fair skin. Then, Mark ripped the bra wrap off her breasts and a pair of jelly-like breasts popped out "I can't believe you're a woman!"The old man had an ecstatic and exaggerated, greedy smile on his face, then licked his lips and eagerly touched Leslie's chest, feeling the smooth sensation of his skin. He lewdly played with the two pink n*****s on his chest. "You! You!" Leslie was either frightened or angry, and suddenly stuttered. Her lips trembled and her face turned pale as she stared at the old man in disbelief. The old man sneered, "What's wrong, Little Leslie? Has no one ever touched your breasts like this before? Do you feel good? Don't worry, there's more to come." He grabbed Leslie's waistband, ignoring her screams, and forcefully pulled down her pants. He then bent Leslie's thighs towards his chest, exposing her delicate pink intimate parts to the old man's burning gaze. It turned out that this notorious cult leader, who previously wearing a mask and wearing baggy clothes that hid herself well, but in fact she was a beautiful woman. Old man feels he's found a treasure, and couldn't help but lean closer to Leslie's legs to take a better look in the dim candlelight of the cell. Leslie was completely powerless, unable to exert even a trace of his inner strength. Her limbs were as weak as noodles, and she could only lie on the ground panting heavily. When she felt the rough calloused fingers of the other person probing her private area, she cursed with a burning rage, "You shameless scoundrel! Mark! If you touch me again, I will kill you!" Mark snorted disdainfully, "Kill me? I'm afraid Leader Leslie's wish will not come true. After tonight, Leader Archibald will publicly execute you. You're lucky to be in my hands, you should be thanking me!" Leslie's toxicity became more and more severe, and in the end, she didn't even have the strength to curse anymore. She could only clench her fists weakly and glare at Mark with reddened eyes. Mark pushed aside the two large labia that were tightly guarding Leslie's private area and immediately discovered the tiny c******s hidden inside. He ruthlessly pinched and rubbed it between his fingertips, and in no time, the little thing was swollen and peeking shyly outside. Mark laughed, "What a slutty thing, it gets hard with just a couple of touches from a man. Let me teach you a lesson." He took out a small box from his pocket and dug out a piece of white ointment, which he "squelched" into Leslie's v****a. He then placed his palm on the full, swollen vulva and rubbed it for a while, slowly squeezing out a palm full of transparent mucus. Leslie felt an unbearable itch in her lower body, and her v****a became even more hot and numb. She couldn't help but want to close her legs and rub herself to relieve the itch. Mark saw her bewildered and helpless expression, and explained with a lecherous smile, "Let Leslie Master's little mouth down there taste something good. It's my homemade aphrodisiac, guaranteed to make Leader Leslie want to die of pleasure tonight, clinging to me non-stop. Hahaha..." As he spoke, he lubricated his fingers with the overflowing lewd water at the entrance of Leslie's v****a and inserted them into her, thrusting and stirring. At the same time, squeezing and kneading her breasts with all her might. Rubbing them into various shapes Leslie was usually single-mindedly focused on martial arts or researching Jianghu conspiracies. She had never experienced this kind of stimulation before, and the pleasure overwhelmed her without any defense. It rushed straight to his brain from his lower abdomen, flowed through his entire body, and made her stare at Mark in humiliation. "No... Stop... Please..." His hands grabbed at the hay in a frenzy, trying to resist the bone-chilling pleasure. But soon, he was overcome by the drugs, and he couldn't help but moan in unwilling submission. Mark used both hands to penetrate the white, swollen and red v****a, causing lewd fluids to flow out like a ripe peach that had burst open, with the sound of gushing water gradually filled the prison cell, making Leslie feel ashamed and angry. However, her body betrayed her will, constantly writhing and clenching around Mark's fingers, as if begging for more, thicker and larger objects to fill her up. Mark was already very aroused by the flowing lewdness of Leslie's tender v****a. He was about to thrust into it when suddenly, the prison door burst open in flames, and someone walked in. Archibald had been busy counting the items in Ethereal Sect's treasury all day. Towards the end, he discovered that a secret book stolen by Ethereal Sect many years ago was missing. He became suspicious and decided to personally interrogate Leslie in the prison cell. However, as soon as he entered, he smelled a strange and alluring fragrance. Being naturally alert, he quietly approached the cell where Leslie was being held, and when the light of the torch illuminated the scene inside, Archibald was shocked and speechless. "Senior Mark... What are you doing?" Archibald asked, looking at the two people on the ground. Mark's face turned from blue to white. Although he was Archibald's senior, his ability was not outstanding, and he had no position in the gang. He was very wary of his junior, and seeing that the situation was exposed, he quickly retreated from Leslie and said, "Lord Leader, please forgive me. I was helping you interrogate the hiding place of the remaining followers of the devil, and I found out who she really is." "A woman?"Archibald muttered in shock, but quickly regained his composure frowned slightly: "But do you need to take off her pants to ask her?" Mark gritted his teeth, and without hesitation, he pulled Leslie, who was already lying on the ground in a daze. He let her lean against his chest, naked, opened his legs in front of Archibald, and pinched his c******s hard while asking, "Where are the remaining followers of the devil hiding?" Leslie whimpered and weakly shook his head with water-filled eyes. Mark viciously twisted her c******s and squeezed it like a small, hard stone, making Leslie tremble and cry out in a trembling voice, "Please... Stop... I'll tell you... Ahh... They... They're in the Wuli Mountain, only one hiding place..." Mark looked at Archibald with a slightly smiling face, "How about that, Master? It works, right?" However, Archibald seemed to have not heard what he said. He walked straight to Leslie, squatted down in front of him, and his eyes darkened, "So, this is what Leslie really looks like." Mark nervously and fearfully continued to play with the sensitive flesh bean in his hand. Inadvertently, his fingernails dug deep into the tender flesh, causing Leslie's body to suddenly stiffen, and she screamed in a trembling voice. Her wet v****a suddenly gushed out a large amount of lewd fluid and she even squirted.

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