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Haunted by her husband's memories, Josie jumps at the first opportunity for change, a new job in another town. Moving there was supposed to make their lives better but after her daughter, Vivian goes too far to help a friend, she puts her life at risk, truths that were better left uncovered were unraveled, causing chaos in their lives.

If you are up for a little drama, thriller, mystery and romance, you are right where you need to be.

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Chapter 1
Vivian didn't know what to expect on her first day of school, it was the first time in her life being the new kid having moved here from Wander town, where she's lived for her whole life. Top Hill Private Secondary School (THPSS) was an elite school with only either the richest or the brainiacs in attendance so it was only fitting for the school to look like something out of a fairytale, Vivian couldn't help but gawk at each building as she journeyed to her first class of the day. The History teacher, sir Ezekiel had a vexed look as he stopped his lesson to answer the door. Vivian explained herself and his face automatically lit up. "We don't get many transfers." He explained, his voice full of excitement. "Class," he exclaimed, demanding the class's attention, "we have a new student joining us." He announced. Strangers' faces stared back at Vivian, each carrying a different expression. She could understand a little inquisitiveness but not the shock, despise, relief or intimidation. Murmurs erupted, most students gazing at something- or someone at the back. "Quiet class!" Sir Ezekiel's powerful voice shush all the whispers. "Please," he turn to Vivian with a tight smile, "do introduce yourself." Vivian cleared her throat, "hi guys," she addressed the class , "my name is-" the screeching sound of a chair scraping the floor stopped her. A boy that was hunched over his desk when she entered abruptly stood up, he remain frozen as he stared at her, a mixture of surprise and relief on his face. Vivian knew him, his name was Jaxson James, he was the most successful young track athlete in the country. She remembered seeing him on TV. She continued hesitantly, "Vivian Munday. I recently moved here with my family-" she swallowed hard at the mention of the word. "And I uh hope we all get along well." She finished the introduction. Only sir Ezekiel clapped, the students, however, went into deep discussions, the noise growing louder and louder by each passing second. Not even sir Ezekiel's dominant voice could quiet them down this time. Vivian slowly walked to the middle of the classroom where she spotted an empty desk, she couldn't ignore the stares on her even if she tried, the stare that burnt the most being that of Jaxson. She gave him a quick glance before settling in her seat. His glare would give her nightmares for days. The day only got worse from there. Wherever Vivian went, stares, glares, murmurs and whispers followed. But no one told her what was going on. She wondered if this was some kind of bullying but the emotions on her peers' faces were too genuine for it to be a trick. It was during fifth period when she decided she needed a break from all this attention, so she asked for a bathroom pass, which was granted. In the bathroom Vivian released a big sigh as she lean to the tiled wall, she allowed herself to feel the exhaustion, her mind drifted to her old school. Sure, it wasn't as pretty as this one, and they'd never offer the education and opportunities she'd be granted here but she'd trade everything to walk down those dusty corridors one more time. Her favorite memories of her and her friends replayed in her mind like a movie and she laughed quietly to herself, then she bit back the tears while struggling to swallow the lump in her throat. She missed her clique. Vivian found herself fishing her mobile phone from the pockets of her uniform, she stared at the screen, wanting so bad to call her best friend and vent to her. But she knew Brenda would be in class right now. She also knew exactly how the conversation would go. With everything that had happened between them, she knew she'd end up feeling worse after the call. She didn't realize that she was still staring at her home screen until the picture registered in her mind, it was a picture of her and her father. It was taken three years ago and it was her favorite picture of them. She smiled as she easily recalled every moment that led to the taking of that picture. Vivian was snatched out of her thoughts by the sound of footsteps approaching. She put her phone away and jumped closer to the sinks, she opened the tap and washed her hands. The last thing she wanted was for someone to find her hiding in the bathroom. She stared at her reflection in the mirror and fixed a few loose hair strands that were in her face, she then splashed water on her face. The sound of heels clicking grew louder and eventually two girls entered the bathroom. They both looked sophisticated. She was obviously invisible to them and she wanted to keep it that way. Vivian closed the tap and placed her hands under the hand drier, involuntarily getting their attention. As expected, the girls shared the many expressions the entire student body did when they lay eyes on her. However, the shorter one took small steps approaching her. Vivian didn't know if waiting to find out why the girl was approaching her was a good idea. The girl closed the distance between them, throwing her small arms around Vivian's shoulders, hugging her tightly. Vivian could have sworn she heard her sniff. To say she was shocked would be an understatement. With her feet rooted to the ground, her limbs unable to move, Vivian waited until it was over, she didn't even dare breathe. The girl finally pulled out, she wiped her face with the sleeves of her jacket, chuckling with a little embarrassment. "I can't believe it's you." She sounded genuinely happy. Vivian's eyebrows furrowed, she didn't quite understand what the girl meant. By the looks of it, the girl was confident that she knew her. But Vivian didn't recall ever laying eyes on her. She'd have remembered seeing someone so gorgeous. The girl must've read Vivian's puzzled face, "it's me," she said, panic could be heard in her voice, "Caily." The name didn't ring a bell either. "Your best friend."

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