Chapter: 2

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CHAPTER: 2 Grace Evans. "Nathaniel! Nathaniel! Get your ass up!" I yelled at him as he was snoring loudly to the point where he woke me up. He said that I could have the studio all by myself and he'll stay in his shop for a few days for work purposes but guess what? This little b***h just came out of nowhere to claim his territory and is sleeping on the bed which I specifically made for myself. It took me 3 freaking hours to set the studio to myself and when I was about to sleep after a long exhausting flight this fucker just came and slept in my space. I get it! I get it that this is his place and I was sleeping on his bed but when I was sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground, this motherfucker dared to snore loudly! Some things need to change as long as I'm here. "NATHANIEL QUINN! Fire! Wake up! We're going to die!" I yelled as loud as I could. Nathaniel startled, his eyes widened and he dashed out of the room in his underwear. A while later he came back, the startling look on his face almost made me laugh out loud. "Evans, why are you so calm?! Let's get out of the apartment!" Nathaniel said as he was putting on his pants. I gave him a wide smile and calmly went towards the bedside. I laid on the bed with satisfaction and put the warm blanket on myself. Damn, it's so cold. . . Nathaniel looked at me like I had just taken his kidney without his consent. "Evans! What the hell man?!" He yelled but I laughed at his reaction. Serves you right! "Don't you have work tomorrow, Nathaniel? You should go back to sleep. Sleep in the sleeping bag, I doubt that you will fit into it but one must try before concluding right?" I said with a devilish smirk on my face. I glanced at Nathaniel and he was shooting glares at me. "You didn't have to do anything so dirty to me." He rolled his eyes at me and I chuckled. See I told you he just looks tough but deep down he's a sweetheart. "Living with you is a pain in the ass Evans, I guess I have to shift to my shop," Nathaniel said in a tired frustrated tone. I saw Nathaniel trying to fit in the sleeping bag. It was a bit short for him but I was enjoying his misery. "Tomorrow is a long day for us Nathaniel, Good night and sweet dreams. . . in that sleeping bag." I chuckled and covered myself with a warm blanket. "f**k you too Evans," Said Nathaniel and I chuckled. He must be regretting calling me here but it's too late to cry over spilt milk. First night in New York City, so far away from home. Everyone in the household must have noticed my disappearance by now. I wonder what will be their reaction? Are they worried? Are they looking for me? I left a note in my room. On that note, I clearly said that I don't want to live with them anymore, that I'm 18 and I can live my life according to my own rules so it's better if they don't look for me. Another reason that I left the house is that in my family they don't let teenagers go after 18. My family likes to control their children even after the age of 18. I knew they would not let me go easily so I did what was needed to do and that was to run away. I just hope if they are trying to search for me then they stop because I'm never going back to them. I can't stay at a place where I don't belong. I belong to my freedom and I have achieved it. Go to sleep Grace. . . You have a lot to do from tomorrow. . . . *Next morning* I woke up on time and did my morning routine. Nathaniel was not in the room, must be out to grab us some breakfast which reminds me that I didn't eat anything for dinner last night. My stomach hurts from hunger. Food. . . I need food. I left the room while drying my hair with a towel. I saw Nathaniel frying some eggs. "Nathaniel, I'm hungry! Get me food fast!" I yelled at him. "Geez Evans, if I had a little bit of idea that you're like this I would never invite you here in my wildest dreams." He said and I rolled my eyes at the llama drama. "You know me for three years, Nathaniel, I'm like this. It's better if you start to get used to me now." I told him and took a big bite from the apple in my hand. "You're too beautiful to be behaving like that." He said while pointing at my posture. My feet were at the table and the towel was hanging around my neck. I was offended by what he said, "What do you mean by that?" I asked him while putting the apple on the side. "What I mean is. . . why do you need to act like a tomboy? Just a little styling sense and boom you'll be one of the prettiest people I have ever known and your name is Grace for god sake but there is nothing graceful about you." He said and my jaw clenched. "I like how I am Nathaniel, I don't want to change myself. I like myself the way I am. If you have a problem with me staying here then just say it so. I'll leave the next second." I got up from my seat. I don't know if I was overreacting or not but I was a little offended by his words. "Now Evans, don't act like that. You know I'm a blunt guy. Don't be mad at me. Sit down and relax. Look, I made you some English breakfast." He said and put a plate of food in front of me. Even though I was mad at him, the aroma of the food made my mouth water. I glared at him and he was wiggling his eyebrows at me. I rolled my eyes and took a huge bite of the cheese omelette. Ah, Food. . . my first love. After filling my tummy to the fullest Nathaniel told me that he has something important to tell me. "Alright Evans, listen to me carefully and don't interrupt me with your silly questions alright?" He asked. "Right, sir!" I told him and wiped my mouth from the napkin. "You can not work with me until you finish at least your high school education. I can not let you ruin your future like this. You're still a kid and from my experience, I'm suggesting you first complete your education. Education is important, Evans." Said, Nathaniel. "Oh my God Nathaniel. You're sounding like my Dad, uncles, close relatives and not so close relatives. What's wrong with you?" I asked him in an annoyed tone. "If you want to stay here and work under me for the experience you have to listen to some things Evans." He said and I rolled my eyes at him. "Whatever." I rolled my eyes at him. I think I'll close my eyes today. "So here's what I have planned for you. I have a connection with the HR of one of the finest schools in New York City and when I'm saying finest I mean where the elite kids go. This is not any normal high school, Evans, it's a prestigious school and to your luck, I can get you in by the start of next year." Said, Nathaniel. "Why choose a prestigious school, Nathaniel? Why not any normal school?" I asked him. "I already thought about this. . . just didn't ask you. So in the past few months, I have arranged everything for your ease. Come on Evans you'll be enjoying luxurious school life. I did a favour for you. You should be thankful to me." He said. "Thanks, Nathaniel," I said with sarcasm lacing in my voice. "You're Welcome." He said and bent down a little. Suddenly something clicked in my mind. "I'll listen to you Nathaniel, but I have a condition," I told him and he looked like he wanted to bang his head on the table. He knows me. I don't go easy on people. "What Evans? What?" He asked in a tired tone. "I'm going to enter this prestigious school of yours as a guy. I want to enter with a boy's identity Nathaniel." I told him and he was giving me the 'are you crazy look?" "Why Evans? Why do you need to enter the school as a guy? It's not always fun and games. Sometimes you gotta be serious in your life. You'll be staying for a whole year in this school. How will you manage to stay as a guy for a whole freaking year?" He asked me. "You don't know me that good Nathaniel. I'm an expert in gender-bending. I have a lot of experience, you know." I brush him off. Nathaniel rubbed his temples in frustration. "Oh come on Nathaniel, I know it's no problem for you. You have fabricated many identities, just do one for me too please." I requested him. "And why do you want to do this?" He asked me. "Two reasons! First I don't want my family to know about me. What if there is someone in the school who recognizes me and reports me back to Texas!" I showed him a horrified face. "And second I want to do it for. . . spice of life." I smiled as cutely as I could. "You know I'm sending you to a prestigious school, your parents won't be able to find you, Evans." Nathaniel glared at me but I shrugged him off. "Just do it, Nathaniel. I'm cooperating with you so you should too. Make me a guy's identity. I want to do something different in the upcoming year and don't worry I know how to handle this. Trust me." I was hell-bent down to make him do what I want. Nathaniel sighed but eventually gave in. "Fine Evans, no one can win from your stubbornness. I'll make the essential changes to your wish." He said and I did a happy little dance. "Where do you even get ideas like these Evans?" Nathaniel asked. "From here," I said, pointing to my genius brain. Nathaniel shook his head and got up from his seat. "Alright, I'll be going to the shop. You can come with me if you want." Said, Nathaniel. "Nah, I'm fine here. Tell me the name of the school so I can do a little bit search about it. Also, Christmas is on the corner and I have to do some shopping for that. . . This place needs a little decorating." I told him while looking around the place. I should clean it a bit too. I can't live in a dirty place and looking at how Nathaniel is I barely think he'll make any changes. "Fine, there's some cash in the drawer. You can buy things with them. I'll be going now and tonight we're going to discuss the upcoming plan for you." He said and was wearing his coat. "Yes sir!" I said and bid bye to him. I need to start changing my appearance after Christmas. Oh, it's going to be too much fun! I can already feel it.
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