My Boss is My Master



My chest felt as though it was on fire, burning with pain due to fear. It was as if he was building up that intensity before he would tell me straight to my face that it was time to go.

"You leave me no choice." His eyebrow curved to the perfect arch.

"I know." I waited for those dreadful words that would spill from his lips. He was going to fire me.

"Ms. Walters..." him saying my name was not only a dose of s****l poison, but also an antagonizing nail across a board. He made me nervous. No, he made me scared as hell. 

There was a long pause before he opened his mouth to speak again

 "Bend over."

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Chapter One
"You have to be kidding me." I leaped from my bed, my eyes on the digital bedside clock that blinked eight-forty six. It happened again! I'm supposed to be at work by nine. I stumbled into the bathroom before reaching for my body wash and wash sponge before I turned the faucets of my bath tube. I stepped in, ignoring the brisk temperate of the shower before it regulated. I was in too much of a rush to care. Once done in the shower, I ran back into my room with my towel wrapped around my body. Cool air attacked my body; a shivering wave of air that touched me as I made my way to the closet. I pulled out a knee-length grey pencil skirt and a clean white blouse and tossed it onto my bed. No time to sit and mix and match my underwear, I quickly put on the first thing I could grab. Boy shorts and a bra followed by my pulled clothing. I took a quick moment to analyze myself. What I saw did not please me at all. What I saw was a brownish-caramel skin tone that looked as if it had been drained of life. I saw wild curly hair that looked completely unmanageable and eyes that warned others of a sleepless night. "f**k it." That was the only thing that could sum up what I felt at this point. What else could I do? I did not have time for the makeup touch up or flat iron treatment. What I needed was to get my ass out of this place and quickly. I knotted my hair into a bun before I picked up my shoes, purse, and files and I exited my second floor apartment. "Good morning Ms. Walters?" The concierge woman greeted me just as she usually does. "Hi, Hi." I was lacking the time to mingle and she knew me well enough to understand completely. She shouted a few assuring words as I flew past her desk and out of the door and into the residential parking lot. It was safe to say that my decision of not putting on my shoes earlier was a mistake. “Shit." I whined as dirt and gravel attacked my bare feet. Sadly, I was running out of time and stopping to put on my shoes was impossible. Almost there. I opened the door to my car, tossed my things in, and jumped in the driver side. I turned the key to the ignition, only to hear the agonizing cough that came out of the exhaust. "No." I turned the key repeatedly until it finally coughed up the energy to start. "OH GOD YESSS!" I sped out of the parking lot and onto the highway. Swerving pass cars, avoiding foreseen traffic, I exited the highway that led to my office building. "Yess." I was so close now, only a few minutes late but yet I could still do it. I can do this. I was so close. I can practically smell the donuts to the coffee shop that was right across the street from my job. My fingers clenched around the steering wheel as my foot squeezed down on to the pedal. I could feel my car speeding up, the metal just making each light as I crossed the intersection. I’m so close. Hopes were so high…that was until I looked into my rearview mirror. Red, white, and blue lights lit up. "No." I sulked. I pulled over slowly, ignoring the stupid little demon that hovered over my shoulder, pressuring me to hit the gas and escape. That would just have me jobless, in jail, and make me some girl’s ‘little friend’ in a cell. I cut the engine and placed my hand on to the steering wheel, watching from my mirror as he exited his vehicle. He placed his hat onto his head, hiding the smooth hairless head of his. He approached my window. It took all of the muscles in my face to create the pathetic smile that I had created. "License, registration, and proof of insurance please?" I popped open my glove compartment. Note to self; clean glove compartment. Sighing heavily, I dug through the envelopes, shredded papers, and old bills before I found my documentation. He looked over my things, his face never broke character. "Ma'am do you know how fast you were going?" "No sir." I had a little idea. "You were going twenty above the speed limit." "I'm so sorry." He looked me over before he looked over my mess of a ride. I could almost see the disappointment on his face before he handed me my documentation. "I'm going to let you off with a warning but the next time this happen, it’s a ticket." "Thank you. Thank you so much." Lord knows I could not afford a ticket. Well, another one. "Drive safely ma'am." He tilted his hat before he returned to his vehicle. I started up my bucket, also known as my horrible dark blue 1989 Honda Accord. This car was accent. Prehistoric is what many would call it. I called it transportation and my key to staying off of public transportation… I rolled into my jobs private parking lot, turned off my car and ran to the nearby elevator. Entering the elevator, I finally found a good time to slip on my heels. 1..2..3..4 I watched the light above the door light up the numbers to each floor that we touched. Hurry up. Rushing the elevator would do me no good. I guess being late….again would do that to you. The doors opened. Commotion greeted me. It was the normal rush hours of the building. "Hello Ms. Walters?" One of the front desk receptionist greeted me with a friendly smile. "Good-morning?" I mumbled my greeting less than enthusiastic. I walked down the hall; pass the cubicles and smiling faces to my office. Walking in, I placed my stuff on my desk and turned on my computer to proceed with the work I needed to begin immediately. "Ms Walters? Mr. Jax would like to see you in his office." Janice called over the intercom. "Okay Janice." I frowned. So close. I walked out of my office and past the cubicles that held curious looking faces. What now? I reached my boss’s office door. I knocked, mentally praying that he was unavailable to see me at this moment. "Come in Ms. Walters." I stepped in. I approached his desk and stood beside one of the guest chairs. I hate his office. It smelled of old dirty clothing. The chairs were horribly stained. The dim lights gave off a creepy vibe. "Ms. Walters, this is the tenth time you have been late this month. You are our best financial adviser. You have helped us bring in the top businesses with your work. However your attendance is not good for our business if you are not here on time make appointments and meetings with potential clients." "Look Mr. Jax, I have to explain myself. I was previously dealing with a serious personal issue that has passed now. I was planning a funeral by myself and I had got so caught up that things have been off about me. However, I can assure you those things have finally passed and you will not have to worry about it anymore. Just please don't fire me." I bit my lip as I mentally begged him not to release me. "Okay, okay.” He rubbed his temples “One more chance to prove yourself." "Thank you so much Mr. Jax." I exhaled the long breath I held in. "Now go get some work done." He smiled. I stood from the chair, a smile on my face as I left his office to return to my own. "So what happened?" My co-worker Terra shoved me into my office, closing the door behind her. "Nothing." I smiled as I took my seat at my desk. "Nothing? Well what the hell did he say?" "Let's just say I'm not fired." "Good." She blew out a sigh of relief. "Look Simone, I'm having small gathering tonight and I would really like for you to finally come." "I can't tonight." Terra has been bugging me for months to come to one of her gatherings but I always say 'I can’t, I'm busy' or 'maybe next time' but honestly I just don't want to. Terra has a crowd of people that are always so lively and hyped up and I'm just....quiet. I would not fit in with that. I can admit, I'm not the party person. I would describe a good night for me as a funny movie, pizza, cheesecake, and a thunderstorm. Sounds boring? I know but that's how I like it. "Why not? You always had an excuse but now you should come. Its Friday girl, live a little." I frowned at her. "I said no now can you take these files?" I handed her a few files I needed filed and stored. Nothing urgent but anything that would get her out of my office. "You my dear..." She snatched the files from my grasp." Is what we like to call a party killer. When are you going to have fun and stop being a boring old woman? For god sakes you're only twenty five and you act like my mom. Do you even know what fun is?" I just stared at her. Terra is that party girl who loves to be the center of 'fun'. With her slim figure and full blonde hair, she carried the 'Turn up' attitude. I mean 'Turn up' where anything goes. She always tried to involve me in her adventure of fun but I just wasn't into it. "I know what fun is." I mumbled. Did I? It’s just our fun would be described two different ways. "No you don't. Don't lock yourself up in a room. Go out. Now, I have to go. I will see you later." She smiled, throwing her full hair behind her. "Whatever." I mumbled. ******** I finished up my work for the day and was preparing myself to go home. I gathered up my things and walked down to the parking lot. My feet aching, my stomach growling, and my head spinning, I dragged myself to my little car to head home for the night. It seemed like my day was ten times longer. For some odd reason, I just couldn't shake what Terra said the entire drive home. I'm fun. I walked into my building and was greeted by the concierge. "Long day at work?" She smiled. "You have no idea." I slipped off my painful high heels and stepped on to the elevator. Once I reached my floor, I walked lazily to my apartment. Letting myself in, I dragged myself to my room. All I wanted was a shower, food, and an entertaining movie. I stripped down to nothing and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. The feeling of the water against my skin was amazing, soothing and comforting. Once out of the shower, I dried off and slipped into something a little more comfortable for the night. I walked into the kitchen and opened the freezer. My heart melting as my eyes landed on my love, my sweetheart, my craving. I pulled the small container from the freezer shelf. Chocolate cookie dough ice cream. I grabbed the pint of ice cream and a spoon and walked into the living room. I turned on television, preparing to spend my amazing night right here. "Look who's all cozy?" I looked up to see my roommate Cayli walking in to the living room. Cayli has been my roommate since college. We managed to get along well enough that we decided to live together now; at least until we find ourselves finically ready to part ways. "Where are you off too?" I asked her. Her black hair was bone straight as it ran down her back. She was wearing a black mini dress with a pair of fish net stockings. "Well.." She stepped closer to me. The sound of her high heel boots tapped across the hardwood floor. "I'm going out tonight." "Okay, have fun." I scooped a glob of ice cream into my mouth. Cayli walked to the door before she turned around. "You should really come." She suggested. "Nooo, I'm fine." "Please." She sat down next to me. "You need to have fun. You have been all work lately and it sucks. Have some fun with me." I thought about what Terra had said to me earlier today about 'fun' and needing to get out. But sitting on the couch eating delicious ice-cream is fun, right? Or was it just my lonely, tedious definition of fun? You know what, maybe she’s right. Maybe a little change in scenery would be nice. A few drinks, a little music, smiling faces. I deserve it right? I'm all work and no play. "You know what? I will go." A smile danced its way on to Cayli's face. "Great." She smiled. I stood up and marched into my room. I walked over to my closet to find something good to wear. I pulled out my red knee-length dress and slipped into it, along with my black stilettos. I put on a little eye liner and some lip gloss. Picking up my purse, I walked back into the living room to meet Cayli. "You look..." She looked me up and down. "Casual." "What's wrong with casual?" "Well this party is-um-it’s not really...um- casual." "I will be fine. This dress is meant to fit in anywhere." I assured her. "Okay. Well- Lets go.” She glanced down at her watch. “There's no time to change." She gripped my arm and pulled me out of the apartment in pursuit of a fun night…

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