Chapter 1 Axel

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“BANG BANG” “BANG” “BANG BANG” Who the hell is waking me up so damn early. Stretching out I almost push my hookup from last night right out the bed. “Hey you need to go” I say as I shake her shoulder. “BANG BANG BANG” “Hold the f**k on” I yell as I pull my jeans on from last nights not even bothering to button them. I yank the blanket from my bed when the chick try’s to snuggle back in. “Nope you got to get a move on” “Why Axel we could spend the day in bed together” she pouts in what I’m sure she thinks is a sexy way. I just raise my eyebrow at her and head towards whoever is trying to beat down my door. “Get gone” I tell her over my shoulder as I yank the door open. I just stare at the asshole who tore me from my sleep. “Why aren’t you answering your phone!” My beta Waylon bitches. “Because I was sleeping and it’s early” “Well your dads looking for you and he’s on a rampage” oh s**t that’s never good. My eyes widen as Waylon nods his head seeing that I understood. “What’s going on?” I ask as Cindy?Mindy? Slides by to finally leave my room “bye Axel” she purrs. “Later Cindy”. Her face reddens as she screeches “My name is Birdie”. I just slow blink at her because what kind of name is Birdie. Who names their child that? With a huff she turns on her heels and stomps out. “She’s actually why your dads angry. She’s his buddy Jim’s daughter and someone saw you leave with her last night from the party” Waylon informs me. “f**k she’s Jim’s daughter? He’s gonna try and marry me off now for sure” I complain to the ceiling. My wolf growls at me in my head as if to agree with me. He was not a fan of Birdie. Waylon just nods in agreement to my thoughts. “That is so not gonna happen. She was good for the night but I can’t spend the rest of my life with someone name Birdie”. Waylon just cackles at me like it’s the funniest thing he’s ever heard. I sigh as I walk back into my room. “Just let me grab a shower and I’ll go listen to him b***h. But I’m so not marrying that chick” Waylon just nods and throws himself in my desk chair and flips on the tv. “Don’t keep him waiting to long. It will only make it worse” I have to agree with him there. Dad is not one to hold his anger long. Especially where I’m concerned. You see It is almost time for him to retire and make me alpha of our pack. I’m still not sure how I feel about that. It is so much responsibility and I’m still in college. Plus he keeps harping on me about mating even tho I haven’t met my mate yet. He just wants me to pick one of his friends daughters and claim her. But I am never going to do that. I may be a bit wild but when I do settle down it will be with my mate. She’s going to be the only Luna of our pack. Definitely not some Birdie or anyone of his other friends daughters. They all just want ties to my pack’s leadership and that’s not gonna happen. I can’t let that happen. It would not be what best for either me or my pack. I just don’t know why my dad doesn’t see that. I relax my muscles when I step under the hot spray. It really is to early for a Saturday. Plus although I didn’t want another night with Birdie, shower s*x would have been great. Especially if I’m already in trouble for sleeping with her as it is. I glare at my hard d**k. It’s his we are in this mess. I should have just picked up someone else but she offered and it was easy. I grip my d**k tightly and groan. Yeah that feels good. I pump into my hand and close my eyes. I picture Birdie on her knees because despite the trouble last night will cause she can suck like a pro. Groaning I pick up my pace. I think about staring in her eyes as she takes me deep. But her brown eyes turn golden and then all I see are these golden eyes. I c*m so hard I can barely stay on my feet. I breath hard as I come down from my powerful release. I don’t know why her eyes changed because they didn’t do that last night but man I should find me some golden eyes. Because that definitely did it for me. I make quick work with the rest of my shower and step out of the stall. Drying off and dropping my towel into the laundry basket. I make my way into my room and dig a pair of my boxers out of my dresser.”o s**t she scratched you back up” he chuckles. “Yeah she was wild” I say as I pull a fresh pair of jeans on. “She kept calling me daddy tho. So weird” I say. “ yikes yeah that’s not my thing either” Waylon shivers in distaste. I laugh at him but I agree. Once I pull on my shirt and sneakers we head out. I can feel my fathers rage from here and his office is still two floors down. When we get there I knock at the door. “Enter” he yells. “Morning dad. Waylon said you wanted to see me?” I greet. “ Of corse I wanted to see you! I get in to the office this morning with messages from Jim asking when the wedding will be since you deflowered his virginal daughter. I told him I would ask the happy groom immediately ” he grits out. Knowing I had absolutely no intentions of mating her. “Yeah dad I’m not matting her and I don’t want to break it to Jim but his daughter was so not virginal” I quip. Dad just glares at me. “You should have thought about that before you took her to bed”. “ Taking her to bed was just that. There will be no wedding bells for us. Im not mating her” I insist. “You need to make a choice and settle down. I can’t keep getting these calls.” He demands. “ I want to meet my mate. That won’t happen if I mark someone else not to mention disrespectful to my future Luna.”I explain for what seems like the millionth time. He sighs. “Look Axel i understand and I wish that for you but you’re running out of time. Im ready to retire and you need a Luna. Just pick one of the girls I’ve suggested and let your mom plan a ceremony.” I just shake my head at that. “No dad. I won’t do that. You can make me Alpha without a Luna or you can wait till I find her. But I won’t mark someone who’s not my mate.” I explain seriously. His phone rings just as he opens his mouth with his retort “We will finish this conversation later.” He says with a glare and dismisses us with a wave. Both of us leave his office and sigh in relief as soon as his office door closes. “That was close Axel. I really thought he was going to make you mate her” Waylon says. “ I know.” I reply as I drag a hand down my face in frustration. “I won’t do that. He is going to have to understand. I mean I will do anything and everything for my pack but I won’t tie myself to someone who is not mine for the rest of my life. Especially when not doing so won’t effect how I run this pack.” I really hope I find my mate soon because I don’t know how much more time I’m going to get out of my dad. “Well what are we doing today since I’m out of bed and dressed for the day” I ask. “We can join the warriors for training or go for a run.” He suggest. “Nah it’s Saturday and we already bust our ass 5 days a week in training. I think I want to go out for the day.” I say. “We could go to the mall.” Waylon replies. I nod my head in agreement. We climb into my jeep and head into town. I take the long way and we crank up the radio. It’s definitely what I needed after my morning. Even my wolf is perking up as we jam out. We even have a great parking spot close to the doors when we pull into the mall parking lot. I make sure the jeep is locked up and we head in. We pass a couple of pack members and the nod their head in respect but we don’t stop and talk. Waylon pulls me into a shoe store and buys like 5 pairs of shoes. I swear the man has more shoes then most women. It’s a serious problem. So bad in fact he once had to store a few pairs in my closet because he couldn’t fit anymore in his own. We walk out with Waylon grinning. “Happy now that you’ve gotten your shoe fix?” I ask. Waylon’s grin just gets bigger and I shake my head. I buy a new pair of jeans and a wallet. We walk for a bit and have lunch in the food court, it’s a pretty good day. When we go to leave the mall my wolf goes alert. I look around the parking lot but I don’t see anything that shouldn’t be there m. “Everything ok?” Waylon asks. “Yeah I think so. My wolfs just being weird” I shrug. When we get to the Jeep we hear a motorcycle start up on the other side of the lot and pull out. “Man I want one of those” Waylon says dreamily. I snort “you would end up a pancake.” He really can’t drive at all. He’s terrible at it “But think of all the boots.” He says. We both bust out laughing knowing he’s gonna be buying a bunch of boots now. “You have a serious problem.” “ I know” he agrees without shame. The ride back to the pack house is filled with talk about boots and lack of closet space. I think I’m gonna be find shoes hidden in my closet again. Probably under my bed too. He’s ridiculous. Pulling up at home a group of she-wolfs are headed to their car giggling and staring. I wink at them before i notice Birdie is with them. “O hi Axel! Did you miss me already! Daddy said he spoke to the alpha this morning about us. He said he has good hopes for us now that we’re dating” she giggles at me. “We aren’t dating Cindy” I reply using her wrong name on purpose. It may seem mean but she’s not getting the hint. I don’t lead people on. I had even told her last night it would only be one fun night. She agreed and said she just wanted a bit of fun. Surprise she lied. “My name is Birdie. I reminded you of that this morning. Of corse we’re dating. We went out last night and made love, slept in each other’s arms and woke up together.” She says smugly and all the other girls swoon. “Um we didn’t go out, we happened to be at the same party and you said you wanted me to f**k you. I said it would only be for the night. You agreed so I f****d you and then passed out. You didn’t leave like you were suppose to.” I respond. You would have thought i kicked a puppy with the scream she let loose. The other girls sniggered and she stormed away. “You have a nice day ladies” I say as they follow behind Birdie. “That one’s crazy” Waylon tells me. “Yeah I have figured that out” I shrug. We head in and go to my room. I pick up the tv remote and shake it in question. Waylon nods in agreement “forged in fire?” “Hell yeah I love that show.” We get settled on my sofa and veg out. “I love this episode.” I say. We spend the rest of the day relaxing and watching tv while snacking. I wake up the next day in a much better mood. Although Waylon’s snoring is terrible. We had passed out around midnight I think. I take a quick shower and just sigh when I open my closet. A stack of shoe boxes that aren’t mine are at the bottom of my closet. I knew that was going to happen. I feel sorry for his future mate. She’s never going to have any space for her own shoes. I grab some jeans and a t-shirt and pull them on. I don’t even worry about boxers because I’m hoping to get a run in today to let my wolf out. He woofs happily at me at that thought. After I’m dressed I decide to head to town to get some breakfast. I try to wake Waylon but he just rolls over and keeps snoring. He really doesn’t do well with staying up late. When I head downstairs Birdie I there with her friends giggling and staring at me. “Hi lover” she purrs. My wolf growls at her in my head and I just raise an eyebrow at her and ignore her. Being honest didn’t help so maybe ignoring her will get her to understand that I’m not hers and she’s not mine. Her purrs turn into a glare when she realizes I’m not gonna respond to her. The drive to my favorite breakfast spot is uneventful. It’s peaceful to ride for a bit with the windows down breeze blowing in. I pull up at Poe’s and get a great parking spot. Poe’s is a greasy spoon joint that has the best food. They have a bit of everything and you can’t go wrong with any of it. I rub my stomach in anticipation. My favorite booth is empty so I take a seat and push the menu away. I already know I want the steak and potato hash with a stack of waffles on the side. My mouth waters at the thought of the mix of potatoes and peppers with steak and eggs. So good. I order quickly ignoring the waitress trying to flirt and push her boobs in my face. I love a nice set of t**s as much as the next guy but all I’m thinking about is filling my stomach. She finally gets the hint and heads off to put my order in and I relax back in my booth. Sunday’s are busy days and this one’s no different. Plus I’m hoping to get that run in to let my wolf stretch out a bit. As I’m sitting there I hear the loud rumbling that can only be a motorcycle. I look through the windows to see what I believe is the same bike from yesterday rolling into the parking lot. I see the rider pull off his helmet and then pull his long hair into a knot at the top of his head. He’s tall and he’s wearing low slung jeans with heavy biker boots. A leather jacket and rings glinting off his fingers finish his look. I watch as he gets off his bike and after putting down the kick stand he pulls out his cell and makes a call. I don’t know why I’m staring at him. I know I’ve never seen him before. Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to move my eyes off of him. It is strange to come across a stranger here when you’ve grown up with the same people all your lives. It is a small town. Even my wolf is trying to come forward to see what this man is up to. As I’m staring this stranger down he looks up into the restaurant and our eyes meet. I look into his golden eyes. I feel like my whole world explodes and then pieces itself back together. A tsunami of power feels like it settles in my chest where my heart used to live. I grip the edge of the table in confusion about what is going on. I see his eyes widen as his hand slams down over where his heart belongs. He stagers back for a step. Then a slow smirk spreads over his face. I’m still staring at him and griping the table while trying to get my breathing under control. I have never felt anything like that before in my life. It can only be one thing and it makes no sense how it’s possible. I’m not gay so why would my mate be a man. Why would the moon goddess do this to me. How can I become Alpha to my pack without a Luna and a way to have an heir. How on earth am I suppose to spend the rest of my life with a man when I’ve never wanted to be with one before. Never even thought about kissing one. Not even to try it. What am I going to do?
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