Chapter 2 Cosmo

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I’ve been in this new town called Solace for about a week. I like it. It’s small but still has a lot to do and the people seem nice. Even to a biker like me. I’ve been on my own for along time and I am hoping to make this my home. Im tired of the road and moving from place to place. I don’t even know what made me want to stop here. Just that both me and my dragon felt like we should. So I did. I have traveled all over and haven’t run into another dragon like me. I don’t know if any others exist but if they do I can’t find them. I was abandoned at a firehouse when I was just days old. Just a note stating what my name was. So I grew up in foster care. It wasn’t terrible. Really I was luckier than most. I think it had to due with my dragons aura that kept people from messing with me. But I took off at 17 when I bought my motorcycle. I never belonged there. I’m not human so I was never going to fit in. So when I turned 17 I decided I was going to find other dragons like me. 5 years later and I still haven’t came across one. Maybe I’m the last and that’s why I was abandoned. Maybe they just hide well. I do know there are other creatures out there. I’ve met wolfs and bears. Even a vampire and a witch. Had a one night stand with a fox. But they tend to stay away from me because my dragon is the bigger predator. I’m riding around town trying to figure where everything is located and looking around for a building to buy. I want to open a bike shop and have an apartment attached. Normally I just pick up bike work wherever I am. Because I don’t spend much money I have saved a lot over the years. I want to start customizing motorcycles and create a business I can be proud of. As I’m riding I see a sign for a local realtor so I pull over at the next parking lot so I can give her a call. I pull off my helmet and then pull my long dirty blonde hair up and put it in a knot using the hair tie that I keep around my wrist. I pull out my phone and give the realtor a call. “Hi this is Eva. How can I help you today.” “Hey Eva my name is Cosmo Wixx. I’m new in town and I’m looking for a building I can turn into a motorcycle shop. Would you be able to help me with that?” I ask the realtor. “Wow what an interesting name. Of corse Mr. Wixx I would more then happy to assist you. Is there any must haves in the property?” Asks Eva. “Yeah I would need a good bit of land and I definitely need a private bathroom as well as one for customers. Multiple bays for work already there would be best but as long as there is enough land for me to build that would be ok too. Also I want space for an apartment so I can stay on site.” As she’s going on about the different options that may work for me I feel someone’s eyes on me. Throughout my whole phone call those eyes never leave me. My dragon takes interest wanting me to hurry my call along so we can find out who is brave enough to stare at me like this. Normally the aura from my dragon makes them uncomfortable and they look away in submission. “Thank you Eva. I’ll meet you at the first place tomorrow at around one if that works for you?” “Yes that works out perfectly with my schedule Mr. Wixx.” “Great I’ll see you then” I say. As I hang up my cell phone I glance up. My world shatters into a billion pieces at the feeling that slams into my chest. It’s all consuming and feels never ending. An explosion of power that shifts my entire world. Then pieces of someone else’s soul settles into my chest. My dragon roars in my head and I slap my hand over my heart as the power hits so hard it makes me stumble backwards. MATE my dragon roars in my head. Once what he said registers I can’t help the smirk that comes over my face. My mate! I may not have found any other dragons but this is even better. He’s hot. Like really hot. Muscles for days tight under his t-shirt and his hair cut in a high fade. Short on the sides with a bit of length on top. Good I’ll have something to grab onto as he takes me down his throat. I’m bisexual but I’m not surprised my mate is a man. I enjoy females but i lean more towards men. I’m happy about it. I see his eyes widen like he just realized what happened. I put my cell phone in my pocket and head towards the door of the restaurant. The door dings as I enter and the fluorescent light are too bright. When I walk in my eyes immediately find his again. He looks confused and maybe even a bit scared. He’s breathing hard almost hyperventilating. Hopefully I can get him to calm down before he passes out with how hard he’s breathing. I take a seat in the booth with my mate and can’t help but take in a deep inhale of his scent. It’s vanilla, leather and maybe a bit Smokey. Perfect for my dragon and me. We sit there staring at each other for a long couple of minutes. Both of us just taking each other in. “Hi mate. My name is Cosmo Wixx.” I manage to growl out. I can’t believe how good looking he is. I am a very lucky dragon. “My names Axel Solace of the Solace Moon Pack” he whispers. I see his nostrils flare as he takes in a deep breath. As he does his shoulders immediately relax as my scent helps him calm. “How is this possible? What are you? I can tell you aren’t a wolf.” My mate asks. “This has to be a mistake” he says to himself. “No mistake mate. To answer your questions i am a dragon and why is is it not possible? I felt it just like you did. You now live in my heart mate.” I say as I slap my hand over my heart where a piece of his soul now resides to make my point. “Yeah I felt it. Felt you. But I’m not gay. How can I spend the rest of my life with a man when I’m not gay? How can I become alpha of my pack when I have no Luna and am unable to have an heir?” He asks worriedly. Just as I was about to open my mouth to respond the waitress walks up. “Here you go sweetie” she purrs as she sets my mates food down. Pushing her breast in his face. I can’t help the deep growl that comes out. Both the waitress and Axel look at me with wide eyes. “I’ll have the same. Add a double order of bacon. And I don’t need your t**s in our faces.” I glare at her as she nods and scurry’s away from our booth. “What was that about?” Axel asks confused by my attitude. “She was flirting with you. Also my dragon and I did not appreciate her t**s in our mates face at all.” I explain shrugging. He’s mine so I won’t feel sorry for my dragon letting her know. “Look Cosmo I don’t understand why this happened but it has to be a mistake. Has to be. My dad is going to rage. He is definitely going to push me to mate Birdie now.” I growl out “absolutely not. I don’t know who this Birdie is. But not now and not ever will you mark someone else! This is not a mistake. It may be a surprise to you but it is not a mistake!” I feel the smoke coming from my nose in my anger at the thought of his bite on someone else’s neck. That can not happen. I won’t let it. We are interrupted when my breakfast is placed in from of me. “Here you go. Enjoy your meal gentlemen.” This time there’s no flirting or purring. The waitress just scurry’s off as fast as she can. Good my dragon says as he swishes his tail in agitation in my head. We both start eating our meals in silence. It’s not an uncomfortable silence however. The food is really good. The steak is seasoned perfectly and the peppers add a really good spice. Bacons just crispy enough, exactly how I like it. I look up from my plate and my mates eyes are already looking directly at me. I smirk and his eyes widen like he’s surprised he was looking at me. He drops his eyes back to his plate and his checks redden the prettiest rose color. My smirk turns into a full on grin. My mate likes the way I look. Even if he won’t admit it. I can work with that. “Look I need some time to think about this. It’s a lot to take in. Between pack business and my college classes and now this. I just don’t know what to think” my mate says. I nod in agreement because I can only imagine how difficult it is to wake up straight and single and end up mated to a man by breakfast. “Ok I can give you time. But I don’t know how much. Eventually my dragon is going to demand I mark you. And I want you to mark me.” I reply. “I get that. My wolf wants the same but I need time. I don’t even know what to think about this.” We finish eating and I insist on paying. I like the thought of taking care of my mate even if it’s something as simple as paying for breakfast. We exchange phone numbers and I watch him leave. O how I watch him leave. I have to sit in the booth another 10 minutes just to calm down from watching his tight ass. I head out of the restaurant and climb on my bike. I take a deep breath. This is where I’m going to make my home. It feels good. Damn good. Hopefully my mate wraps his head around our mating quickly. My dragon huffs in agreement. I crank my bike and take off. My grin never leaving my face. I spend the day cruising around. I ride by a couple of the properties that Eva had told me about. There’s definitely two that can work. Although one backs up to the woods so I think it would be best. Especially for my wolf mate. It’s a big building with four bays and a detached garage with another two bays. It’s also two floors with roof top access. The second floor can be turned into an apartment for my mate and me. The roof access is great for my dragon. Yes I think the small town of Solace is going to be the perfect home. Especially because it’s where my mate is. I pull out my cell phone and make a call to Eva. “Hi this is Eva. How can I help you today.” “Hey Eva this is Cosmo. I took a ride around the properties you mentioned and I don’t need to look at them tomorrow. I want the one on Basilisk Lane. It’s going to be perfect for what I want. How much land does it have?” “Sure thing Mr. Wixx. The property on Basilisk Lane has been on the market for awhile because of an issue with wild wolves that live in the woods behind it. But it has five acres included. Now the property next to it is also available from the same seller and it’s another twenty acres.” Eva informs me. I nod my head and then realize she can’t see me. “That’s great news Eva. I want both properties. Offer 20,000 less then asking because of the wolf issue. Let them know I’m paying cash.” She gives me her agreement. Letting me know she will call me back when the sellers responds to my offer. After disconnecting I hope back on my bike and head to my hotel.
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