Chapter One

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Avalynn shut the large door to the living room behind her as she made her way upstairs, heading for her room. She was tired from the day's work as it was very hectic at the restaurant today, being a Friday. “Just a little more time Amelia, I'm still waiting for the right time to tell her,” Avalynn heard this familiar voice say as she passed through Amelia’s room. She halted for a moment as she became interested and pressed her ears to the door. “The right time?? So when is the right time Dylan? I cannot handle this anymore. Don't you see the way she stares at you??” She heard Amelia respond. Avalynn's heart skipped. Dylan? No way. Dylan.. what was.. no. In Amelia's room? Did she mishear? Her heart started hammering so fiercely in her chest like a pestle striking a mortar. “Okay okay, I will break it off with her tomorrow. I was done with her since I met you anyway. I'll pick you over and over again Amelia” She heard Dylan say again. Avalynn stumbled backwards a bit, panting so hard and loud as she heard the door to Amelia room open. She instantly dropped her bag and hurried down the stairs into the living room. She couldn't handle it, she couldn't bear to see Dylan's face. She refused to accept it and couldn't believe it either. Dylan and Amelia..having an affair??! No way! While she was sprinting with her heart pounding in her chest and tears clouding her eyes, she struck a familiar figure. “Watch where you're going illegitimate!” Marvy, her youngest step sister responded. Avalynn stopped, staring downwards, with her hands held backwards. It seemed like her heart would jump out of her chest as tears streamed freely down her face. “Did you see a ghost” Marvy inquired, displaying no trace of empathy even when she noticed that Ava was in tears. Avalynn couldn't keep it in any longer. She collapsed to the ground and began weeping. “Why? Why? Whyyyy?? Just what did I do so wrong?” She mumbled amidst crying. “Will you stop disturbing the peace of the house, you fool?!” It was Amelia. Avalynn glanced in the voice's direction and saw Dylan locking hands with Amelia. In as much as she was an illegitimate child, that was her blood. How could Dylan do this to her? “How could you?” The words slipped her lips as she disregarded Amelia's remarks, rose and moved towards Dylan staring at him. “Dylan, please tell me this is a prank.. this isn't happening. You are doing this on purpose to trick me right?” Dylan grinned, he turned to Amelia who was already staring up at him, he drew her face close with her chin and gave her a very deep passionate kiss right there in front of Avalynn. Pecking Amelia's cheeks, he turned to face Avalynn with the sneer still on his face, “Does it still look like a trick to you…. Avalynn?” Avalynn couldn't tell whether it was her heart or time that stopped. Everything suddenly stood still. The only thing she could hear was her hammering pulse. They were thumping so fast and loud, she felt like she could drop dead right there. No, no, this isn't happening. “Dylan, this is what I get? This is what I get for loving you selflessly for three years? You…you.. you said you loved me. You always said that.. you..” “Oh shut your trap, you slut! Dylan is mine now can't you see? And for your information…” Amelia opened her fingers to display the gorgeous ring set on her middle finger. “We are engaged” Taking a few steps backwards, Avalynn turned towards the main entrance and ran out as quickly as her skinny long gorgeous legs could take her. She didn't know where she was headed, she simply continued running as she allowed the tears flow freely from her eyes as her throat tightened. She had been running for a few minutes and was running out of breath. She stopped and sat on the floor. She didn't know what was going on yet. Was she dreaming or…? She pinched herself severally but she didn't wake up anywhere. She was there. It's real. Dylan dumped her for her stepsister, a girl she introduced him to not even up to five months yet. What exactly happened and how? Dylan showed no evidence of falling out of love at all. He had even been the one who was more in love in the relationship. She equally loved him too but had a hectic life to fully concentrate on a romantic relationship. Was that why he left her? But no. Could Dylan really do this to her? He was going to ... Wait, he engaged Amelia already? Ava wasn't having it anymore, she was practically going mad. She glanced opposite her and her eyes met a very bright neon light, like a club? She moved towards the light. It was a club. She didn't think twice as she hurried inside. The blaring music invaded her head. Felt like one thing she needed at that time. She glanced around and there were so many lovely females and attractive men dancing. Happy individuals. She thought to herself as she moved towards the bar counter. At the bar counter, there was a man sitting alone there, he appeared tall, unarguably handsome, at least, judging from the side view she observed. Their eyes met and shifted to the bartender. “Can I have vodka please?” She managed to whisper. “Sure.” The bar man answered, moving to the counter and pulling out a huge bottle of Vodka. “It's $100 and pay before having your order tonight,” he stated as he put the bottle on the counter table. “$100? Omg why is it so expensive? And pay before order?” Avalynn asked, growing agitated. She needed to guzzle this alcohol as fast as possible! “Yes, I'm sorry. It's an order.” the bar guy replied. Avalynn signed, evidently annoyed. She didn't even come with her bag. F*ck what was she thinking. Some tears were almost dropping from her eyes, she used the back of her hand to wipe them off. Not here, she mumbled to herself. She withdrew, turning to go. “If you don't mind, I'd pay for the drink” She heard the guy her eyes had caught as she entered. She stopped abruptly and looked towards him, their eyes connected. He was incredibly handsome. The club lights didn't let her see the color of his eyes yet but he looked expensive and rich too. She took a long breath, typically, she should decline this but no, she was going to run insane if she didn't drink alcohol that night. “I'd really appreciate it,” She remarked to him, heading back to the counter.
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