Chapter Two

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Avalynn settled on the stool beside the stranger as he ordered a bottle of vodka. In a few minutes, She was already on the third bottle. She felt a bit drunk, but not too drunk to still be aware of her surroundings. She could still form normal thoughts, and she was conscious enough to know what she was doing. But she also knew she was drinking too much. “Please pour me another shot,” Ava requested of the stranger, her voice audible even over the loud music playing in the club. She had been drinking for a while and was now obviously too drunk. “Sure,” the stranger said as he poured her another shot of vodka into her cup and watched her swallow it all at once. He likewise drank down the rest of his cup's contents before pouring another. “After three good years of my total commitment, that motherf*cking bastard dumped me for my own goddamn stepsister!” She ranted, hitting her cup on the counter. She staggered and almost fell off the stool. “Take it easy on yourself, woman,” the guy said as he held her back from falling. She rested her head on his shoulders, her eyes wide open but seeming not to see anything. “I want some more alcohol!” She yelled, pulling the guy's shirt. “You're having too much to drink; I'm sorry, I can't grant that request,” he replied, still holding her. Signaling to the bartender, who was arranging drinks in the display area, he rushed over. “Do you by any chance know her?” he asked him. “I do not exactly ‘know her’. I have only seen her a few times; she comes here sometimes with her friend. I don't have any of their connections.” “Oops. She's dead drunk,” the stranger guy said, tilting her face upwards and taking a good look at her. She was pretty, with green eyes and blonde hair. Why would a guy dump this pretty lady, though? He smirked a little. “I am not drunk! How dare you call me drunk, you pervert?” Avalynn raised her head all of a sudden. The stranger and the bartender exchanged glances. “Didn't you hear what I just said? I said that son of a b*tch f*cking dumped me after three years, and you call me drunk?!” she screamed as she lifted the vodka bottle and gulped the contents without bothering to use a cup. The stranger guy glanced around; she was already drawing attention, and he didn't want that. He adjusted his baseball cap and turned to the bartender. “Do you know any hotels close by?” he asked. “Yes, sure, there's one just down the street,” the bartender pointed out, trying to describe the location of the hotel. The stranger seemed confused, so he gave a better description, and with that, he lifted Avalynn and took her outside the club. Avalynn knew he was carrying her outside the club, but she was too weak to do anything; she just kept staring like someone unconscious. At the parking lot, the guy approached a black Lamborghini, shiny even with the little light of the street lamp shining on it. He unlocked the passenger seat and laid Avalynn down, then moved to the other side, climbed into the driver's seat, and drove away. In a matter of minutes, he arrived at the hotel parking lot. They went into the small hotel. It seemed like a 3-star? It wasn't his taste at all, but at this moment, he had no choice; he booked a room, and he went in there with Avalynn. Shutting the door behind him, Avalynn pulled her hands from his grip. “I can walk,” she said as she walked towards the bed and laid down there. The world around her was spinning. Her head was pounding so hard. She craved more; she wanted more alcohol. “So this is where you'll spend the night, okay?” He brought out something like a complimentary card from his pocket. “Here is my card; you can call me when you wake up tomorrow," he said, putting the card on the table. Oh, this won't do, he thought to himself. He searched his cross bag, and luckily, there was a pen. He found a piece of paper somewhere on the floor and wrote the words - 'Call me when you wake up'. Turning to leave, he heard her voice. “You're not leaving me alone here, are you?” Avalynn inquired, her eyes closed, while she lay on the bed, facing up, like a block of wood. “You want me to stay here with you?” He stammered, looking confused. “Yes,” she replied. “It's obvious you've had too much to drink, young lady. Please get some rest. I'll be back tomorrow morning to check up on you and maybe drive you back home,” the stranger said, making to leave when he stopped at her words again. “Please don't leave me alone here,” Avalynn said as she opened her eyes. She stood up from the bed and looked toward the door; the figure standing there seemed like Dylan's. Oh, Dylan, had he come back to apologize? She stood up and walked toward the tall figure. “I'm so happy to have you here,” she said, smiling so widely and revealing her pretty set of white teeth. “Excuse me?” The stranger asked, raising an eyebrow. “I don't…” Before he could finish, Avalynn pulled him onto the bed and landed on him. It was so sudden that his eyes closed for a moment. He opened them after a few seconds, and right in front of his eyes were her cute pink lips, slightly opened, revealing well-set white teeth. He swallowed his saliva as he tried to push her off him slightly so he could stand up. “Make love to me,” he heard her say, pulling him back, making his heart skip a beat. “Huh? Sorry?” he asked, puzzled. Avalynn moved her small soft lips to his right ear, softly licking it. “I said,make love to me,” she repeated. Before he could say another word, Avalynn lowered her lips and gradually covered his. He couldn't hold himself; he flipped her over and got on top of her. She passionately wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. His fingers grasped her securely as he peered down at her lips with desire. He carefully targeted her lips and kissed her again, this time with depth, pleasure and sweetness. It seemed like that was just what she needed.
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