Chapter 1

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I sit still as Lisa applies another layer of makeup on my face. "Don't you think that's more than enough?" I ask hopefully when our eyes meet in the mirror. "Just shut up, Bree. I know what I'm doing. You have to look good at your first house party." I cringe. I had almost forgotten that we are going to some hideous house party. It freaks me out but Lisa is so persistent you just can't say no to her. She insists that college without parties is like a body without a soul so here I am, getting my first ever facebeat. I just moved in with her recently; like two days ago. The housekeeper in my hostel kicked me out since I couldn't afford accommodation fee for the new semester, and Lisa found me seated on the sidewalk with my suitcase. She took me in after reassuring me that she didn't expect me to pay rent or anything and I could move out as soon as I got somewhere to stay. Thing is, I just moved to this university through an intra university transfer and I know almost no one on these streets. So, Lisa is this crazy party girl. She stays in a one bedroom apartment that her boyfriend who works abroad pays for, and she's a senior in college. She's hands down the most beautiful girl I've ever met and I'm yet to understand why she wants anything to do with me. I'm so not her class. It's Friday night and she finally managed to lure me into attending a college house party with her. She insisted that I wear one of her party dresses but I was so uncomfortable in them so I ended up settling for decent jeans and a tank top. Naturally, she was very disappointed in me. I'm tense and almost scared as she drives through the huge gate into the compound. It's dark; actually a few minutes before midnight and I feel like I'm on another planet. I'm aware that I'm sweating a little bit, and I release my breath to reduce the tension when the car stalls outside the mansion. "Are you nervous?" Lisa asks me as she adjusts her wig. "Understatement. Try bat s**t scared." "You shouldn't be. It's just a party, Bree, and the people inside that house do not bite. We do this all the damn time." She looks at me speculatively as she speaks. "Take a deep breath." I shake my head. "I think I should have stayed back in the apartment." "Oh no, you don't. You have to get used to college life. I'm glad you left that stupid hostel." "I'm sure you are." She rolls her eyes as she passes me her face powder. "You look flushed and a bit sweaty. Dab your cheeks with that." I scowl, making no effort to take the powder. "I think I already have enough on my face." She lifts a well shaped eyebrow. "You need it." "What I need is a shower." She laughs. "That's just annoying. We should go inside before the party ends. They're waiting for us." I want to ask who is waiting for us but Lisa is already outside the car. I open my door and I quickly lean against the car when I reel a little bit. It's the first time I'm wearing high heeled sandals. They are Lisa's actually but they fit me perfectly. They are rather high and I can literally feel my back breaking. I wish I carried a pair of flats, but obviously Lisa wouldn't have approved that. I know wearing what she wants is freaking stupid but she's the only friend I have around here. I'm all dolled up with layers of make-up and a nice, exotic hairstyle. I'm actually avoiding mirrors because I know that I'll freak out if I see my new face. I have nothing against make-up. I just don't feel comfortable with it since I've never worn any all my life. I hope I don't look like a whole circus. "You have to be careful in those shoes, girlfriend. I can't imagine how you'll walk once you're drunk." "I'm not drinking anything tonight." "That's totally fine. Come on." I nervously reach for her hand as we approach the door, and I shift on my feet as we wait for someone to open up. It's so cold out here and I'm literally freezing. I wish I wore a coat or something over my top. I'm surprised Lisa not freezing at all, considering her state of undress. The door is opened and a guy pops his head out. He smiles when he sees Lisa and he instantly moves forward to hug her. "You're late. You're never late." He laughs once he releases her. "That's Bree, my new roommate." She grins at me. "She's the reason we're late. She couldn't figure out what to wear." "You have a roommate? How odd! I thought you didn't like people." He sounds genuinely surprised; shocked even. "She's sweet and innocent, and she's not staying in my apartment for long. We're trying to get a place for her." He nods before moves in to hug me. I've hugged a few guys before but my heart plummets when this guy wraps an arm around me. I've never been so nervous all my life. I give him an awkward one armed hug, and I clear my throat once he steps back. He reeks of alcohol, cologne, cigarettes and God knows what else. Gag. "Where did you find her?" He asks Lisa while looking me over. "What do you mean?" "She's so awkward. It's cute." "Stan, you're going to stay away from her." Lisa warns him, eyes narrowed. "No one is touching her." Stan shrugs. "Fine, Mama bear. Let's go in."
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