Chapter 2

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It's misty inside. The place reeks of smoke, sweat and alcohol. The room is packed to capacity and there's hardly any breathing space. I guess it's the living room because the couches have been moved to the corners to create space. Almost everyone has a party cup in hand and the music is deafening. The makeshift dancefloor is full and I'm kinda fascinated by the dancing styles. I look around me and of course I can't see any familiar faces save for Lisa and Stan. Lisa pulls me through the throng of people and we end up in the kitchen. The counter is full of party cups with gold coloured drinks. She picks one, and when she takes a small sip, I reach for one too. I sniff at the amber liquid, but I quickly place it back on the when the strong pungent smell make my eyes water. Lisa bursts out laughing. "You should get yourself a soft drink. Check the fridge." "You know who stays here?" I ask, and she nods before swallowing more of the nasty liquid. "We have a party here every Friday and Saturday night. The house belongs to the brothers." "The brothers? Weird title." "It's not a title. They are adopted brothers; none of them has ever met their real parents. Their father is filthy rich and he built this mansion for them when they joined college. They're like triplets, you know? Same age group. They're all in their final year in college" "Do you know what they're studying?" "Willy is in law school, Charlie is taking a course in engineering; civil I think and Harry is taking a medical course. I have no idea how he ended up there. He's a snob, so he'll definitely make an asshole doctor." "Where does their father stay?" "In the city. He doesn't see eye to eye with them, especially Harry." "But why?" Why am I even this interested? I haven't met them yet. "They're quite secretive, Bree. No one knows much about them. You'd be wise not to get involved with them though. They change girls more than they breath." I nod quickly. I wasn't intending on that. I retrieve a box of juice from the fridge then I walk after Lisa back to the throbbing party. She pulls me to a corner where a group of boys and girls are seated. They have a huge bong between them, and it takes my naive ass a moment to figure out that they are busy smoking pot. They move to make space for us, and I sit beside Lisa. "Guys, this is Bree. She's my roommate." Lisa announces proudly. I discreetly look around. Four boys, three girls. They're dressed like Lisa. I kinda like it because the outfits are small and cute, but I can't picture myself in such. My father would be so disappointed in me. "You have a roommate, Lisa?" One of the guys asks in disbelief. "Oh yeah. You find it weird?" "We all know that you hate living with anyone. You literally hate everyone." "I like Bree." She loosely wraps an arm around my shoulders. "Bree, that's Shanice, Justin, Marietta...." "It's Marie." The girl interjects. "Whatever. Jayden, Shane and Alex." I nod politely. "Nice to meet you guys." *** "So, where are your clothes?" Marietta, or rather Marie, asks me after a short silence ensues. "What does that mean?" "Exactly what it sounds like. Um, it's Brit, right?" "It's Bree!" Lisa hisses. "Brit.. Bree..same difference. So where are your clothes?" I shake my head. "I still have no idea what you're trying to say." "You're dressed like a f*****g nun. This is a party, not a church service." She appears to be totally disgusted, and I have to hold back the angry stream of words forming in my throat. I want to point out that this a party, not a brothel, but I don't want to offend Lisa. Her friend is an asshole but that's not Lisa's fault. I almost wish that I wore one of Lisa's dresses but then again no. I should be able to wear whatever I want. "I'm comfortable in my jeans." "Are you really?" Lisa stamps her foot. "Marie, if you don't stop this bullshit, I'm leaving." "Why did you bring her here?" "Because I can?" "She's not welcome here." "This is not your house, remember? Screwing Harry doesn't mean you get to decide who parties here and who doesn't." "I can't believe you're standing up for her. Just get her out of here!" "Marietta, I swear to God-" Lisa starts, but Shane butts in. "Girls, stop! Why are you all so dramatic? Marie, really?" Marie rolls her eyes as she swallows more of the smoke, then she blows it right into my face. I honestly want to yell at her but Lisa quickly pulls me to my feet. "I'll show you around. Leave these assholes alone." She tells me, and I obediently follow her. Lisa stops to chat with a few people and they're all shocked to find out I'm her roommate. She appears to be genuinely happy to have me around, however, so I eventually push my paranoia about her intentions with me to the back of my head. Our final stop happens to be a quiet, slightly secluded table which is laden with expensive drinks. I can tell that they are expensive because they are nothing like the amber, nauseating liquid in Lisa's cup. There are three guys seated on different couches surrounding the glass table. They are minding their own business and I honestly don't think they give a s**t about anyone in here. They are intimidating even in their silence, and I swallow hard as we approach them. The guy closest to us is in a white dress shirt and his hair is gelled back. I guess he's nice since he has the tiniest hint of a smile playing on his lips the entire time. He's drinking from a clear class and I absently note that several ice cubes are floating on his drink. "Guys, have you met my roommate?" "The brothers." Lisa whispers in my ear. I step forward to shake the first guy's hand. He takes my hand, and I almost scream when he pulls me onto his lap instead. I look at Lisa with wide eyes but she shrugs and smiles before she walks away. Oh my God! This is so uncomfortable but practically every girl in the room is on a guy's lap, and I don't want to be a sore thumb, so I force myself to relax. "What's your name?" I blink. "Um..Bridget..Bree to everyone." "I'm William, Willy to everyone." He tells me with an easy smile. "That's my brother Charles. He'll kill you if you call him that, though. He prefers Charlie." Charles is a very good looking young man. His hair is nicely groomed and from his posture, I know that he is tall. He's busy texting on his phone and drinking whiskey straight from the bottle, and he barely spares me a glance. I guess I'll be staying out of Charlie's way. He's so out of my league. "And that's Harry." Willy whispers in my ear. I turn to look at the third guy. I'm repulsed at first sight. He has a girl on his lap and her hands are in all the wrong places. He obviously likes that. His hair is short and unruly, and he has an aura of 'I'm in charge.' He's impeccably dressed in a black T-shirt which is a bit tight on him, and I find my eyes straying to his arms. He has such manly arms. He glances at me once then he turns his attention back to his phone. I keep watching the girl on his lap. She sticks her hands under his shirt, moving them all over his abdomen and torso, and I almost feel bad for her when he pays no attention to her whatsoever. Surely whatever he's scrolling through on his phone can't be as exciting as whatever she's doing to him. My eyes follow the slow movement of her hands under the tight T-shirt, and when i look up, I almost die when I find his eyes on me. I quickly turn away to grab my drink. I peek at him from under my lashes, and I almost sigh in relief when he shifts his attention to the girl on his lap. She's now moving her hands over his jeans without a single care in the world. Harry's face is emotionless, and he looks rather bored as he sips from the plastic cup in his hand. "I need to find Lisa." I tell Willy who has an arm around me. "Finish your drink first." He frowns at the cup in my hands. "What even is that?" "Mango juice." "Juice? At a party?" "I don't drink." "That's okay. Lisa is probably upstairs with a boy." "What would she be doing upstairs with a boy?" I ask innocently, making Charlie pass me a sideways glance.. "Are you kidding me? What else would they be doing upstairs?" Willy laughs. "I need to go." "Okay then. I hope you find her." I slither from his lap and take my drink with me. I walk through the crowd, my eyes searching, and I finally spot one of the guys from the stoner group. "Hi, it's Jayden, right?" He's quick to nod. "Yeah, Bree?" At least someone remembers my name. "I'm looking for Lisa." "Come with me." His amused tone kinda scares me but I follow him all the same. He leads me to the dance floor and he pushes through, holding my hand. When we reach the middle of the floor, my eyes pop open at the sight before me. A huge pole has been erected at the centre and Lisa is half naked, giving the guys a show. I think she's drunk as f**k. I watch her as she dances and swings on the pole, aware that my mouth is hanging open. She's actually really good at that. "Why don't you give it a try?" Someone nudges me in the back, casually snaking an arm around my waist. I whirl around in surprise. It's Charlie.
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