The Scene: Tori and Caleb

1658 Words
TORI'S POV “CUT!” As the scenario came to a close, I took a deep breath. As we made it through a perilous area, everyone applauded. “That was beyond excellent! Good job guys! You made a very remarkable scene in all time!” the director exclaimed. That makes me delighted to hear from him. What matters most in my job is the gratification I can provide to the director and to the audience. I feel a tap on the back of my shoulder, and as I turn around, Kath is standing there, concerned, asking, "Are you okay? Oh, my goodness! I'm really sorry if I hit you too hard." she apologized. I smiled at her and replied, "Yeah, that was fairly difficult, but I'm okay." chuckling to demonstrate that I am not mad or feeling horrible about it so there’s no need to feel sorry. After all, it was all part of the job. Well, the more the actress performs the scenes realistically, the more it will affect the audience and that’s what I always do. I always give my all once I am already in front of the camera. My part will be as a mistress of my boss betraying his wife, my best friend, is my role and it’s quite challenging for me. It's a challenging, adventurous film with sensuous situations. Though it was all fabricated with the camera angles, it’s still involving commitment and guts to do daring scenes just like what we did. When being asked about any objection from my parents, there’s none. We are a family of artists so mom and dad understand my job. She genuinely questioned whether I could take this job because it is my first big role, and I was unsure, but she pushed me and believed in me. So far, I am doing well and I never expect that this would be very satisfying knowing that I reach all of their expectations. Caleb said, "Nice work." He's my co-actor, the one with whom I've already shot scenes. He's truly a highly promising and professional individual. Everyone walks me through the entire process, making the scenes more enjoyable, and I couldn't be more grateful for their help. “Thanks. You did great too." I said in response. We walked over to the rest area and sat down. Caleb has been a part of my love team for a long time. He's not merely a co-actor with whom I've been collaborating. We were linked when others became interested in our first pairing, and that's where it all began. "You know, that was a rough scene." he says. I'm sure he's uncomfortable with the scenario we're shooting, but we have to act like pros, so it doesn't matter what occurred on set. I snatched some chocolates in my bag and eat those. “You want some?” I offered him a piece of chocolate. “Yeah, it was and we should expect more scenes like this” I replied as he accepted it. I heard him chuckle so I look to see his reaction, “You’re not---” “I am.” I said cutting him of. “but you know this is what we’re paid for.” I said straightforward. “Yeah. Best luck for us.” I can feel the awkwardness in his voice but I didn’t pay attention to it. I read on the script that we will be doing next instead. “Everyone, prepare for the next scene!!” our director shouted. As for Caleb, I don't have a scene next, so I'll have some time to rest. After a scene that nearly drained us both, we stayed in position while eating some nibbles. “Do you have any contract after this?” Caleb asked. “Nah.” I simply replied and chew on my food. “Good.” I am puzzled so I look at him with a confused face and ask, “what’s good with it?” He appears to regain his composure and realizes his comments, "I mean... I don't have any assignments beyond this too. Are you not fed up with your job? " He inquired. I am stunned by his question. It made me think for a split second and realize that I am. I enjoy my profession, but it may be exhausting at times, and the worst part about being an actor is that you will be subjected to judgments and unwarranted criticism. I am used to issues though. It cannot be avoided. “Are you okay? I’m sorry, is my question a bit off?” I came back to my senses when he spoke. “No. Something just came up into my mind.” I replied. There’s silence for a second when he broke it speaks, “I think we’re thinking the same.” I face him, “it’s just that, we lose privacy and we barely have a life because of our career. You know what I’m saying?” I am hoping to hear a positive response from him. “I get it.” Guess we’re feeling the same about our works. Sometimes, I simply wanted to be a regular kid. Being a child of both artists put so much pressure on me, which I despise but have to live with. When I was still a kid, they already introduced to me the world of acting so I assumed that’s the path they wanted for me. It was etched in my mind that here is where I should be, so I went for it and here I am. “It must be quite difficult but you did an outstanding job. Look at you, you're very successful and a fantastic actress!” he said. I smiled at the kind words he’s giving me. “Tori, Caleb, it’s your turn!” We both take a step forward and stand in front of the camera. I suppose this is the life I'll be living for the rest of my days. ... "Wow, what a long day! I guess I'll need 10 hours of sleep." Caleb predicted. "As if we can do that." I exclaimed indignantly, giggling at the concept. We eventually laugh at that silly thought. When we got out, I told him to go ahead and leave because I’m still waiting for our driver to pick me up. “I’ll join you for a while. It’s kind of late and it’s not safe being alone at night.” Caleb said. I smiled at him. Dad said it was the driver’s responsibility to wait, but I insisted to let him go home and spend time with his family rather than waiting and doing nothing but if I have a very busy schedule, he really needs to wait. “Okay. You're not going to drive yourself, are you? " he inquired. "I'm truly thinking about it. I'm just going to seek for the right automobile for me," I exclaimed happily, as I was looking forward to it as well. "That's great to hear. It appears that your driver will take longer, what do you think about sitting here for a while?" he inquired, pointing to the ground. That would be preferable to getting cramps from standing for too long. Silence – very peaceful. I love how solemn the street is at these hours while the cold breeze of wind touches my flesh, caressing my hair and whispering how lovely the night is. *Clean throat* “I think it’s about time to ask you this---” I know what he’s about to say. A question that I have been dreading for him to ask. “Caleb, not now please.” I exhorted thinking he'd understand and cut it off there but I guess it’s not working. “When? I have been waiting for your answer for quite some time. I have given you enough time to consider and I’ve been very patient in waiting---” he’s exhilarating *scoffs* “I need you to tell me what I should do?” he urged me in a calm voice, but I glance away and clip my eyes in front. I inhaled deeply, “you regret that you’ve waited?” I asked. “No! No! Certainly not! It’s just that, make it clear with me. I also need assurance and I want to hear it from you” he said. I tried to reciprocate the feelings that Caleb has for me but... “You know that I never promised you that there’s a chance that I would feel the same way and you are aware of that, right?" I made contact with him to let him know that I sincerely mean what I’ve said and I am very apologetic about it. Caleb sighed and said, "Yeah, I need an answer from you; is it worthwhile to wait or should I withdraw?” I don't know what to say. I don't want to offend him in any way. Aside from being a love team, he's been close to me, and I've regarded him as a friend, and our relationship will undoubtedly alter once I tell him the truth. The only response that I think is the right word to say is, “whatever you decide” but that disgusts him. “Tori, that’s not the answer that I am asking from you!” he’s obviously expressing disappointment in me. “Then what? I told you that whatever you decide. If you feel like you want to stop pursuing me, that’s your choice!” I gesture out and overreacted. I am over swayed with him. He faintly muttered, “I-I don’t know what to say anymore.” Just on cue, the car came in. I stood, as he does, and I walk towards the car but before I could get in, I speak, “withdraw” and I hop inside leaving him those words. I breathed heavily after saying it. I feel a sudden relief inside.
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