Actress' Crazy Twisted Life


Tori, a well-known actress, will exchange lives with Andrea, a girl she met who looks precisely like her but lives in the polar opposite of her lifestyle. As they were faking, they fell with each other's significant others. They will find out bizarre things that will change their lives forever and will lead them to a quest and find out the crazier things that they never expect that will affect their lives.

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Seducing Someone Else's Husband
TORI’S POV *Knocks on the door* “Hey what are you doing here---” Before he could finish his words, I seize his lips kissing him like no one else here. I had the distinction of closing the door while he’s still in shock that I aggressively kissed him. "You're not meant to be here," he says as he glances outside through the window and closes the blind. I flash him a flirtatious grin and he seems concerned and uneasy. I take a seductively slow approach to him, and as I get closer, I run my palm into his midsection, feeling his abs through his workplace shirt. "Not in this place." He's nervous, and his eyes are always drawn to the window, even though it's completely obscured by blinds. "Why are you so worried?" I asked him, smiling. No one will be able to see us. "I missed you," I say as I carefully remove his coat and toss it on the ground. I bite my bottom lips while gazing at his lips and nose till our eyes met in the same location and a mutual emotion hit us as if it were a cue to do it. We kissed aggressively, grabbing one other's lips till I felt his hand untuck my shirt and put his hands inside. I don't use standard bras. Instead, I wear a silicone b*a that allows him to massage my breasts easily. "Let's get this over with quickly," he said between kisses. I slid him onto his swivel chair and sat on his lap, my legs open, and he was in the middle. We exchanged a brief look before continuing to kiss. His hands wrap themselves around my body, and I cup his face in mine. I had the guts to unbutton his slacks and slide them halfway down and I upheave my skirt, ready to do it. “Make a woman groan,” I whispered. He kisses me on the chest, so I decided to rise up so he could freely glide his lips down my belly. “Haah... Uugh... Aaah...” I feel like losing my breath as I hold them when he takes hold of my body. I rapidly repositioned myself back on top of him when he suddenly carries me while my legs are crossed around his waist. He carefully laid me on the table while he’s on top of me. My legs are widespread, and we resumed kissing. We're ready to do it. "I love you," he said quietly. I gave him a grin and a kiss in return. *Door opens* Our focus was drawn to the door. His wife appears like a bolt from the blue. She's terrified to see us - she’s anxious, astonished, or surprised, I don’t know what she really feels. “Audrey! " He steps away from me, and we both try to straighten ourselves out. “Audrey! Audrey! Please pay attention to me! " He begged, but... *Slap* That was a hard, crisp, full of pain smack. “Since when?” she sharply enquired, tears started welling up on the sides of her eyes that slowly flows down her cheeks. “SINCE WHEN ANDREW!!?” she screamed with her voice unsteady and broken until she breakdown. "Can we discuss this at home, please?" Andrew said, but Audrey moves forcefully in my way, determined to get through. *SLAP* Ouch! That was excruciating! I can feel the anguish right through my skin! "YOU w***e!!" says her. "WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH MY HUSBAND?!" she yelled at me. Andrew clings to her and tries to pull her away, but she's far too irritated to listen or be stopped. "If your husband is satisfied with you, Audrey, he would not have s*x with me!" I continue to tell her those remarks that will undoubtedly set her off. "YOU'RE A w***e!" she exclaimed. She's attempting to free herself from Andrew's clutches, and she's acting erratically as a result of her rage. Outside, several of the workers are already observing us and exchanging comments of criticism. "I don't care what you call me! Your husband and I have been having an affair for almost a year—-" "Stop it, Cassandra!" I said that to aggravate her, despite the fact that it was true but he roared at me. “Why should I? That is the case!" I answered. "What? is that… true?" Audrey asks as she gradually relaxes. Her gaze shifts to Andrew, who appears to be taken off guard. "We had a serious dispute last year... I thought we were going to lose our relationship, and I was distraught, so—-" "Is that why you picked my closest buddy to sleep with?" Her squeaky voice expresses her displeasure and sorrow. "I-I was very…” *SLAP* "Explain to my a*s!" a smack says before he can complete his sentence. "I hope you two are happy!" she remarked angrily and cast a glare at me before she walked out of the office.

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