Episode One

1789 Words
*Nicolina’s POV* It has been two days since the Date with Austin and two days since I saw Kosta. And it feels like I am back at square one. My heart is hurting, and yearning to have Kosta back with me. I rub my swollen belly, and my baby kicks my hand. I smile and close my eyes to try and hold back my tears. I know I am doing the right thing. I have to let Kosta go, and I have to move on no matter how hard it is. I get up out of bed and go to the bathroom and look in the mirror And smile at my Reflection pregnancy has given me a glow, and my eyes are brighter. I wash my face and begin to get myself ready for work when Jana comes in “Hey Nic, I am so sorry about Austin I didn't realise he would turn out to be captain Douch bag of the year!! Next time I will make sure Kids are not a deal-breaker.” I turn and look at her, then shake my head “No more Dates, Jana. I want to focus on being a mum and my work. I don't have time for dates. Thank you for trying, but until my heart is over, Kosta, I won't be able to move on.” Jana comes over to me and gives me a hug “I have to go see Jovan today and pick up some things I left when I moved out to be with you. I would ask him to bring them to me, but you made me swear secrecy that I wouldn't tell him where you moved to, and that's tough keeping a secret from my boyfriend.” I begin to cry “I'm sorry, but I knew he would tell Kosta, and then that would make things worse you can move back to him, Jana. It would probably be for the best in a few months the can't be here, and I can't have you being half asleep or being disturbed.” Jana looks at me, shocked “Are you sure, Nic?” I smile “I'm positive go be with Jovan. He misses you, and you miss him, and when I go into labour, I will message you. Remember, I have a plan, and you don't have to watch over me. I'm okay now.” Jana hugs me tighter and squeals “Thanks, Nick, and I won't tell Kosta where you are, I promise. Besides, he has been working a lot anyway so that we won't cross paths often.” Jana leaves me, and I finish getting ready Then I go to my car and drive into the office I get my bag off the passenger seat; then I go to my office. I put my bag behind my Desk, and I see my secretary and collect my messages and get myself a herbal tea from the tea room. On my way back to my office, I freeze and then duck behind a cubical. I look at the guy that was in the cubical doing his computer work and hold my finger up to my mouth “Shh, tell me when the two men have gone.” He nods at me and peeks over the side of the cubical I watch his eyes widen when he sees who I'm hiding from, then smirks at me “Mr del Pozzo and Mr Bennett have left.” I stand up and fox up my dress suit “Thanks” I say as I walk back to my office and close my door I open up the email my father has sent, and I groan. “Nicola We have a meeting with Kosta Bennett in four months. I can't stall him much longer. He wants to meet all partners, and as you are technically doing my Job across the board, you have to be there. It is about time the truth comes out Love Dad” I close the email and put my head in my hands, then smile At least I should have had the baby by then! I began working on the black wolves winery advertising and took my mind off Kosta for a while. When it's lunchtime, I have my Lunch brought into my office and continue to work With Kosta working in the same building, I can't risk seeing him again, not yet anyway I get his file out and do the work for his project and then email it to my father, who sends his approval. Then I close my computer and gather the paperwork and files I will need to work on at home after today isn't coming back to the office. I almost let my secret out, and I don't think I can keep hiding in plain sight much longer. I put everything into my bag and look to make sure I haven't forgotten anything I go to my assistant and give her a list of things to send to my house, and she looks at me, confused “Are you leaving us, Nicolina?” I chuckle “No, I'm not leaving, but I will be working from home for the next few months, so that I will need more files borough over, and you will also be working from my house. Please keep that information to yourself for now.” She smiles then her eyes light up “Does that mean no business suits?” I chuckle and nod “No business suits unless we have meetings, but I have none scheduled until after the baby is here.” She smiles “I will be at your house at 9 am sharp. We have a video conferencing with black wolves, and the presentation has been emailed Did you want me to get you Starbucks on the way?” I grin “That would be great. Have a good evening, and I will see you tomorrow morning.” I walk out of the office and take the elevator down to my car, then drive home. I smile to myself Maybe I can keep my pregnancy a secret after all. *Kosta’s POV* After the meeting with Mr del Pozzo, I was hoping to bump into Nicolina again, but she wasn't around. I asked the lady at reception, and she looked at me, confused She couldn't find Nicolina on the employee schedule, only the CEO Nicole. That made me question Mr del Pozzo, who smiled and told me we have no Nicolina in the office, only his daughter Nicole who was out of the country and will be back in four months. So I requested to meet her since Mr Delpozzo was going to retire in a few months I go to my car and sit in the car park and look at my phone and see Jovan and Jana are moving back in together I smile. At least the break-up didn't hurt their relationship. But I found it odd that Jana never told Jovan where Nic was living I guess Nic told Jana to keep that a secret, but I know she moved out of town and has been working a lot. That's all I could get out of Jana. So I kept my Divorce a secret from Jana because from what she told me, Nick had moved on I start my car and leave the parking lot, and get stuck behind a car that looks like Nicolina’s car. My heart begins to hurt because I know it isn't her Driving, but part of me wishes it was When we get on the freeway, I overtake the car and look over at the Driver when I go past, and my heart begins to hammer in my chest when I realise it is Nicolina’s car And now I want to follow her home When she looks over at me, I see panic cross over her face, and she takes a turn down a side street like she was Avoiding me, so I leave her be for now. And decide to plan out a meeting that would be better than a surprise meeting Maybe she will be in the office tomorrow. I only want to knkw she is okay!. I drive to Jovan’s house and get out of my car and go inside When Jana opens the door, I smile, and she lets me in, so I take the opportunity to get information about Nic. “Hey Jana, how's Nic going?” She freezes and then walks in front of me “Nic is doing good; she has been working for Mr del Pozzo in the city, and he has her working a lot. That's all I can tell you, Kosta. She made me swear that I wouldn't talk about her and told me to keep my nose out of it. She doesn't want to come between you and your new wife and is trying to move on with her life.” I frown and go quiet, then Jana looks over her shoulder at me. “What's wrong, Kosta?” I sigh “I got a divorce a few weeks back and have been trying to bump into Nic again. I want her back, Jana.” Jana smiles then come and rest her hand on my shoulder “Give her time, Kosta. I know she misses you but right now, things for her a complicated, but I know sooner or later you will cross paths.” I give Jana a confused look, and she gives me a smile and winks. “Trust me, Kosta, let her come to you!” “But I will be working with Mr del Pozzo and his daughter when she is back from Europe, so I want to see nic now. Can't you help a guy out? Besides, I know Nick isn't working for Del Pozzo’s. I asked at reception, and no, Nicolina Taylor is working there, so what are you hiding, Jana.” She smirks at me and then chuckles “You will find out eventually, Kosta, but it won't be from me. It isn't my story to tell.” I look at the floor, then turn and go back to the door “Tell Jovan I stopped by. I'm going home.” I walk out the front door and go back to my car, then punch the steering wheel. I don't understand why Nicolina is Avoiding me, but I will get the answers I need. I pick up the phone and go to call her but change my mind. I have to be patient what ever Nic is hiding from, I will find out. Maybe Mr Del Pozzo will have the answers I need.
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