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Nicolina was left heartbroken when her boyfriend Kosta broke up with her to honour his parents, who had arranged his marriage to another girl on their last night together. It was one Nicolina would never forget.

Four weeks after the breakup, Nicolina discovered that she is pregnant with Kosta, but because of the circumstances, Nicolina decides to keep the child and raise it alone; being a secret billionaire, Nicolina can give the child a good life

But her world changes when a business meeting brings Kosta and Nicolina’s worlds crashing back together.

Nicolina will try everything in her power to keep her secret, but she has never stopped loving Kosta but when they begin spending time together, will her secrets come out and her world come crashing down around her, or will Kosta be there to pick up her pieces

Sometimes a second chance at love is worth the heartache.

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*Nicolina’s POV* Have you ever had the feeling the person you are with is going to be your happily ever after? My name is Nicolina, and I have you, see I met this handsome guy in my senior year, and I always felt he was the one we would one day be married and have our happily ever after But unfortunately, I was wrong. Kosta was from a wealthy family, and his parents arranged for Kosta to marry someone else of the same standing that his family was, so on our final night together, we thought breaking up s*x would be fantastic I mean, yeah, we love each other, and Kosta didn't want to get married, but he didn't want to disappoint his parents. So I had no choice but to let him go I wished I could tell Kosta that I had billions of dollars in the bank, but I swore to my father that I would keep our wealth a secret. So I kept my mouth shut. My father insisted we live everyday life, that money isn't the source of happiness. But at what point do I sacrifice my happiness? I Loved Kosta and wanted to marry him. We spoke of a future together. But fate had other plans, so I let Kosta walk out of my life after unbelievable s*x and whispered I love you’s and a tone of tears. I was left alone while he started his new life with the wife his parents had chosen for him. FOUR WEEKS LATER I message my best friend, Jana “Uh, can you come over?” I throw my phone on the bed and begin to pace just as I stop crying over the breakup; my period decided not to show up; I haven't missed taking my pill, and Kosta and I were safe, but something doesn't seem right my boobs hurt, and I haven't been feeling well I hear my phone ping, and I run to the bed and pick it up. I smile when I see Jana's message “Sure, babes, I can come over. Is everything okay?” I blow out a breath “No, yes, maybe I don't know. Could you stop at a store and get me a pregnancy test?” I hold on to my phone like it is a lifeline and wait for the reply. But no reply comes Ten minutes later, Jana is at the door holding six different brands of pregnancy tests! “Jana, you didn't have to buy six. I only need one. It's probably nothing. My period is only two days late.” Jana chuckles and then begins to push me towards the bathroom and then runs to the kitchen and gets a red solo cup and brings it back to me “Here, Nic Pee in this, and then we will dip all the tests into it.” I look at her like she has grown horns and a tail “Jana, I don't need all the tests tho I'm eliminating the possibility of pregnancy. You know Kosta and I were always safe, so don't be stupid.” Jana shrugs and then smiles “Well then, let's see what tests show not pregnant. First, we will call it an experiment.” I take the solo cup to the toilet and pee in it, then take it back to the bathroom, and Jana helps me Dip the tests in for three seconds, and then we place them on the counter. I empty the cup and place it in the bin; then, we wait three minutes for the tests to show me whether or not I'm pregnant! When the three minutes are up, I go and look at the tests That's when my life, as I know it, changes forever. All the tests either show two positive lines or say pregnant I pick up one of the tests, and I sit on the floor. I look up at Jana, who looks like she has seen a ghost. “Holy s**t Nic you are friggin pregnant. Is it Kosta’s?” I look down at the test and begin crying. I can't talk, so all I do is a nod Jana comes and gives me a hug “Are you going to tell him” I begin crying and shake my head “I can't tell him, Jana, we promised each other no more contact to make it a clean break so he could honour his parent's wishes, plus he was married two weeks ago. I'm not going to come between him and his new wife!” I rest my head on Jana’s shoulder “I'm going to keep it, Jana. I know I can give it a good life, and maybe it's a fates way of telling me that I should take over from my dad at work since he is retiring soon.” Jana hugs me tighter “Whatever you choose, Nic ill be right by your side.” *Kosta’s POV* Leaving Nicolina was the hardest thing I had to do I begged my parents to call off this marriage, but they were animate that we had to get married, so I ended my relationship and broke my heart and nic’s heart Since the wedding day, I haven't been near my new wife. I have gone to work with my dad in his company, and I have always thought of Nicolina, but I know I can't have her back I saw her friend Jana the other day, and she was going in the direction of Nic’s house that made me smile to know she isn't alone, so that's when I decided to give my new wife a chance She is easy on the eyes, so I suppose I could grow to love her, but she will never be Nicolina When I get home from work, I see that my wife has prepared me dinner and has made sure I can relax for the evening. When I sit down to eat, she comes out of the kitchen wearing a party dress and a face full of makeup “Kosta, honey, I am going out to the club with the girls and my sister for her bachelorette party. I will see you later.” I look at her and smile “Have a good night.” That is all I can say to her when she comes to kiss me. I kiss her back, but I don't deepen the kiss. Everything about this marriage is wrong, and for the past two weeks, I have been miserable. I hope my parents are right when they tell me I will fall in love with her because, at this moment, I can not ever see this lasting, let alone me falling in love with her. “Nicolina’s POV” After I decided to keep the baby, I had to stay away from the town because it was hard enough to live in the same city as Kosta, but if he saw me pregnant, he would have worked it out right out, so I moved and begun working from the office my dad has in a small country town I got the position of CEO as I had been taught to take place from a young age And that works well for me as I don't always have to go into the office. I can work remotely My parents are happy that I'm pregnant now that the news has sunk in; I'm six months along, and I have my career in order and everything my baby will need. I live in a lovely home in the good part of town, and my heart is healing after the breakup. Jana has tried to get me to date guys, but I'm not ready for that, yet I'm focusing on my work and preparing to become a mother; I don't have time for a man in my life, so I focus on work. My mum calls me regularly, and she comes to see me every weekend. My Dad has been making sure that our business and Kosta’s business don't cross paths. We are both in the media business, and both run advertising for high companies profiles. Right now, we are working to secure one of the most prominent wineries in the country that could bring us a billion-dollar contract for many years if I can get the owners to ditch their current advertiser I'm sitting in my loungeroom working on my PowerPoint presentation when Jana come home She tosses her bag on the couch and then sits on the floor next to me “Hey, Nic, that looks good!” I look at her and smile, then shrug “I need it to look better than the good if I am to get this contract.” She looks at my work and then sighs “You will get it, Nic. Now get up off the floor and take a break. We have to feed you and my future niece or nephew.” I save my work and then close my computer When I'm standing, I put my laptop away and go to the kitchen and begin to look at things to cook when I see Jana looking at the pizza menu on the fridge She takes out her phone and calls them and puts in her order I laugh “If I had known you were going to have pizza, I would have kept working.” She shrugs “I wanted you to take a break, Nic.” I sigh and pull out my phone and go on f******k Then I see Kosta and his wife on my newsfeed. I sigh. He looks so happy, close the app down, and then tosses my phone back into my bag. Jana notices, and she comes to me “Nic, you can unfriend him, you know, then you don't have to see his picture.” “I know, but I can't. I still love him” Jana gets my phone out of my bag and then opens up f******k and delete Kosta, and then puts my phone away “It's for the best, Nick. Now you and little bean can start a new life. “ I rub my growing belly and smile A new life is what I have to start, but moving on is hard. We find a movie to watch and wait for our pizza to arrive “Jana?” “Hmm” “Have you seen him?” “Yes, I have, but I haven't spoken to him, Nic. Oh, and I have set a date up for you for next week. You will love this guy, and he knows you are pregnant and don't worry, he has money.” I give Jana a look to tell her to f**k off, and she laughs After I found out I was pregnant, I told her the secret that my family were healthy, a billionaire family, and she was cool with it and promised to keep my secret, but now she is playing matchmaker with every wealthy man in the country I sigh “Jana, I don't want to Date. I'm not ready.” She looks at me then shakes her head “You need to move on; Nic may be a new man will take your mind of Kosta. You know he isn't the only hunk in the world, so stop sulking and go on a date.” I sigh and put my head in my hands “Fine ill goes on the Date, but I'm not going to like it, and you have to come shopping with me because I'm not going to look like the good year blimp with this belly.” Jana gets up and claps her hands “That's my girl Nic. You will love Austin. He is a nice guy, and if I didn't have a boyfriend, I would jump his bones in a second” I laugh “Jump his bones, huh? I will not be jumping any bone’s Jana. How about we start with dinner, then see if I like the guy first.” She nods then sends a text on her phone “You are going for dinner tomorrow night.” Fuck is all I say and shake my head When the pizza arrives, I begin to eat it and then curse Jana for setting me up on a date. I sit up later, finishing my presentation because tomorrow I present it to the owner of the winery Then I go to bed and wonder what this date will bring! The following morning I wake up and get ready for my day. I choose a black skirt with red flats and a nice sleek black shirt. I style my long black hair, and as some light make up I make sure to complement my Blue eyes Once I'm ready, I get my purse and car less and begin my trip to the office I stop at a small cafe and get myself a cup of tea and a bagel for breakfast. When I get to the building, I go to the elevator and hit the button to the top floor where my office is. I see my receptionist who greets me and hands me messages that I received yesterday afternoon I go to my office and make sure my presentation is ready for the meeting, and when I'm satisfied it is I Look at my messages I groan when I see one from Bennett media. I get my phone out and call my father “Hey, Dad, could you attend a meeting tomorrow on my behalf at eleven-thirty am here in the office? I will make sure I am out before then!” “Hey Nick, why can't you attend the meeting?” I sigh and look down at the message “It's for Bennett media Dad and the person I'm meeting. I don't want to see, so can you handle the account? I promise I will take it over when I am no longer pregnant, but you know what will happen if he sees me and like I said, I won't be the reason for that marriage to break up.” My dad chuckles “Okay, Nick, ill take the meeting since he never met me, but once the baby is here, you have to stop hiding, Nic, because you are letting others take credit for your work.” “Thanks, Dad. You are the best. I will bring the paperwork to you today. I have the winery presentation soon, but after that, I'm able to come to you.” I hang up the phone and get everything I need for the meeting and go to the conference room After everything is set up, I get a coffee and then make my way back on my track. I see Kosta at the Front Desk. I turn my back to him and then begin to walk faster. When I make it to the conference room, I get a call from my receptionist “Your 11.30 with Bennett media is here?” I look down at my phone, confused “Uh Selma, I have the 11.30 with the black wolf winery in the conference room one. My father is heading Bennett media. I will call him if you can get Mr Bennett settled. We won't belong.” Selma goes to talk, but I hang up my phone and call my dad “Uh, dad, the meeting for the Bennett's was today. I'm about to have my appointment. I am in conference room one, so can you take him into number two and the papers are in the top draw of my desk.” “Settle down, Rylee. I am on my way. Good luck with the winery.” I hang up the phone and then call Selma and ask her to move the Bennett's to conference room two and get them coffees When I hear Selma in the next room, I make my move, and I meet Sasha and William from the winery at the desk, and I bring them to my conference room I did my presentation, and they loved my ideas and have agreed to sign a ten-year contract. I have the papers drawn up already, so we take the time to sign them. When they leave. I take the signed copies down to our legal department and then get myself some lunch. I have a big oversized coat on so I can hide my bump. When I walk back into the office building, I bump into a wall of a man I smell him first, and my heart begins to thump into my chest I look up, and it is Kosta I drop my head because I can't bear to look into his green eyes I step back “Uh, sorry, I will get out of your way.” “Nic, is that you?” I sigh and look at him. I move my bag to my belly and hold it close “Hi, I have to get back to work, or my boss will have my head.” I lied Kosta looks back at my building and smiles “So you got a job here?” I smile and nod “Yeah, I'm only an intern, but it's a start. But I have to go. You look good.” I walk past him, and he calls back after me “Nic, you look good too. We just signed a contract here for the next fifteen years so that I might see you around.” I look at him, and Nod then goes to the elevator and back to my office and close the door. I sit on the sofa and put my head in my hands for fifteen years; wow, my dad did it. We secured the rights to Bennett media, but now I have fifteen years to keep my little secret I rub my belly, and the baby kicks “I know, sweetheart, but it's for the best.” I finish work and then go to the restaurant and meet my Date *Kosta’s POV* Seeing Nicolina made the heart race, I never got over her, and every part of me wanted to pull her into my arms and tell her I sent my wife packing a week ago, but she seemed happy but knowing where she works makes me happy that she is following her dreams, Nicolina always said she was going to work for Mr del Pozzo I go to the car I have waiting for me and go back to my house. I smile when I see my wife has taken all of her belongings and left. Now I can work on a plan to get my girl back. *Nicolina’s PoV* After dinner, I make a beeline for a taxi. I can't believe Jana set me up with that i***t. All Austin could do was talk about himself and how he hated Kids Well, hello, I am pregnant. I made up and was Excused to leave and couldn't get out of the place fast enough when I got home I went straight to my room and closed the Door From this moment on, I will only focus on my baby and myself because Men suck. Right Now!.

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