First Day Of School/ Part 2

1787 Words
Jadens POV I began sprinting to class because I know that if I got a tardy on the first day my "father" was going to kill me. Thank god I work out. My legs are pumping so fast that when I passed a girl a few halls back her papers flew. I yelled a quick sorry as I mentally congratulated myself because I bet I broke my 1x1 record running down this stupid hallway. ughh how much furtherrr!?  OH. MY. GOD. "Finally." I managed to breath out while looking at the door to my first class. I slowly peeked through the window preparing myself for the humiliation. Not that I care. I don't have any friends and I find all the guys disgusting. I grabbed the handle and started to push the door open with confidence because you've got to fake it till you make it.  "Ah, good morning Miss Locke. I'm glad you decided to grace us with your presence." Mr. Casey said with a wink. Man I'm glad that he is my first period! Mr. Casey is the chilliest and most badass teacher we have here at Stonehill High. One time during freshman year I accidentally bumped into him rushing to class.. yea I'm late a lot but I don't care... anyways he just laughed while handing me an "excused" pass. I look at him and give a sly smile as I walk to the back of the class and take a seat. I set my bag down and stuck my hand into it searching for my note book and pencil. SON OF A GIRL DOG!! I can't feel it anywhere. God I am such an i***t! How could I forget the one damn thing I need? Flashback to earlier today "you're such a f**k up!" My adoptive father yelled at me. "I never should have taken you in. All you do is make me look bad!"  He continued. "I see all my friends daughters and they are already out of school. Making millions. Starting companies! Why can't you be more like them?" He ended his sentence in a hushed tone. I just stood there with my usual emotionless expression, waiting for him to finish his rant so I could get to school. "ANSWER ME DAMNIT!"  He screamed whilst walking up to me at a fast pace. I just stood my ground and looked into his eyes. why god? what did I do to deserve this? "WELL??" He exclaimed  in my face. "I am only 17. I have skipped a grade due to my academic skills. I help you with the business. I do almost every extra curricular I can. I am CHILD! So if you could cut me some slack and be kind to me like a real father. That would be nice." I stated with an I don't give a f**k attitude. Though I really did. I just wanted my Mom and Dad. They would never verbally abuse me the way father does. I was awaken from my thought by a hard slap to the face. "HOW DARE YOU! I have clothed you! Fed you! And I even bought you that ugly mutt you call a pet!" He stated. I didn't reach up to sooth my face from his harsh slap because that would show weakness. And I am NOT weak. Hell I haven't been weak since my parents deaths. I swore to them I would be strong. That I would live for them. "Whatever you say father." I spat the word father in such a venomous tone that father lifted his head and I swear he looked like a tomato's twin. I mentally laughed at his expression and picked up my bag to leave but he wasn't gonna have that. No he just had to have his way. "You will be collecting the package after school." He smiled as he finished. "f**k you." I muttered as I exited the house.  Back to Present Time Oh yea.. I lift my head to see if anyone I am acquainted with might have some stuff I could borrow. That's when I felt it. Someone's starring at me. But who? I turn my head to the direction I think its coming from and then BAM. There he is. Why the f**k is he staring at me?  He is literally eye rapping me. If only I had a whistle. I laugh to myself quietly after turning away from his eyes. Those eyes I once thought beautiful.. Until they betrayed me and left me alone in the darkness. My thought instantly wiped the small smile off my face and it was then replaced with a frown. I decided to direct my focus back to Mr. Casey and that's when I heard about the project the class would be participating in. "you will each have one partner that I will assign." many of the kids in the class groan. "Hey hey, it's not that bad! plus this project is going to take a whole three weeks. So be thankful." he exclaimed.  "But what is the project" a random kid asked, making us all direct our attention back to Mr. Casey. "I'm glad you asked." He said flashing his million dollar smile. I swear I heard half the girls in class sigh. "You will be keeping a journal about your partner I know it might sound odd, but it's to help you understand life from different perspectives and get you ready to understand your opponents that you will come across in life." he stated. The whole class began mumbling to one another while I on the other hand am internally groaning. I do not want to have to hang out with one of these idiots for a whole 3 weeks! f**k me. I look back up waiting for Mr. Casey to start assigning partners. I can still feel him staring at me though and its giving me weird chills. Ugh whatever. Partners are starting to be announced "Lila and kade.", "Jacob and Rio."..a bijillion names later, and then I hear it "Axel and Jaden."  I. Hate. My. f****d Up. Life.  I turn back to look at the guy who has been staring at me. The guy who I would have to be spending three weeks with. Axel Black. Yet again he is ruining my day. I finally get all the way turned only to see his infamous smirk upon his lips and a glint in those treacherous eyes. The bell rings and I realize that we have been staring one another down for the past 5 minutes. Weird it felt like a second. I grab my bad and get up to leave but as soon as I'm up from my seat I met by a tall body. His body.  "What do you want Axel?" I say in an annoyed tone meeting his eyes. "Well isn't someone grumpy today?" He chuckles. His laugh was infectious to others because of its deep yet child like tone, but to me it was a reminder of what he made me lose. "Can you not be a pain in my ass today?" I muttered, trying to get past him so I'm not late to yet another class. "Babe if I was in your ass you wouldn't be feeling pain. You'd be in so much pleasure that you wouldn't even remember your first name only mine." He whispered in my ear. A chill ran down my back. What the f**k is wrong with this guy?!  I shoved him out of the way with ease and began to walk away but he grabbed my arm harshly  "Look we have to set up the arrangements for this project. Like where we will meet, what times, and how many times a week." He stated sternly. What happened to his being a pervertive ass? not that I enjoyed it, but I don't like how rough he's being. I look down at his hand gripping my arm and then back at him. I won't lie I was feeling threatened, and when I feel threatened I put people on their ass..or in the ground. I began to clench my fists and he took that as a warning. Letting my arm go and taking a step back. Finally. "We will discuss the plans for the project over the phone." I hand him mine and he looks at it dumbfoundedly. "Put your number in the phone dude." I stress each word and he glares and me for it. Not my fault your stupid  I though.  a few moments later  "I'm sorry." He mumbled after handing me back my phone. "for what?" I question. "For grabbing you so hard." He gently grabs my wrist lifting it up to both of our faces and runs his fingers across the bruises that were already forming. My eyes widen in shock. Holy cow I didn't think he grabbed me that hard!?  I look back up at him only to see that his eyes are still focused on the bruises as his fingers continue to graze my skin. My body feels like it's on fire. He must have felt my eyes on him because just as soon as his hands fell upon my skin they disappeared.  I bring my arm back to my side as I look at his face. Regret. That is all I can see on his annoyingly beautiful face. His jawline is sharp. Sharper due to his jaw being clenched. His curly dark brown hair is styled perfectly. And don't even get me started about that honey tan skin. God he looked.. like a god, but he wasn't the person I used to know. As I stare at the boy in front of me I see my painful past. My demons. My downfall. I turn my face unable to look at the guy who helped ruin my life. This was going to be the worst three weeks of my life! I go to walk away but yet again he grabs me. However this time it is much more gentle. "I will see you at my house. Tonight. 6pm sharp. Don't be late." He says abruptly and walks away.  Skip to after school Why am I doing this again? oh yea my f*****g grade depends on it..ughh. It is 5pm and I'm lacing up my shoes. I decided to wear my gray cropped hoodie, black ripped skinny jeans, and my go vans. Since I would most likely bump into one of Axels's parents I wanted to look presentable, but there was no way I was gonna dress all cute like the other girls that go to his house. I look at the clock in my room and decide it was time to head to his house. How fun it will be to work with the devil himself  I thought as I sped off to Axels house..

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