A Bittersweet Memory

opposites attract

Jaden, a 17 year old girl, has never experienced what love truly is. Axel, a 17 year old boy, has always got his way with the world. What will happen when a girl with a dark past and a boy with a greedy heart are forced to do a school project together? Will it be chaos, or will they find eachother once more.

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First Day Of School/ Part 1
Jaden's POV I look at the front of the school. Same old off white stones, sturdy wooden doors, and beautiful tall windows that I always find myself gazing through when class would get boring. Which is quite often.   It's crazy to think that I'm finally a senior. I always though that my mom and dad would be here to see me head off to my last first day of school, but I guess life never goes to the plans we have set in our minds. There is always a curve ball that takes you by surprise and leaves you feeling defeated, but hey that just how it is. At least that what I keep telling myself. Mindlessly my feet carry me up the steps leading to the front doors. Gosh I really hate this place!  As I stare at the long hallway full of students happy to see one another I can't help but feel envious. I used to be like that. Until everything was stolen from me..  No matter,  I think to myself. I need to get to first period before I get trampled by some sweaty jock mob. *Shivers* "God that would be disgusting" I mutter, as I look at the group of football players eyeing me up and down. "Eyes to yourselves boys!" I yell out whilst walking past them. All they do is laugh. I just roll my eyes. f*****g idiots.  I turn back to navigate through the endless sea of  people, but then all of a sudden my body is connecting with the floor and my books are sent flying through the air. "Ughh, what the fuck." I whisper, unable to catch my breath. I try to get back on my feet, but I end up being greeted by the hard floor yet again. That i***t must have knocked the air out of me. "A-a little..help..p-please?" I manage to get out. Then out of nowhere a large pair of hands wrap around my arms making me feel this weird tingle. It's probably because of the fall, I tell myself. But why does it make me feel safe?  "Um, hello?" a rough male voice calls out, and just like that I'm pulled from my thoughts only to be met by two brilliant bluish-green eyes. Hot damn those eyes are-... Wait! As my eyes scan the face of my not so observant acquaintance I realize who it is that knocked me down. Axel Black. The schools most notorious playboy. Ughh, God just take me now. Please?  "Are you alright?" he questions, his smile seems sincere but those eyes.. He's trying to mess with me. Ha, Isn't that adorable. "Yea, I'm just dandy." I mutter, as I roll my eyes for the hundredth time today. Man what if my eyes get stuck!? Hmm, at least I wouldn't have to keep talking to this walking STD. I mentally laugh at my burn and look back up only to see that he is finishing a sentence. s**t. s**t. s**t. "so do you want me to?" he asks. I tilt my head and give him the *I have no freaking clue what you just said* look and he starts to laugh. "I asked if you wanted me to take you to the nurse." he smirks as the words leave his lips. Who the hell does he think he is.  I give a fake smile, "No thanks, I think I can walk the whole 10 feet by myself." I say, looking at the nurses office that is right by us. He looks me up and down like a lion looks at a gazelle before it pounces. I swear I think that I may vomit.  "Are you sure..?" he asks, like I'm missing some big opportunity. What a prick! I am so done playing nice. I look up with a devilish smirk and I see his interest spike. I place my hand on his neck and slowly drag my hand down to his collar pulling him in. I can feel his warm breath on my neck as I get on my tip-toes and whisper into his ear three little words that I know will get him to leave.  "Go. f**k. Yourself." I whisper and as I pull away I brush my lips against his ear just to get a little revenge.  However, when I get back on my heels and I am greeted by eyes lit like blue flames ready to burn me alive...and that same smirk playing on his lips. "Ha, easy now. We both know you'll give in..eventually." he say with the up most confidence and walks away. Leaving me annoyed as hell. All of the sudden I hear a loud ringing. Oh s**t the bell!  "Great now I'm gonna be late for class." I sigh. What a great way to start the first day in the hell hole!

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