The Hellflower

201 Words

Once in time, the Archangel descended Upon the land of the damned and the dead. He ventured into the unholy realm; Bringing his sword, shield and helm. . The Angel sought a demon to banish, What he started, he intended to finish. So in the Second Hell he followed; Where the demon king was burrowed. . On his journey, he fought the demon King; They battled endless on Hell's Second Ring. The demon king slashed with his claws, Drawing Angelic blood using the talons on his paws. . Wounded, the valiant Angel bled; Golden blood in Hell's ground shed. However, the Angel fought on; With his last glorious strike, the battle he won. . The Angel departed and ascended to Heaven; The spilled blood, he had forgotten. Where the golden blood had spilled; An unlikely plant has gro

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