A Reminder

456 Words

The darkness that followed brought me into a dream. I opened my eyes, and I was met with a radiance so pure it was divine. The pains and aches that throbbed all over my body were gone, replaced by a familiar sense of calmness. My grungy and tattered tunic was miraculously clean as though it was new. Even my filth-covered sandals looked squeaky clean. The Angel's sword was on the floor. Despite the fact that I wasn't holding the weapon, its golden length emitted its awakened glow. Picking the sword up, I hauled myself to my feet and swept my gaze around. An infinite white hall stretched in front of me. There was nothing to see except for a vast Heavenly brilliance. "Why am I here again?" I muttered to myself as I realized I had been here before—the place where the glowing orb of light sho

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