For The Huntress

1893 Words

I raised the Angel’s sword in front of me. In a snap, an intense white light blazed from the blade. My eyes squinted as the blinding glow radiated from the weapon in my hand. The air crackled and whistled as waves of energy poured from the Heavenly Sword. I dug my heels on the ground, confident that the light would drive the demon away. It didn’t. The demon was unfazed by the Heavenly glow. The charging half-bull monster roared as it raced toward me at a horrifying speed. Trees fell left and right as the Minotaur swung its massive hammer in graceless arcs. Feeling the ground tremble, I leaped to the side to dodge. But I was too late. The massive hammer hit the Angel’s blade. A loud twang echoed through the air. I felt the impact vibrate through the sword’s handle as I was sent flying f

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