Legend of the Minotaur

1716 Words

Lyana the Huntress *Telling Samuel and Magat about the Legend of the Minotaur A long time ago—almost before history began—King Minos ruled the lovely island of Crete, and he was the son of Zeus, the lord of all gods. As a child, Minos' father would fly him over his palace and point out how beautiful it was. When Minos grew older, Zeus built him a navy. The ships would sail to nearby islands and bring back goods, taxes, and even more valuable things: knowledge. For instance, when Minos wanted to build a palace that would strike awe and wonder into all who saw it, he asked the man who had built that palace. He asked his sea captain if there was any palace on earth more beautiful than his own. The captain had traveled far and wide across the oceans, and he answered that he had once seen a p

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