Thirty-Six - Harsh Truth

1829 Words

I will never pretend to be brave ever again, I thought as I tried to catch my breath. The glow of the Angelic sword died as I let the weapon fall to the ground. A dull clattering sound trumped the howling of the wind. Placing both of my hands over my chest, I felt my heartbeat slow to normalcy. I still did not have a clue as to what just happened, but I knew Lyana’s quick thinking saved me from the mess I’d made. “Magat,” I muttered under my breath as I remembered the war chief. I lifted myself to my feet and moved to where Magat was sprawled face-first on the ground, Lyana and Amias trailing after me. “Is he breathing?” asked the huntress as she knelt beside me. The dazzling light of Raphael’s shield died down into a subtle glow across her arm. “How bad is it?” “There are no wounds,” I

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