Thirty-Five - Are You Ready to Fly?

2034 Words

A hot searing pain flared all around my wrist. My throat hurt from screaming. “Let go of me you filthy demon!” I yelled as I tried to yank my arm away from the Legionnaire. Ornias laughed again. His malicious shrills filled the open space. “I am the great Ornias of the Second Hell, those who underestimate me perish under my grasp!” He stood up. In one forceful movement, he swung his arms upward, sending me flying into the air. I crashed to the pebbled ground. A dull ache throbbed as my back hit the packed dirt. Sharp rocks pierced the fabric of my tunic, their edges digging into my skin. “Sh’muel!” yelled Lyana as she tried to hurry to my side. She moved fast, but the demon was faster. With another swing of his arm, he struck the huntress on her back. Lyana was sent off her feet and she

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