A human as a Luna

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The echo of whispers flowed into Bella’s ears as her eyelid slowly opened then shut. She tried to move her hands but something kept pulling her wrists back to their original position.

At that moment, her memories came rushing back to her along with an agonizing headache. But within a matter of seconds, the pain became more intense, when Bella recalled the last voice she heard.

“Mom,” her lips silently cried out these words, feeling tears rolling out of the corners of her eyes.

“Damon Shadow!”

When she heard a robust voice in the room, Bella immediately opened her eyes and gazed to the right, then her hands instantly grabbed onto the soft sheets beneath her.

“It's him. So his name is really ‘shadow.” Bella anxiously thought.

In that instant, her heart leaped into her throat as her eyes center on the two men she remembered so clearly from that night and she could feel nothing but blind terror while her sight remained glued on them.

Suddenly, Bella hastily released the sheet and shut her eyes, when Shadow looked her way, and the loud beat of her heart pounded in her ears, blocking out all other sounds.

“Watch your tongue, Hunter!” Damon firmly said.

“Sorry, boss. But a human as your mate is truly insane. You are the alpha of this pack and how can she be your Luna?” Hunter said in disbelief.

“I felt the same way as you at first. But I sensed it the moment I walked through that door. There is an inexplicable urge to be near her, and she has something compelling about her. When I caught her scent, my wolf went crazy. That's why I left.”

“So after waiting for years, this human is the future Luna of our clan?”


“Haha, Neron will laugh in our faces if he knew that you have a human as your mate.”

Damon's expression hardened as he gazed at Hunter with rage glowing in his eyes, and Hunter immediately understood that he had messed up.

“Mention that scaly fire-breathing fool’s name again, and I will help you to detach your lips from on your mouth.” Damon firmly said.

“Forgive my ignorance, boss. I failed to remember that the dragon race is the reason your parents are not here today.” Hunter hastily said with his head bowed.

“I picked you as my beta because of your fighting skills and our friendship. Prove yourself to be stupid again and your position will become vacant.”

“My deepest apologies, master.”

“Get out.”

“Yes, master.”

Once Hunter left the room, Damon approached the bed and sat beside Bella, then his lips curved in a faint smile as he stared at her blinking lashes.

“You can open your eyes. I know that you are awake.” Damon intoned.

“Where am I?” Bella mumbled while calmly gazing back at him.

“My home.”

“How long have I been out for?”

“From last night until now?”

Bella stroked her hand on the bed. Then she gazed down and suddenly realized what was preventing her movement.

“Why are the cuffs on my hands?” Bella mumbled.

The room fell silent as both of them doubtfully stared at each other, wondering what the next person was thinking.

“Call it a precaution method,” Damon said.

“Okay,” Bella mumbled.

Although her wrists hurt when she moved her hands and the cuffs felt uncomfortable, Bella knew not to complain. Instead, she turned her face to the left to avoid Damon seeing the tears that were swelling in her eyes.

“Promise that you won't try to run away, and I can take them off.” Damon calmly said.

“I promise. It's not like I have anywhere to escape to.” Bella muttered.

Damon put his hands into his trouser pocket and took out a tiny key before reaching for Bella’s wrist and unlocking the cuffs.

At first, she didn't react until she felt Damon's weight lifting off the bed. Then she turned her head to gaze at him.

It puzzled her at the moment when she saw Damon searching the draws. But when he took out a first aid kit, it became clear to her.

‘How can someone so terrifying be so normal at the same time.’ Bella thought with her eyes focused on Damon while he took out cotton and an ointment from the box.

She then gazed down at her bruised wrists before looking at Damon as he sat back on the bed.

“This is going to stink a bit.” Damon mumbled.

“It's fine. I have been through the worst.” Bella whispered.

Damon gazed at her bandage wound over her eyes for a moment with sadness in his eyes. Then his sight circled back to Bella's hands.

It took not more than a minute for him to apply the ointment on her wrist, and the entire time, Bella’s lashes didn't flicker nor did she make a sound, and that bothered Damon even though he didn't show it in his expression.

“All done. I will leave you. Come down for breakfast after refreshing up. The maids will bring you some clothes.” Damon said in a smoother tone.

“Thanks.” Bella downheartedly replied.

Sounding ungrateful wasn't how she intended for her word to come out, and yet, Bella couldn't help the suffocating feeling she felt in her chest.

Damon hesitated for a moment before getting up from the bed and walking out of the room, leaving Bella alone.

A while later as Damon focused on his breakfast, Hunter walked into the room with a submissive expression on his face.

Damon gently laid his fork down before looking up at his beta. He then softly sighed when he noticed from Hunter's appearance that whatever he was going to say was about to ruin his mood.

“What is it?” Damon inquired.

“We lost twenty-five of our warehouses and one billion dollars worth of goods to a suspicious fire. It turns out that the warehouses were in the way of Neron’s thirty-story skyscraper hotel he's about to build.” Hunter uttered.

Inside, he was smoking with anger, and yet Damon's face did lose its calm expression even when he felt a stab of anger in his heart.

“That flames ball thinks he can disrespect us wolves because he's protected by magic. I swear one of these days, I will show him that my bite is powerful than the fire he puffs out. For now, let the matter go. The right time will present itself. Once it does, Neron and his clan will be at our mercy.” Damon said with a hint of rage in his tone.

“Okay, master,” Hunter humbly replied.

After waiting for a brief while, he turned around to leave. But then he stopped in his tracks and looked back at his boss with hesitation in his eyes.

“Anything else?” Damon asked.

“The full moon is approaching. We have only a week to prepare for it. By then will she be acceptable to the real you to…” Hunter awkwardly said.

“To mate?”

“Yes. The sooner you mark her, the better. The clan will not accept an unmarked Luna, especially a human one. Also whispered has already started echoing through these walls about you keeping a human amount your kind, knowing that they ain't allowed to know our true identity.”

“I understand. I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the safety of our clan. The human will bear my mark on the night of the full moon.”

“Thank you, master, for listening and reason with your kind.”

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