Caught Between Alpha and Dragon


Book Two: Pregnant with a hybrid twin

Book One: Caught Between Alpha and Dragon

It's the 21 century and humans have dominated the earth. The dragon and werewolves race have to hide their identities and live like regular people.

However, before humans rule the earth, dragons and werewolves dominated the world, and both races share a bloody history, and they have not forgotten the blood that got shed on the battlefield even though the world has revolved.

When the alpha of the Wolves clan and the king of the dragons fell for the same human, history is bound to repeat itself.

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Let me be your payment
Lightning flashed along with the robust roar of the thunder as rain fell from the sky and hit the ground. “Where is the money!” Jon screamed. A mad man was what Hanna saw when she looked up at her husband, and the way his eyes were warped into a miserable black had her hands trembling just by the sight of him. “There's no more money. You spend it all on gambling!” Hanna cried with quivering lips. “Stop lying, woman! I know you are hiding the money! Where is it!” Jon yelled as his nostrils flared while he stood next to the table with his fist clenched at his side. As tears pulled down her face like a waterfall, Hanna squeezed the pocket of her skirt, feeling the roll of money.  “I don't have any. Honey, stop this madness, please.” She cried. In a fate of rage, Jon slammed his fist down onto the table so hard the dishes jumped while his Veins bulged out of his head. “Madness! Do you know who I owe?! He is not a man to mess with. If you don't give me the money, we are all dead! Now, hand it over.” Jon shouted. When Hanna didn't react or say something, he let out a loud growl of annoyance. Then with his eyes narrowed and his teeth clenched together, Jon marched over to Hanna. The insanity in his eyes told her to run. But she kept still with her hand tightly holding onto her pocket. “Your stubbornness will be the death of you!” Jon screamed as he grabbed Hanna by her hair and swung her to the floor. “Mom!” Bella cried. She stood in shock, watching her mother bleed from her elbows with her eyes wide and filled with horror. Even though in that instant, Bella’s knees felt weak and her heart pounded rapidly when she remembered her father's brutality, she knew her mother was going to get hospitalized again if she didn't act. Therefore, without acknowledging the fear that shadowed her heart, Bella rushed for Jon’s hand as he was about to hit Hanna in the face and stop him by his wrist. “I will get you the money. I promise. Please don't hit mom!” Bella pleaded in tears. “You fool! Stop talking nonsense. Shadow wants his money tonight or else he's going to have my head!” Jon shouted with raw fear in his voice. “But hurting mom will do you no good, so stop! I'm begging you!” “You are just as useless as your mother!” With not a single remorse in his eyes, Jon angrily shoved Bella onto the floor, causing her head to slam into the table. There was blood everywhere on the tile as it dripped from the deep cut Bella sustained. She could barely lift her eyelids because the wound was right above her left eye. “My child!” Hanna screamed in terror. She was about to rush over to her daughter when the front door flew open, drawing her attention to the entrance of the room. “Sha...sh...Shadow.” Jon cried in a whisper. Hearing the fear in her father's voice, Bella forced her eyes open despite the pain circulating in her head. Her sight immediately rested on a pair of sea rover-blue eyes as they coldly gazed at her with curiosity in them. Although her left eye was a bit blurry because of the bloodstain on her lashes, Bella could still see that he had his black silky hair tied up in a bun with multiple piercings on his right ear and scythe-shaped eyebrows. Even if she wanted to, Bella couldn't deny the fact that his Roman nose, half-dome cheekbones, sitting above an oaken jaw, and his burly physique made him the most handsome man that she has seen. “Shadow… I mean, Mr. Shadow, welcome to my humble home.” Jon stuttered. Unknown to herself, Bella sight followed this handsome stranger as he walked further into the room and sat down. “My papers.” He coldly uttered. His deep voice sent chills down Bella’s spine, and yet she didn't dare to look away from his face. “Mr. Shadow, my ratchet wife wouldn't give me the money.” Jon cried. His expression did not change, and Bella wondered what this stranger's next move was going to be. “Hunter,” He intoned. “Yes, master!” The dishy fellow standing next to him hastily answered. “Collect my debt.” “Yes, boss.” The color quickly drained from Bella’s face when she saw Hunter walking in the direction of her mother and father, and a feeling of dread crept up from the pit of her stomach. “Please don't hurt them.” Bella silently cried since terror had sucked the very breath from her mouth and left her dried in the throat. Feeling the fear creeping through her left Belle numb shaking, and her heart froze for a second as she ushered her black eyes shut and allowed her tears to soak upon her bloodstained face. “Please, Mr. Shadow. I will pay your money back.” Jon cried, and yet the icy sea rover-blue eyes staring at him made Jon realize that he was about to lose his head. The moment Hunter pulled out a sword, Jon’s knees became shivering as hot wet fluid dribbled down his legs and sweat poured down his body. “Gross! You piss on yourself!” Hunter angrily said as his grip tightened around the blade handle. “Don't kill me please,” Jon muttered. Those words forced Bella to open her eyes, and the scene her sight rested on caused Bella’s heart to hammer against her chest and terror to wash over her, raising the fine hairs on the back of her neck. As Hunter lifted the blade above Jon's neck, Bella knew that she had to do something. So she pushed aside her fear, knowing that she had no other choice. “Let me be your payment!” Bella abruptly shouted before realizing the weight of her words. However, she didn't have the guts to take back her statement as her eyes pleadingly stared at the dashing stranger. But his face bore no expression which increased her anxiety. Nevertheless, she wasn't planning on giving up just yet. “Please, let me be the payment for my father's debt,” Bella said without losing eye contact with him. The room got silent as everyone waited for his reaction. Then after coldly staring at Bella for a while, he stood up with a frown on his lips. “Take the girl.” He uttered. For a moment, Bella felt numb while she watched this stranger leave through the door all of a sudden, and the only thought on her mind was, “Why did he agree?” “You heard my master. Get up to your feet!” Hunter harshly stated while putting his blade back into its holder. Even though a part of her wanted to run, Bella knew that she had no chance of escape, so she obediently stood to her feet. However, her legs collapsed underneath her, and she dropped to the floor. “My child!” was the last words Bella heard before she lost consciousness.

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