Alpha King's Omega Queen


After the unexpected death of her parents, Melody Lambert is locked up in the store room by none other than her big brother who believes that Melody is the reason for their parent's death. Every day the poor girl has to do all the work of the packhouse yet neither her brother nor any of the pack members shows a little bit of sympathy towards her. Not only that, she has been mentally and physically abused for many years leaving scared of every little thing. Although her wolf has tried to assure her that their mate will save them but she has lost all the hope a very long time ago after one dreaded night.

On the other hand, the Alpha King Dominic Alvarez is getting impatient day by day after not finding his mate. His parents have suggested him to choose someone else as his mate for the sake of the kingdom but he is adamant about finding his mate. Although elders have told him that his mate might be dead but he has refused to believe that because he can feel it in his heart that his mate is waiting for him somewhere in the world. He is said to be the most ruthless king out of all the kings because he mercilessly kills anyone who tries to go against him.

What will happen when Melody finally breaks free from her brother's hold? Will she be able to get away from her traumatized experience? Will Alpha King Dominic be able to find his mate before his enemy can snatch her away from him? Read this story to find out what's going to happen next.

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Pathetic Life
MELODY'S POV~ I groan in pain while trying to move from the right to the left side. I try to control the tears that are threatening to spill because no amount of tears can make things better. I look at the clock on the wall to see that it's 4 a.m. which means I have to get up or I won't be able to complete making breakfast before the pack members come downstairs. So, with a lot of struggle, I get up from the bed and walk inside the bathroom which only has cold water. I am not lucky enough to have warm water even on the coldest day so now I have gotten used to the cold water. I quickly take a shower before changing my clothes and make my way to the kitchen to start making breakfast. Although my body is telling me to rest but I can't or the consequence will be hell for me. Usually, I get help from other omegas in cooking but today I have to do everything alone as the punishment for breaking an expensive flower vase yesterday. Without wasting any time, I start preparing for the huge amount of food that's going to be served to everyone except me. Yes, I don't get to eat with others as per the strict order of the alpha of our pack who is also my big brother. But I don't remember when the last time I called him brother was because now I am just a slave to him. I have to address him as 'Master' like other omegas. At first, it used to hurt me to think that my own elder brother hate me too much to even acknowledge my presence. However, now I have gotten used to it and try to stay away from him as much as I can. When the clock hits 7 am, the high rankers of the pack start to take seats in the dining room. I quickly pile up the freshly cooked pancakes and scrambled eggs on different plates before putting them on the dining table so that everyone can start eating. I have already placed the freshly squeezed orange juice in a jar so I bow my head in respect and walk out of there as I am not allowed to stay there. I directly go to the laundry room where I know a lot of dirty clothes are ready to be washed so I first divide the dark-colored clothes from the light-colored clothes so that they don't stain each other. After that, I put them in the different washing machines before walking out of there when I notice another omega has arrived. Suddenly something catches my feet making me stumble and fall to the floor onto my face resulting in my nose getting hurt in the process. But before I can get up someone put their feet on the back of my neck harshly pressing their heels on my skin making me whimper in pain. "Awe! I didn't notice you are walking this way." Willow, my number one bully says with fake concern who happens to be the luna of our pack. "Just look at her, Luna. So pathetic that she can't even make eye contact with you." One of Willow's friends remarks. "Get up and come to my office. Matthew and I have something important to tell you." Willow orders while I weakly nod my head in response. When they leave, I also get up from the ground but can't control the hiss of pain that leaves my lips. It has become normal for the high rankers to abuse me physically or mentally. What one can expect when my own brother doesn't give a f**k about the cruelty that I have to face every single day. He only knows how to blame me for our parent's sudden death. I was only six years old when our parents died in a hunting attack. Yes, I agree that they died while protecting me from the hands of the greedy hunters. But as a little girl, I didn't have any power to fight back. Not that I have any power now because like other wolves of the pack, I am not allowed to train. Also, I haven't shifted but I can communicate with my wolf. I can feel her inside me and talk but that's all. At first, I used to get disappointed whenever I heard about other pack members' turning into their wolf form for the first time. But I am the unlucky one who is now 18 years old, yet never shift into my wolf form. I know my wolf Arya wants to change into her real form but she is stuck with a weakling like me that she can't even do what her heart desires the most. "Stop blaming yourself, Mel. I am happy with you because you're the only one I have till we find our mate." Arya, my wolf says into the mind link. "Do you really think our mate will accept us?" I ask already knowing what her response will be. "Don't say that, I trust that he will understand us. Not only that he will also save us from Alpha Matthew." A sad smile appear on my face hearing her innocent reply. She really thinks that our mate will accept despite knowing about the dreaded night of our lives. No werewolf can accept the fact that their mate is tainted by another person, it doesn't matter if it's male or female. So, it's futile to expect anything different from my supposed mate whom I haven't met yet. ----------- I walk towards Luna Willow's office where she has ordered me to come. I am sweating badly just thinking about what she will tell me to do or what Master Matthew is going to do to me. Still, I knock on the door before entering the room. Instantly, I cower away in fear of seeing another figure sitting across from Master Matthew. My feet don't allow me to go ahead as if my body has gone into an auto-pillot mood on its own. But the angry glare from luna Willow has me walking before I stand in front of the desk bowing my head in respect. "You are looking sexy." A gasp leaves my lips hearing the vulgar comment from none other than luna Willow's big brother, Alpha Carter Trass. I lower my head not replying anything because inside I am dying out of shame. Alpha Carter Trass is the alpha of the Red Fang Pack which is one of the powerful packs in the world. He is a lot older than Master Matthew but hasn't found his mate yet. But the reason for me fearing him is the way he behaves with me. It's not a hidden secret that he wants to have me and has tried sexually abusing me a lot of times. That's why I feel like my own mate won't be accepting me because fully or not, my body has been touched by another alpha. "Slave, have you lost your ability to respond respectfully when someone compliments you?" Master Matthew asks glaring at me. I want to laugh because my brother is saying that I should reply respectfully to someone's vulgar comment. "I am sorry for the mistake, Master. I will not forget to show my respect next time." I reply bowing my head. "Oh come on, Matthew. Don't be so angry with my soon-to-be luna." Alpha Carter says while I tremble in my place hearing his words. What does he mean by his soon-to-be luna? Is he referring to me? No, please Moon Goddess don't let my fear turn into reality. "Brother is right, babe. You can't just scold his mate and soon-to-be luna. You are offending him." Luna Willow remarks while running her fingers through Master's hair. "Okay fine. I will not scold her again but if she doesn't learn from her misdeeds then I have to punish her. I hope it won't be any problem for you, Alpha Carter." Master says while Alpha Carter waves his hand dismissing the matter. "She is your sister first and then my soon-to-be luna. By the way, can we start talking about the luna ceremony that will be held two weeks from today?" Alpha Carter says looking at me creepily. "Of course, Alpha Carter." Master replies before turning to face me. "Slave, you are going to become the luna of the Red Fang Pack in two weeks making you the mate of Alpha Carter. I know that a person like you doesn't deserve the title of luna but Alpha Carter has asked for your hand in marriage. He is my good friend so I can't reject his offer. However, before the luna ceremony, you both will get married lawfully in the next week. Till then, Willow will train you how to be a good luna." Master says with a blank face while I feel like my life crumbles right in front of my eyes and I can't even do anything to make it right.

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