22. Hello Daughter

1374 Words

-Chris P. O. V.- Melanpe instructed me to reach the clearing by night, as at dawn warriors go hunting and it's best if they don't find me on their grounds. I ran for sixty miles in my wolf form holding a bag with a letter and piece of Mel's clothing. I must admit that the woods my Mate sent me to were very peaceful. I could imagine junger version of Mel running around in this serenity. Hoping that one day I could come here again and get to know her childhood's stories I left the package and returned home. On my way back I needed to rest for a while, so I took a quick nap by the river. The same river I once lost Mel's scent by. Once in the Pack I took a shower, changed my clothes and went back to the hospital, to find my Mate eating breakfast and laughing with my Mother. "Christopher

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