21. Save them both

1030 Words

-Chris P. O. V.- I don't know if I have ever run so fast in my entire life. I felt my Sweetheart suffering in my arms and I couldn't do anything for her. I felt useless. One question repeated over and over in my mind: 'Did I do this to her?' Mel was perfectly fine before I marked her. Yeah, I knew that completing the bond is devastating and one always needs to rest after, but never in my darkest nightmares I would have guessed that it may cost her this much. My mother spotted me on my way to the hospital and she followed, shouting something from behind my back but I had no time to waste. As soon as I entered the hospital building I screamed from the top of my lungs "Dr Perez! Quick, it's Mel!" - she rushed to me "Alpha, what's wrong? What happened to Luna?" "I don't know. I m

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