1. Young Alpha

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Imagine being a supernatural creature, a werewolf let's say. Imagine having supernatural strength, hearing ten times better than ordinary humans and being faster. Sounds great, isn't it? But aside from all those amazing gifts imagine being left out of the biggest advantage of this kind, and you'll get to the core of my story. I'm talking about having our other half, the one destined to share a life with - our Mate. Legend has it that our Goddess - Selene - created her children as a whole but splitted their souls into two bodies. Which means that you may only be complete when you find your one destined love. I heard about those who defy goddess decision or even worst lost their mates and believe me those are not pretty stories. Wolves without Mates are like a shels, they eat and breathe but also c***k easily, and when they do it usually ends with mental problems or becoming a lone wolf. I know you might think what kind of a wuss is crying over not having a life partner. But to us werewolves it's much more complicated. Thanks to our mates we are stronger, they have the power of calming us and with our hot tempers believe me that's necessary. We are able to find them when we come of age of 18. Some are lucky to find them the same night they come of age, some find them later, and some aren't that lucky. Unfortunately I'm in the last grup. Being a next in line Alpha of the Silver Night Pack I basically need to find my Mate before starting my duty. That's why I spend the last four months traveling from Pack to Pack and searching for her. But I guess luck is not on my side. I'm turning 21 next week, and customary that's the age when the new Alpha should ascend. But I alone can't replace both of my parents, so I guess things will stay the way they are now, and it's been bugging me. (knock on the door) "Chris, you ready?" - asked my future Beta Tony, he's been my best friend since I can remember. He is also a son of our current Beta, who is second in command to our community. It's customary that high ranked positions in a pack are passed down to children, as strong wolves tend to have a strong offspring. "Yea, I'm coming" We head to the training ground, as keeping our warriors in shape is my responsibility. Don't get me wrong I'm not officially Alpha cause it would be hard without Luna but my father - Tim gives me as much responsibility as he can. He also believes that a fresh view on our practice methods will only make us stronger. And he is not wrong. During those four months I spent looking for my Mate all over the county I witnessed a lot of different combat styles, few of them were really worth implementing in our Pack. I was really impressed how competing with each other changes warriors' motivation. We now have tournaments every other month. We also started training our men in different areas than just a strength. We have now three divisions in our army: trackers, scouts and assassins. Trackers are those with the most sensitive smell. Scouts are the fastest ones, and finally our assassins are those the most deadly. Every Patrol of our pack consists of one of each, that makes our borders unreachable for rogues who wish to trespass. I also plan to change our structure when I take over. With our three main squads we need a high ranked member from every division, so one Head Warrior position shall be divided into three, each responsible for the needs of their men. I also implemented practice attacks from my brother in law. In Blood Moon Pack one in a while Alpha passes information about the Pack being under attack by rouges or hostile packs to check how all of their procedures are working in practice. This simple action showed me where our defence has holes. "Chris, is Cece coming to celebrate your birthday next week?" - Asked me Tony. Cece is my twin sister, she's the lucky one who found her Mate on our 18th birthday. Don't get me wrong I'm very happy for her and Keith - her Mate - is a good guy but that only reminds me that I'm the unlucky one of us. " Nah, Keith is planning some surprise weekend getaway, cause it's also their 3rd anniversary." "Oh, yeah. I totally forgot. So I guess we will see her next month on twins' birthday." - oh, I forgot to mention, my sister gave birth to twins my favorite niece Rea and nephew Cole, those kids are like fire and water complete opposite. "I guess we will. Is Tina coming, she will be pretty big by then?" - Tina is Anthony's mate, she's our childhood friend and yes, they are expecting their first pup. Tina wanted to wait with starting a family and finish her college first. "A three hour drive might be too much for her, but she hasn't decided yet. And honestly I'm afraid to ask her. Yesterday she threw a plate at me when I said blue is a perfectly fine colour for girl's clothes. I tell you, pregnancy hormones are no joke." "I guess that's what you get for fooling around with the Head Warrior daughter." - I smirked at him. We returned to our duty, and within two another hours we were done for the day. After the training as everyday I had a meeting with my father about Pack matters and our business in town. We keep each other up to date with everything so that transition of power could go smoothly when the time will come. So basically that's it, my whole life. I get up, train, work with my father, eat and sleep. And that's how my everyday looks like. It would be nice to have someone to spend that boring life with, and to be totally honest I'm warming up to the idea of choosing my own mate. I guess I'm done waiting for something that might never come.
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