2. 21

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Last week passed by on my usual routine and the day I was secretly dreading is tomorrow. You guessed right, that day is my 21st birthday. The day I was supposed to become the greatest rock supporting my people, yet instead I'm a mateless failure. This situation is really bugging me, to the point that I decided to consult with my father about political mating with some other Alpha's daughter. This way Pack will only benefit as my true mate is probably dead. I can't keep waiting for something that might never happen. My phone started ringing. "Hello" "What's wrong?" - it's Cece, my twin sister. We sorta have a very strong sibling bond and are able to feel other one strong emotions even from afar. Let me tell you that her labor was a b***h! "Sorry I forgot that you might have sensed my feelings." "Chrissy, what's wrong? Talk to me." "Cece, it's nothing. Pack business." "Bullshit! Pack is fine, but you are clearly not. So talk to me." "Ehh, it's still the same. My Mate." "Oh, Chrissy. Why do you insist on making yourself miserable? Trust in the Goddess and believe me that your Mate is already heading your way. Give her time." "I gave her time. I'm turning 21 tomorrow and still nothing, I looked everywhere for her. I'm tired Cee. " "You know that Keith was 24 when he met me. Did it ever occur to you that she might not be of age yet?" - she had a point, my brother in law was even older than I am now. "I suppose you're right. So what, you suggest I should keep on waiting?" "Precisely. Give it time. I know you are waiting for her for a long time now, but trust me she is worth the wait." "I love you Sis, but when did you become such a smarty pants?" "Motherhood changes your perspective. And Chrissy…" "Yeah?" "Happy Birthday!" "Happy Birthday Cee. Wish we could spend that day together like we used to." "Me too big Bro. But in a way we are always together. Don't you ever forget that, you are never alone!" "Ok, thanks Sis. Have fun on your romantic getaway." "Hahaha, romantic? With two kids? If we spend one night alone in bed, that would be the most romantic I would get." "What, Little Alpha can't sleep without his Mommy?" "Rather little Princess without her Daddy. Ok, I gotta go finish packing. Have fun tomorrow!" "Thanks Cece, you too!" My sister hasn't always been this smart, her road to happiness was also messed up even though she met Keith on our 18th birthday. But what if she's right, what if I'm trying to rush my fate. AHHH, whatever! I'm gonna get waisted tomorrow and leave my heart problems for another day. I woke up on my birthday with a determination to stop with self pity. Today I'm gonna have fun with my friends. It's a custom for us to always go to the town just us, the gang. Without Cece I'm left here with Tony, my future Beta, his younger sister Steph, Tina who is Tony's pregnant Mate, Aaron my future Gamma and his Mate Natalie. From the six of us only Stephy and me are mateless. Others are already in different places of their life's - starting a family and raising kids. Tony and Tina are expecting but Aaron and Natalie have a one year old boy - Charlie. That kid is going to be a great tracker, you can't hide any sweets from him, it's like he detects them. So basically Stephy is the only one besides my sister I can talk to about this stuff. She feels the same way, although she is not in such a rush. You see, we werewolves live a lot longer than a normal human being. Our body is aging normally till the day we get our wolf, which happens when we turn 16. After that the process slows down, which is why there are hardly any of us who look like elderly. Our celebrations for today starts as usual with a family breakfast at the Pack house with our parents. Oh, yea we all live in the same house. It's a really big colonial style mansion. With the floor dedicated for every rank, Alpha's on the top floor, Betas at the second and Gama's and Head Warrior sharing first. Ground floor is a common area with dining, living room, conference room, kitchen and offices. It is always crowded in here but being so close with each other literally and figuratively makes us work like a well oiled machine. "Happy Birthday Baby!" - screamed my mother Maggie when I entered the dining room, everybody else joined her in the best wishes. "Thanks you guys! So what's the plan for today?" - I said pouring myself a cup of coffee "You kids go and have fun. We give you the day off your duties. Let the old dogs take care of the Pack for today." - said my father "Thanks Dad. So, what did my party planners prepare for us today?" - I said turning my eyes to the girls "We are going to the lake house for the day. You know grill and chill and in the evening we are heading to this new club in town." - Stephy informed me "That human one?" - I asked "Yup, that's the one." "Ok, sound cool. When do we leave?" "Now, duh! So grab that bagel of your and take coffee to go. I've already packed your things." "Stephy, you know I'm not turning 5, I can pack by myself." "But I know better what looks good on guys, don't I?" - she said with a playful wink "I hope so. Ok, so let's get going." We took two of the pack's SUVs. Stephy, Tony and Tina in the first one, and Me, Aaron and Nat in the other. Charlie is big enough to stay with Natalie's parents for the weekend so it's just us grown-ups. I put on my most genuine fake smile and we hit the road. Let's get this 'party' started.
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