3. Women tribe

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-Mel P. O. V- One long sound of horn wakes me, announcing that it's already morning, just like it does every day. I get up, go to the bowl with cold water and splash some of it on my face. I changed from my nightgown to a comfortable leggings and a green tank top. I head out of my quarters to the main field where aunty Tippy gives us our tasks for the day. "Good morning girls. Now: Mel, Jo, Cassy you'll be on a hunting duty with me. Elara, Bria you two are with Clara for woods collecting. Suzy and Dido you are appointed for the kitchen with Kathrine. Now let's get moving." We separate in our assigned teams and head to work. Me, Jo and Cassy go to our weaponry, I as always pick my favourite bow, Jo is more of a spear girl but Cassy always prefers hunting with her bare hands, well bare claws to be exact. We meet with aunty Tippy outside the weaponry and all four of us start running deep into the woods. Me and Cassy always go for big ones: deers or boars while the other two stop by the river for fishing. Cassy and I always work as a team. She shifts into her wolf form and lures the animals into the clearing where I wait for them sitting on a low branch. Today is no different, I already hear a commotion from the woods and in no time I see a roe deer running for its life chased by a huge grey wolf. I crouch down on my branch, aim and release my arrow. It went right between the animal's eyes, like it always does. I jump down and after making sure it's dead I tie our prey to Cassy's wolf back. When it's secure she runs back to the village. I on my way back was lucky enough to come across wild pheasants and manage to shoot two more. I never kill more than we could eat, it's not the way Goddess taught us to. Today was a good day for us. With meat and wild berries our forest blessed us with no one is going to bed starving. We are not always as lucky. After gathering our food for the day, we start training. First two hours we spend on hand to hand sparing. I always go against Elara or Jo because they are the strongest ones besides me, but even this can't guarantee them overpowering me. Both of them are sisters and daughters of our War Leader aunty Tippy, well actually Antiope, but only my mother calls her by her full name. "Ok, girls let's make things interesting. Mel you are up against both Ell and Jo. To make it an even fight you may use a shield. Remember girls, no shifting, and I'm talking directly to you Jokasta! " - aunty Tippy said when I again sent Elara flying during our spar, and she's right - Jo tends to lose her cool when she's not winning. Elara is more methodical, she always works with a plan, than just raw force. It's funny they are related, but their characters couldn't be more different, yet their appearance is basically the same chestnut colored hair with grey eyes. However Jo prefers her hair to be short bob cut and Elara's are long and always put in a tight braid. I picked my simple wooden shield and girls started circling me. As always first to strike was Jo. She ran towards me but just a few feet before she collided with me she slid to the ground aiming with her feet to my knees. I jumped over her with a smirk only to be tackled to the ground by Ell. We roll over after impact ending with her on top of me. My shield fall out from my hands. I quickly wrapped my legs around her torso making it hard for her to catch a proper breath. When her grip on my hands became weaker I pulled my hand out of hers and punched her in a jaw. I rolled us over so that I'm on top now and was going to punch again when a powerful kick in my ribs sent me flying. Jo didn't give me the time to recover she placed hit after hit on my face and torso. When she was going for another kick on my ribs I caught her feet with my hands and twisted it. She fell to the ground with a scream. That sound had masked running towards me Ell, who managed to install the choking grip on my neck. I elbowed her in her stomach so she loosen the grip and I was successful. I release myself from her hold and knock her out to the ground with one strong shot, ending our fight. "You alright?" - I asked Jo, giving her my hand so she could stand up. "Yeah, but one of these days I'll beat you up!" - she replied with a fierce look. "Sure you will." - I tease her with a smirk "Ok girls, that was something and I guess that shield wasn't necessary after all." - said aunty Tippy walking over to us - "That would be enough for the day, go wash yourselves and the meal will be ready in fifteen. Class dismissed." "Yes, War Leader!" - We all answered in unison. After the meal we start our two hour wolf training. Running for an hour and sparing for another one. Aunty Tippy wants us to always be prepared for everything that might come. Not that anything ever comes, but better safe than sorry, right? After we are done with our daily training we head to the main hall, where our Civil Leader Clara Green teaches us about the outside world. I actually love those moments. I'm very curious about… well, everything. I'd like to travel, to see with my own eyes miracles of modern technology like cars and computers. Yes, aunty Clara told us about those but we don't have one in our village. Either way it would be pointless to have a computer if we don't even have an electricity. Our lifes are entrustwd in our Goddess and we live our lifes as close to nature as possible. Everything we need is in the woods surrounding us. Despite we are all warriors, our tribe is a peaceful one. We live in the mountains and keep to ourselves, with no visitors allowed. Only the Top Leaders are allowed to visit the outside world. Those are three women: Head Leader Helena Black, War Leader Antiope White and a Civil Leader: Clara Green. We are the Moon Goddess Daughters tribe. Have you ever heard about the Amazonian tribe? Those were fearless fighters, who were stronger than most men. Well we are like them, minus boobs cutting off. My home is a tribe of warriors, oh actually a tribe of women warriors, because there aren't any men in here. My name is Melanpe Black, next Head Leader for our people.
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