Episode 2

1072 Words
MAXWELL’S POV After waiting for what looked like eternity, Sarah came in with the rest of the staff into my room just as I told her to do. “Now who among you stole the fifty thousand dollars that I put in my drawer when I was closing from work yesterday?” I asked, as my eyes kept going from each of their faces one after the other. There was mumuring amongst themselves as they didn’t respond to my question which made me more angry and provoked to say horrible words. “Are you all deaf? Are you insane? I said which of you took the fifty thousand dollars in my drawer yesterday l!!?” I shouted angrily, frowning my face. “Sir…I….erm…. I really don’t know about the money in your drawer. I’m sorry he receptionist and I’m limited to the ground floor so I don’t have access or know anything going on here.” Evelyn said, trying to exempt herself from accusations. “So the rest of you are the one that took the money right?” I said, facing the other staff who had not said anything as regards my accusations. “Sir, I’m innocent. I don’t have any key to your office so I assume that the secretary should have an answer to this question.” Peter suggested. “That’s true! That’s true!” The rest of them shouted shifting the blame to Sarah. “So Sarah can you explain to us why you stole the money since you are the only one that has acces to my office.” I said, looking straight into her eyes. “Sir I have a suggestion.” She said to me “Do theives have suggestions?” I shouted angrily at her. “Please give me the chance and if after that you still find me guilty then you can do whatever you want to me.” She offered. “Ohh great! That sounds like a juicy offer. Let us hear your suggestions.” I said, giving her the grace to talk. “The company has a surveillance camera right here in your office and everywhere else. There is also a control room where we can check every camera footage in this office.” Sarah said looking confident “So what are you trying to say?” Peter—one of the staff interrupted Sarah. “What I’m saying is that we should go to the control room and see who really stole this money. That is the camera in this office, everything should be on record.” Sarah said, pointing to the camera at the corner of my office. “Okay fine. Everyone Let’s go.” I said, closing my doors and leading everyone to the control room where we can watch the CCTV cameras. “Can I go ahead sir?” Sarah asked me, trying to operate the computers in the control room. “Yes let’s see you in action.” I replied. Everywhere was silent, the staffs and I looked with anticipation to see the thief caught red handed, as Sarah was busy typing somethings on the computer keyboard our eyes remained glued to the screen of the monitor. “It’s gone! Sir.. it’s gone!” Sarah screamed loudly in the control room. “What’s gone?!” I asked out of curiosity. “The camera footage of yesterday, everything is gone and I don’t seem to find anything there again.” Sarah said, looking at the faces of everyone. “Ohh is this your new plan? Is this the way you want to fool us?” I asked her with a tone of anger and anxiety. “Plan? No sir. I don’t plan on fooling anyone and I don’t even understand anything that is going on here.” She explained further. “Just confess and accept that you stole the money.” Evelyn—The receptionist told her sharply. “Why don’t we calm down and give her time to figure out what’s going on?” Rose suggested. “Sir please give me the permission to add another cable and readjust this surveillance camera. I want to figure out this thing.” Sarah said. “What do you know about surveillance cameras?” I shouted angrily. “I will check the storage device and the digital video recorder (D.V.R). I will also access the cloud storage because the camera records to cloud and I will be able to access the footage through a web portal. Lastly I will contact the internet service provider(I.S.P) because it’s a cloud-based surveillance system so I will be be able to recover the footage” Sarah spoke confidently. I was amazed at the way Sarah spoke and it just wowed me that a lady could have such intelligence at that. After few moments Sarah was able to recover the deleted footage and it showed that she wasn’t the theif was not Sarah but it was Evelyn the receptionist and Peter. “Sir this is it. I was not the thief, it was Evelyn and Peter. They obstructed the surveillance camera but forgot about the main camera that captured everything in the office yesterday.” Sarah explained. I was surprised seeing how Sarah could intelligently hack into the device of the control room. I never believed in sudden love but that day I fell in love with her suddenly and she swept me off my feet. I got Evelyn and Peter sacked and then handed over to the police for theft and conspiracy. So once again the office regained tranquility, as I went back home I couldn’t stop thinking about Sarah and how I have offended her by accusing her falsely. I couldn’t shake the feeling that Sarah is more then meet the eye. “Welcome back son.” Dad welcomed me when I got to the door. “Thank you Dad.” I appreciated him. “You look stressed, hope nothing?” He asked me out of curiosity. “Nothing Dad. Just office matters.” I lied. “Well, rest a little. Your mum and I have something to discuss with you as soon as possible.” He told me sharply. “Today?” I asked with a tone of worry. “Yes. Today, eat first and shower then we would talk later.” “Okay sir. ” I responded, wondering what my parents wanted to discuss with me that was so urgent.
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